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In the months since the events of September 11, 2001, many of us have been experiencing an excess of emotions -- confusion, anger, suspicion, and even hatred. We as a country are going through an intense time -- and our country's woes are affecting many of us personally. Through the use of Holly flower remedy, friends and I were able to get through that first weekend following the devastation of the day America changed.

That weekend, my friends and I were gathered to celebrate the love of two of our friends getting married -- and many of us wondered how we could celebrate with all that had just happened. Together, we are very good at taking any situation and making the best of it -- still, this was different on a much larger scale. I'm sure we were all looking for some escape that particular weekend. Yet we also knew we needed to give and receive love and compassion with respect to those who lost their lives, to our country, to ourselves, and to the bride and groom, who were to have none of their blood relatives in attendance at the ceremony.

I looked for a flower remedy to help us, and Holly came to mind. As I read Dr. Bach's words: "Holly protects us from everything that is not Universal Love. Holly opens the heart and unites us with Divine Love", I thought we could all use some extra protection and love that weekend. I decided to bring along Holly as an aid to anyone who wished to be open to the healing qualities of flower essences and hopefully feel some of the benefits from this wonderful essence.

Holly (Ilex aquifolium) comes in the form of a tree or shrub with glossy evergreen leaves and red berries. It grows in woodlands and hedgerows. Conditions where a person might need Holly can manifest in negative emotions and behaviors, imbalances such as a lack in the ability to love or trust, and a generalized anger towards his or her fellows.

Holly flower remedy helps to restore one's ability to feel unity and wholeness. It nourishes the heart and helps to expand the Self to be inclusive of others and their feelings. It opens up the capacity to give unconditional love.

"Usually it takes me a half-day or even more to unwind from the stresses of the work week", said John Ashley, research director for a medical device company and a new user of flower essences. "Given the events of September 11th, I was particularly anxious and stressed. Holly helped me release the negative energy I was still holding onto. Almost immediately I felt more in tune to my surroundings and was able to relax, recover, and move on with a feeling of being present and connected."

In the wedding circle and throughout the weekend there was much love to be found. I blessed the rings of the bride and groom with a drop of Holly to bring the love, compassion, and harmony we all felt as we were gathered under the Redwood trees.

On March 11, 2002 -- the six month anniversary of September 11 -- there were a number of programs on television about that terrible day. I watched again with horror the visions of the planes hitting, the people running, and the chaos. And it all came back -- as I'm sure it did with so many Americans: those who lost their loved ones, those who were just beginning to get on with their lives, and those who still didn't quite believe.

After tears, anger came to me. It was a different anger than I felt in mid-September, and I thought, "I had better take some Holly today". As I made my dosage bottle I meditated on hope and compassion, and I began to sip from my water bottle throughout the morning.

In the early afternoon, I was eating my lunch, and I looked at my salad and felt thankful for the beautiful bounty of greens that California gives us in March. I distinctly remember at that moment feeling a just a little lighter than I had all morning, and I thought to myself: "The holly has worked".

I continue using Holly today, perhaps after I've watched some news or heard another devastating story relating to September 11th. And while I may still not understand, I continue to try and pump the love out in any way I can -- thanks in part to the help of this universal essence.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kimberly Twist is a freelance writer based in San Francisco, CA. She is a Certified Swedish Massage Practitioner and studies energy work and flower essence theories.

EDITOR'S NOTE: For an additional view of Holly, see Julian Barnard's article in an earlier issue. Essence students may also find it interesting to use our Search Engine for the many other articles on our site that have discussed uses of this major remedy.

We are always glad to hear the personal experiences of readers who are essence users rather than essence makers or practitioners. If you have a story you'd like to share with us, see our Writers' Guidelines, but don't be shy! We would be glad to help you with the editing.

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