Flower Essences for Survivor Guilt

Posted by admin on Nov 14, 2009

From 8/24/2008 on Lila Devi’s Blog, http://www.mastersessences.com/blog

(Please note: this letter is in response to a woman with a fictitious case study assignment for a class in Chinese Herbal Therapeutics. The situation is Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome following a car accident where the patient survived but the driver, her grandfather, died.)

The subject of survivor guilt and related flower essences is an interesting one. Before recommending any flower essences or essence programs, it might help to mention some metaphysical truths. A wise person once said, “The things that happen to us do not matter; what we become through them does.” That same sage also said, “Change no circumstance of my life; change me.”

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An Essence Boosts a Reiki Attunement

Posted by admin on Oct 31, 2009

©2009 by Kate McManus

Reiki is a strong form of energy work for healing, and, as a Reiki Master, I find that Reiki and flower essences complement each other well.  Reiki provides a deep and gently relaxing experience during which the client’s own healing mechanisms are activated.

If taken for a period of time after a Reiki session, the essences can continue to facilitate the ongoing release of blockages and imbalances. Read the rest of this entry »

Flower Essence Story Telling

Posted by admin on Oct 3, 2009

By Deborah Bier, PhD, publisher and co-Editor of this blog

There are several different ways that people can do “flower essence readings.” These are widely varied in method — and if you or someone you know does such readings, we’d like to hear how you go about it in the comments section of this article. I’ve developed a method I refer to as “flower essence story telling.”

At the start of a session, I may or may not have heard the person’s tale — I might just do this reading “cold” without any information about their situation.  Some people would not find what I say in the essence story to be valid if I know anything their problems ahead of time… it’s a kind of test they want to put me through.  However, it’s a lot more rich if I am allowed to hear them talk about what’s going on in their lives first; we can go deeper into understanding their challenges that way. Read the rest of this entry »

Essences for Healers: the Art of Sacred Space

Posted by admin on Aug 29, 2009

©2009 by Elly Yule of Grassdancer Essences; All rights reserved

How’s your PEG (PEG = Personal Energy Grid). Are you sparkling like a night sky full of stars? Are you glowing like a firefly? Or is your wattage so low you look like a lightbulb about to go out?

For the past couple years, we have all been on an energetic rollercoaster and it hasn’t been easy. If you are a therapist or healer, there will have been many demands on your energies as you help your clients to deal with the current rollercoaster ride that life is. Goodness – all this and home life to balance too! Several lightworkers I know are definitely on low wattage, they have been trying to help so many people and have had little time to help themselves. Whoah – stop right there!

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Testing an Essence: Plume Poppy

Posted by admin on Jul 27, 2009

By Deborah Bier, PhD, maker of the Whole Energy Essences and co-editor of the Vibration Magazine Blog.

plume3After a series of events unnecessary to recount, I was so, so, so, SO, so sad. Disappointed. Downhearted.  Discouraged. My heart ached.  I was filled with grief and high drama. I was so brokenhearted, I couldn’t even play in the garden, particularly because it was so buggy: there being so much one-way fondness between mosquitoes and me, I just couldn’t get outside.

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Always Loved a Lilac — Can’t Say I loved the Essence!

Posted by admin on Jul 17, 2009

©2009 by Annabeth Meister

Editor’s Note: The process of thoroughly testing a new essence is meant to be–but seldom is–a rigorous one, and collecting notes like Annabeth’s from many volunteers  is a part of the process.  See a collection of articles about how to do it here: Making and Testing Essences — A Virtual Booklet.

One common reaction to beginning an essence is a  brief catharsis in which issues and emotions the essence is intended to address come to the surface in a strong response called a healing crisis.  That’s what appears to have happened as Annabeth took Lilac.  See articles about it at The Healing Crisis in Flower Essence Treatment and Three More Perspectives on the Healing Crisis: A Panel Discussion. Here’s Annabeth’s report.lilacsvase-a2d

Growing up with a forbidding mother and floundering father who weren’t meant to be parents, I found a haven in my grandmother’s house. She gave richly of her love, and her yard was an island of peace. To this day, my favorite plants are the ones that grew there-irises, willows, and, most especially for those few fragrant weeks in spring, the lilacs. At a particularly rough time in my 40s, an aunt pressed some of grandma’s lilacs and sent them to me, and it was incredibly moving to touch them once more and inhale their scent.

Among the essences, Iris and Willow have been profound catalysts for me over the years, but Lilac is not a standard offering by the companies I use. Recently, Peggy Malnati was kind enough to send me a stock bottle of an essence from an ancient stand of lilacs on the remnants of the old farm in Michigan where she lives. (Peggy writes on metaphysical topics, and I’ve gotten to know her through her excellent blog, WalkSoftly2)

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When Intuition Calls-What Pine Taught Me

Posted by admin on May 10, 2009

©2009 by Connie Barrett

Note: Connie is one of Vibration’s longest and most cherished contributors because of her clear and original observations of the flower remedies. This article is reprinted with permission from Rainbow Reflections: An Email Newsletter From Beyond the Rainbow, which you can subscribe to at http://www.rainbowcrystal.com/subscribe.html.  This article illustrates the time-tested principle that when you take a remedy, events follow that are related to the remedy’s healing issues.

One day, I was working in my office when the doorbell rang. A voice said to me, “Don’t answer it.”  I couldn’t figure out what this voice was talking about. After many years of living in New York City, I’ve found that one nice thing about country life is that you don’t have to assume a criminal is standing outside your door. Most likely the bell-ringer is a Girl Scout, someone trying to sell fifty pounds of meat for a ridiculously low price, or a neighbor looking for a runaway dog.  I ignored the voice, and that’s when all the trouble began. Read the rest of this entry »