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More Thanks!
To our proofer, Mari Prackauskas, who not only makes our text shine, but who is to be congratulated for recently becoming a fully-qualified Bach practitioner!
The Scream of the Mandrake
By Ross Heaven and Howard G. Charing
GUEST EDITORIAL: How ancient sacred plants can help save the modern world

The Interplay of Sacred Plants and Native Cultures
By Wade Davis, Ph.D.
Shamanic plants teach new ways to protect our planet

Cathedral of the Ancient Forests
By Sophia Katy Savich and Richard Witteman
Our planet's remaining great forests embody special healing qualities

The Great and Holy Banyan Tree of Meherabad, India
By Patricia Caswell
What an essence from one of India's most sacred trees can do for you

Monkeying Around with Monkey Puzzle Tree
By Donna Cunningham, MSW
An ancient Andean tree comes to a neighborhood near you

Journeying with a Dying Willow Tree
By Deborah Bier, Ph.D.
The tree was holding up a mirror that took years to see

Tapping into the Life Force of Trees
By Carly Wall
How communing with trees can increase the flow of chi or prana

Can Ebooks Save Our Forests?
By Donna Cunningham, MSW
Why a prolific author no longer publishes her new books on paper

Gratitude for the Sunflower
By Holly Beatie
The deeper purpose of an elemental intelligence revered by the Mayans

Readers' Responses: Plant Attunement Galleries 1, 2, and 3
Readers responded to the challenge posed in May and made plant friends

Opening Your Wild Heart to Ceremony
By Gail Faith Edwards
Since ancient times, ceremony has reinforced our connection with the Earth and ourselves

Glastonbell Giftedness: Lessons in Ownership, Loss and Healing
By Kate McManus
A visit to a sacred Australian grove produces a powerful essence

21st Century Shamanic Healing through Flower Essences
By Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber
Shamanic essences made within the very pulse of our planet

The Victorian Language of Flowers and What It Revevals about the Bach Remedies
By CJ Wright
An old romantic code sheds new light on Bach's work

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