Beating Those Back-to-School Blues: Australian Bush Flower Essence-Style!

Posted by admin on Aug 13, 2011

By Clare Chapman of Baliena Flower Therapies

Australian Bush Flower Essences can help your child or teenager deal with those Back-to-School Blues

41838715.thbIt is impossible for me not to remember how miserable I used to feel as a child when those ‘Back-to-School’ advertisements started appearing on television straight after Christmas each year: escalating in frequency as the end of January, and as its imminent arrival of school, closed in on me!

Hopefully many people are now becoming aware of how much school can contribute to a state of depression in children, with many feeling as though they are trapped in an institution that controls their available choices: giving them little room to be individual or independent; challenging them intellectually and socially in ways they often won’t have faced before; sometimes offering them little stimulation or too much stimulation; and at worst, leading to dangerous feelings of depression and despair.

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Emergency Preparedness & Response: Prepare Hearts and Minds First

Posted by admin on Mar 26, 2011

trilliumredpainting-a2dBy Deborah Bier, PhD, Publisher and Co-Editor of this Publication

I want to give a very brief introduction of myself wearing a hat most of you aren’t aware that I have in my closet.  From 1998 to 2009, I worked with my community of Concord, Massachusetts doing emergency planning preparation and education for citizens. Our focus for the first few years was to organize neighborhoods for social cohesiveness and emergency preparedness/response within a grassroots organization.

And then the next few years training citizens for the same, but as a volunteer for my local fire department, which also was in charge of emergency management. In the process, we created some enormously inventive methods and organizations, resurrected neglected community resources, and also had a lot of fun.

Here’s one of the things that I’ve worked to make most central to my being, and how I look at emergency preparedness and response. It’s how I reply those who criticize me for working in this area because I am somehow going to create emergencies through such activities.  There are different reasons for doing emergency preparedness for ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, and beyond. I think we can boil them down to two useful ways of looking at these reasons: we can prepare out of fear, or we can prepare out of love. Read the rest of this entry »

Rethinking Positive Affirmations

Posted by admin on Aug 21, 2010

By Deborah Bier, PhD, Publisher and Editor of Vibration and maker of the Whole Energy Essences

As we move through life’s challenges, it’s important to give encouragement and affirmation to both ourselves and others.  A popular method is to use affirmations, positive statements to help create positive outcomes.  Many essence practitioners use this extensively, adding affirmation to the essence-taking process. This is often done at the moment an essence is taken to help the user orient themselves on their goals.

20297755.thbHowever, I’ve always been a bit standoffish about the use of positive affirmations.  For some reason, they have always seemed to me like convincing myself or others of something, rather than working towards the desired outcome. While I’m all over having an optimistic point of view every day, reciting affirmations just doesn’t somehow cut it for me… nor has it for many of my patients/clients. The whole thing is often accompanied by a lot of “if you’re not talking positive all the time, you’re messing up your life,” kind of trash talk… hardly positive, but that’s part of the baggage the practice of positive affirmations all too often drags along.

It turns out recent research shows that using affirmative statements to help create positive outcomes is not as effective as many might hope. There is a better way to create the results we’d like, and that is to form the desired outcome into a question. Using the same example as above, “Will I have a great day today?” would be a way to use this technique. I think it would be important to encourage asking such questions in a state of open curiosity, not fearfulness.

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The Weirdness of Essence Education

Posted by admin on Jun 28, 2009

By Deborah Bier, PhD, co-editor of Vibration Magazine Blog, and maker of Whole Energy Essences

Editors’ Note: In this continuing look backwards at Vibration’s 11 years of publication, we comment upon three trends below. First, Vibration has a long history of calling out both the strengths and weaknesses of our field in a variety of editorials we published over the years, including some about essence education, from which the below is adapted.  Second, Vibration is the only place we know of that publishes such a broad number of viewpoints and voices about vibrational and flower essences without sanitizing them to meet any single manufacturers’ self-interest. Third, our articles are not dedicated to the products of any single essence maker; we find it important to feature a wide variety. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Vibration Magazine’s 11th Anniversary!

Posted by GreaterWellbeing on Jun 6, 2009

By Deborah Bier, PhD, co-Editor and Publisher of this blog.

7685609thbVibration Magazine, the Journal of Vibration and Flower Essences has now officially entered into its second decade of publication. From my and my co-Editor, Donna Cunningham’s viewpoint, it doesn’t seem possible that we have published over 40 issues, though we indeed have done so.

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Essences to Help in Facing and Overcoming Fear

Posted by Skywriter on Mar 8, 2009

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Editors’ Note: We anticipate publishing one post a week on Vibration’s blog, and that there may be a theme for the month.  This month’s theme is essences to help us all feel stronger and more able to meet the challenges of today’s difficult economy.  For those of you who may have stumbled upon us by chance, please note that flower essences are not the same as essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy.  See a more detailed explanation on the FAQ page on this site.

During the current economic downturn, many people are swamped with fears of one sort or another. We ­live in a difficult, challenging age, and many of us simply don’t­ always feel up to it! Flower essences can help us shift from fear to action. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Offical–Vibration Joins the Blogosphere!

Posted by admin on Jan 16, 2009

Today, March 8, 2009, Vibration Magazine is converting to a blog.  For the past 11 years, we the editors — Deborah Bier, PhD, and Donna Cunningham, MSW — have edited and co-created Vibration Magazine, the premier online educational journal about flower essences and other vibrational remedies.  In that time, we’ve published over 400 articles by essence practitioners, makers, and users. (Flower essences are not to be confused with essential oils used for aromatherapy — we don’t publish articles on that topic.)

Unlike most essence newsletters, we do not focus on a single company, but rather the broadest span, and we do not publish promotional material.  Keeping our focus on education, we’ve specialized in theme issues on particular topics like essences and children, essences for stress, and essences for career success. You can mine that  vast educational resource by clicking on the archives page on the right.

We love to stay on the forefront and to reach new audiences, and that is why we’re converting Vibration magazine to a blog.  Rather than quarterly issues with a dozen articles, we intend to publish one article a week.  It’ll work out to the same number of articles,  just in more digestible form for our busy readers.  

To receive our articles and notices, you have some options.  If you’re already a Vibration subscriber, you can continue to receive notices through the Yahoo list.  If you’d prefer to receive the whole post in your email box, subscribe to Feedburner in the box on the right. Or, sign up for an RSS feed.  We’ll be adding a page with step by step instructions.  

If you think you’d like to be a guest blogger and share what you know about these wonderful healing tools, see the writers’ guidelines page on the right.  And no, just to make it clear from the outset, we have nothing whatsoever to do with Essence Magazine, so don’t  send us submissions meant for them.

If you’re a long-time subscriber, we’d love to have you join us on this journey.  If we haven’t met before, welcome to the journey!

Deborah and Donna