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Trees Get Tired Too! Is Olive Essence Losing Its Pep?

click to read or post to our message board about vibrational/flower essencesWe don't know if you've visited the World Wide Essence Society's Essence Forum yet, but some lively and provocative exchanges are going on there. From time to time, we will reprint them in Vibration. Here is one we liked. Feel free to use the link at right to visit the board and make your own comments on this or any other essence-related topic.

Rose Mattax wrote:
Someone mentioned in the Gentian/Scleranthus and Chronic Fatigue thread that Olive would be useful. I thought I'd start a new thread on this one because I have never had much luck with this essence.

I truly think part of the problem has been expectation. Since it's supposed to be "the essence bar none" for exhaustion, I expect the Olive to "short-circuit" or at least speed up the process of regaining one's energy, and I think clients have picked up on that expectation. Therefore, they get discouraged when there are not quick results.

I have a feeling I don't get when it's best indicated to use Olive. Another question is, for those of you who have worked with Olive, what do you think are realistic expectations?

oh, boy -- he's dog tired!Deborah Bier replies:
Excellent question, Rose! In this case, it may not be the expectation about the essence's action that needs adjusting but the expectation of what is reasonable for an exhausted person to take on!

I am thinking about the person's actual activity and stress level -- what expectations they held of themselves that maybe helped bring them to the point of exhaustion. My suspicion is that pooped-out olive users expect that once they start taking the essence, they should be able to return to or maintain the pace that got them into trouble in the first place. They may become disappointed that they can't actually manage what may have been unmanageable to begin with.

It's like bailing a boat with a hole in it. Maybe you will keep from sinking, but you won't ever stop taking on water until you fix the hole. Use of olive or any essence for exhaustion I think needs to also be accompanied by a change in activity level, a reduction of stress, or whatever is causing the problem in the first place. When we're running on empty, we need a chance to physically, mentally and emotionally come to rest and to metabolize all that has sapped us in the first place.

wow, she's not going to make it if she goesn't get more rest!I find this especially true with folks with long term or deep-seated exhaustion. They may have an unproductive tendency to have a little spurt of energy and then to take on EVERYTHING they've neglected when they were so tired. I like to help exhausted folks consider what they should take on once their energy comes up, so they don't drain themselves immediately. If we can avoid them becoming discouraged and depressed that their improvement has quickly disappeared and they'll never get well (etc.), it's better in the long run. Or, if they need some practice developing reasonable activity goals over time through trial and error, at least they start out early learning this is part of their problem.

Rose replied:
That helps, Deborah. Thanks. I'm curious if you or anyone out there has any case studies/experiences of using Olive successfully. You mentioned, for instance, that people are discouraged when the improvement disappears. What I have noticed is that people I've treated don't seem to improve on Olive. Maybe it's because they are looking for bigger splashes and don't recognize the ripples? I just keep getting the feeling I'm missing something with this essence.

Deborah's response:
olive oilI have a two-fold answer. The first may be classified as a somewhat far-afield answer, but I'm going to give it anyway.

I am also not seeing great things from Olive. There are certain essences -- Olive is one -- which to me feel less vital and energized than they used to. Is it just me? Have I just changed to a state of being where they don't speak to me like they used to? Perhaps that is the case.

But I am feeling something else going on, too. I have noticed this with certain medicinal herbs as well: the energy of many plants seems to be less strong and sparkling. I think these are the species which are being over-produced, or produced in ways which are not harmonious with the environment in general or with the needs of these plants in particular.

Olive is a good example. As a crop, it is in widespread production -- perhaps more so than ever given its trendiness. There are many more groves (pictured here along left border) than before. More and more of it in the form of olive oil is being sold in many western countries, and some of it is of very dubious quality, extracted chemically, etc. To force the crops into a greater yield, chemical treatment can be high in the groves. Olive is a crop that is beginning to worry people because of its environmental destructivness at this scale.

I think the energy of olive as a species (as well as that of the click to read or post to our message board about vibrational/flower essencesdevas who work with this species) is being stretched beyond its healthy capacities. If the life force for the species is being stressed, then it will make a lower quality vibrational remedy. Thus, as an essence, Olive doesn't seem to have the lift it used to.

It is perhaps sadly ironic that Olive may be pooped-out, but there you have it. I feel the same is happening with other species, such as echinacea or ephedra as used as a medicinal herb -- gross overproduction and loss of vitality and effectiveness in many instances. So, you are not perhaps missing something with Olive -- it's Olive that may be missing something.

A second thought is that for the types of clients you attract, Olive may not simply resonate with them. I would try something from a different company's offerings to see if there is a better match.

Annabeth Meister adds:
pumpin' out the flowers...working on the lineI have a belief that part of the effectiveness of a given remedy also comes from the person who made it--both their intention in making it and the strength and purity of the connection they develop with the flower spirits. I will go out on a limb and speculate that as the essence gets further and further removed from maker, in generation after generation of bottling, it may well lose some of its effectivness. Since a flower essence is purely vibrational, it can absorb more vibrations after it is supposedly "set".

Consequently, I am becoming uneasy about flower remedies that are mass-produced by workers who are not at all attuned to vibrational healing and that are then distributed on a mass level, as the Bach remedies are now available in some drugstore chains. In such circumstances, it is entirely possible, given the purely vibrational nature of these remedies, that part of the potency could be lost in the mechanical nature of the process. Perhaps that is another reason the people on this thread are not seeing such strong energetic boosts from using Olive.

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