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Talking to Trilliums
by Martin Bulgerin
What the author discovered by communing with this fascinating species.

Holly -- How It Helped Me Deal with 9/11
by Kimberly Twist
A non-practitioner tells how Holly helped her cope with a national emergency.

Intuitive Approaches to Selecting Essences
by Deborah Bier, M.Ed
Tools to use to hone your essence choices.

Tools to Ease the Burden of Shame
by Donna Cunningham, MSW
How essences and other healing tools can increase self-worth.

Flower Essence Watercolor Impressions
by Shelly Mortensen
Combining flower essences and watercolor pigments bring surprising results.

Vibrational Essences for Aromatherapists
by Deborah Bier, M.Ed
An explanation of two very different fields that often are confused.

Corrective Essences for Pets and Their Owners
by Lila Devi
Resolving animals' behavior problems can require owner involvement.

The Homesick Remedy: Turning Sad Kids into Happy Campers
by Sarvananda Bluestone
This summer camp depends upon flower remedies for this common feeling.

Trees Get Tired Too! Is Olive Losing Its Pep?
An exchange from our forum casts light on a puzzling topic.


Mindful of the needs of our readers who do essence work in their professions, we offer this special educational section.

Why Some Essence Clients Don't Come Back
by Donna Cunningham, MSW
A variety of reasons why people don't follow through on essence therapy.

The Healing Crisis in Flower Essence Treatment
Rose Mattax, MS LCPC
Understanding a common stage in the healing process.

Three More Perspectives on the Healing Crisis: A Panel Discussion
by Deborah Bier, Donna Cunningham, and Cynthia Kemp Scherer
Three additional perspectives on this treatment phenomenon.

Blaming the Victim: Why We Do It and How We Can Stop
by Annabeth Meister
Essence workers are not immune to this common response.

Healing Old Wounds with Flower Essences
by Donna Cunningham, MSW
Why childhood wounds can require a long commitment to essence work.

Stories We Tell Ourselves -- And the Flower Remedies to Make It a Happy Ever After
by Martin Bulgerin
Listening to clients' stories in the healing session.

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