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Love and Light and all that Jazz
By Donna Cunningham, MSW and Deborah Bier, PhD
Exploring color healing and essences made of light in this special theme issue

Take a Magical Color Tour
By Lightworkerlab.info
Take five or ten minutes to attune to the whole color spectrum with this series

Now Online: The Five Healing Dimensions of Plants
Tuned up and revised, this course is now offered through UniversalClass

Color Breathing
By Deborah Craydon
Discoveries from an out-of-print book enhance essence healing

Lime Green and Red
By Deborah Craydon
Essences from Hawaii's Big Island evoke color healing with red and green

Orange and Other Color Remedies
By Ambika Wauters
Remedies made from light and light alone prove surprisingly powerful

Living in a Purple Haze
By Ivory Phoenix
The color purple and its relationship to resentment

Alaskan Environmental Essences Based on Light
By Steve Johnson
Soaking up the light with Northern Lights, Solar Eclipse, and other Alaskan essences

Lighten Up! Full Spectrum Light Essence Has Many Uses
By Deborah Bier, PhD
An updated version of this article about adding the entire rainbow to any essence mixture

Absence of Light -- Remedies for Your Darkest Hour
By Donna Cunningham, MSW
Approaches for that "dark night of the soul"

Essences for the Shadow in Relationships
By Jannet Unite-Penny
Jung's "Shadow" often gets played out in relationships, but essences can bring clarity

Hawaiian Water Essences
By Ken Carlson
Enviromental essences based holy Waters from Hawaii tap into water's healing powers

Essences and Aromatherapy: the Perfect Marriage
By Lila Devi Stone
Though these two methods are often confused with one another, they are really complementary

A Druid Look at Plants and Planets
By Sarah Fuhro
Weaving together planetary energies and essences for transformation

Heather -- Let's Talk About Me
By Connie Barrett
A compassionate look at an often misunderstood and underused remedy

Taking Your Mom's Essence -- A New Approach
Compiled by Dr. Deborah Bier
The remedy Mom needs and just won't take -- and how to get the benefit of it anyway

Color Healing Links and Past Vibration Articles
Compiled by Donna Cunningham
More articles from Vibration's Archives, plus some internet resources

Blinded by the Light? A Little Dark Humor for Balance
by Vibration's Editors and Other Irreverent Souls
The easily-offended should skip this tongue-in-cheek offering

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