The Seeds of an Idea: Essences Made from Seeds

Posted by admin on Sep 18, 2010

©2010 by Simon France

Vibration Editor Deborah Bier notes, “The Universe will seed the same idea many times in many different places if it’s an idea that will be important to the collective. Whole Energy Essences has had 2 essences containing seeds for 15+ years. Some early seed essences were made in the 1990s, and in my article in Vibration in 2001 (, I predicted that seed essences would be increasingly called for. And now it appears that the seeds are sprouting — in several senses of the word. Here’s a report on this form of essences from Simon France’s July, 2010 newsletter, reprinted with his permission.

19276329.thbMany years ago one of my sons asked as we walked past a bush full of rosehips, if remedies could be made from the seeds as well as the flowers of plants. Back then the thought really was too big to contemplate – as many seed essences as flower remedies!

However, it was as if a seed had alighted and did not blow away for in the years that followed I reflected many times on what therapeutic uses seed essences could be put to. Now, nearly 20 years later, enough pieces in the jigsaw seem to have fallen into place to spur me into starting a collection of essences made from the seeds of plants. That seed has germinated.

In this season, I have been floating seeds on the water to make seed essences. They are just the same as the flower essences but made from seeds instead. This process of germination I can trace back to the earliest months of this year when I became aware that my son, the one who asked that question all those years ago, now 27, lacks direction in life. He floats and hasn’t found the place he wishes to land. Seed essences, I feel, are for this type of condition, to help us reach a fuller or richer potential, point us in the right direction. Read the rest of this entry »

Good Prices on FE’s, Supplies?

Posted by admin on Aug 28, 2010

20753825.thbOne of our readers suggested we ask where folks find good prices on readily-available flower essences.  And then she offered the following advice:

Are you aware that you can purchase flower essences at VitaCost: This is my regular vitamin place of choice–great  products, great “house brand,” and best bargain I’ve been able to find  overall.  I checked it out, and on the typical 1/2-ounce bottle of Healing Herbs or FES essences,  I save almost a dollar over my practitioner discount. The only catch is that it can take up to 2 weeks, because they don’t  keep them in stock.

One thing we noticed which we were delighted about when we checked the VitaCost site is that they also offered the 1-oz size on each of the Healing Herbs single Bach flower essences. Many wholesalers don’t even offer those! They don’t carry empty dropper bottles, though.

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Rethinking Positive Affirmations

Posted by admin on Aug 21, 2010

By Deborah Bier, PhD, Publisher and Editor of Vibration and maker of the Whole Energy Essences

As we move through life’s challenges, it’s important to give encouragement and affirmation to both ourselves and others.  A popular method is to use affirmations, positive statements to help create positive outcomes.  Many essence practitioners use this extensively, adding affirmation to the essence-taking process. This is often done at the moment an essence is taken to help the user orient themselves on their goals.

20297755.thbHowever, I’ve always been a bit standoffish about the use of positive affirmations.  For some reason, they have always seemed to me like convincing myself or others of something, rather than working towards the desired outcome. While I’m all over having an optimistic point of view every day, reciting affirmations just doesn’t somehow cut it for me… nor has it for many of my patients/clients. The whole thing is often accompanied by a lot of “if you’re not talking positive all the time, you’re messing up your life,” kind of trash talk… hardly positive, but that’s part of the baggage the practice of positive affirmations all too often drags along.

It turns out recent research shows that using affirmative statements to help create positive outcomes is not as effective as many might hope. There is a better way to create the results we’d like, and that is to form the desired outcome into a question. Using the same example as above, “Will I have a great day today?” would be a way to use this technique. I think it would be important to encourage asking such questions in a state of open curiosity, not fearfulness.

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Participate in Flower Essence Research

Posted by admin on Jul 24, 2010

To Vibration’s Readers from the editors:

We recieved this from Patricia Meyer, and felt we should support this research by a grad student who is conducting a research study on how essence practitioners work for her master’s degree.  The more we know about our field, the more we can all grow. If you’re willing to complete the questionnaire, cut and paste it into a document and forward it to Erin Galiger.

Greetings, My name is Erin Galiger and I am a graduate student at the University of Kent, at Canterbury, researching Flower Essence Therapy (FET) for my master’s degree in Ethnobotany.  I am a U.S. citizen currently living in California. I am also a massage therapist, which is how I became introduced to flower essences. I think an academic study on Flower Essence Therapy would greatly benefit this healing modality and help get more information out to the public and healthcare community.  Along with that intention, I am focusing on the perspective of flower essence practitioners and discovering core features of flower essence therapy.

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Experimental Protocol for Seed Experiment

Posted by admin on Jan 23, 2010

By Deborah Bier, PhD

The photos I recently unearthed and published on this blog showing evidence of the effects of flower essences on seed germination got quite a bit of notice from around the world! Would you like to give this experiment a try yourself? Found in my files is the below experimental protocol we used during which the photos published a few weeks ago were taken (see for the entire series of photos).  It is published here for the first time, both in response to questions about how we carried out this experiment, and with my wish that others will follow it using any essence of their choice to see what results they receive. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Readers Write: Dosage vs. Stock

Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2009

Editors’ Note: Vibration Magazine has always received interesting and thought provoking reader response.  This was true when we were an ezine, and it’s ten times more the case now that we’re in blog format!  In fact, of late so much of the real teaching and learning has been transpiring in our comments section, that we thought we’d introduce a new category of blog post: readers’ comments.

The way blogs work, early readers of a newly-posted article have no idea that a juicy discussion had unfolded after they finished the piece. And often readers don’t get around to looking at any comments even when they’re present — which means in Vibration’s case, you’re missing half the content! It’s like seeing just the first act of a two-act play. Yes, that act was fine, but what happened after intermission was even better!

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Time and Flower Essences

Posted by admin on Dec 6, 2009

By Andrea Mathieson, maker of Raven Essences

Editors’ Note: So many of our readers are wonderfully wise. This is one of many excellent comments received about “Rescue Remedy: A Faithful Friend in Crisis”. Read the original article and all the comments related to it here:

Your story touched on a very important and alchemical potentiality relative to flower essences, one that literally takes us into the realm of quantum physics. Lynn McTaggart, author of The Field and The Intention Experiment: Using your thoughts to change your life and the world, talks about a phenomenon called retro-intention where intentions in the future actually influence our present experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Essence Dilution Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by admin on Oct 25, 2009
By Deborah Bier, PhD, Publisher and Co-Editor of this Blog

Did you know there are ethical and unethical ways in which essences may be diluted and given or sold to someone who did not purchase the original stock essences? That there are ways in which those who dilute and sell essences could be breaking the law — or several laws, for that matter? This article is meant to help raise readers’ awareness about these issues.

19979015.thbWe consulted with several essence makers and an essence distributor for this article, as well as read literature published by other makers. While we are not lawyers and cannot not offer legal advice or interpretation, we present their reactions and opinions here. Read the rest of this entry »

Buying Essences at the Stock vs. Dosage–Which are You Getting?

Posted by admin on Oct 16, 2009

©2009 by Pat Davis, Flower Essence Practitioner

In the past few months I experimented with flower essences from companies I don’t normally do business with.  To my chagrin, in several instances I found out too late the flower essences I ordered were dosage level instead of the usual stock level. This information was not disclosed on the label.  I inquired only because of an intuitive hunch.

What’s the difference between a stock level flower essence remedy, and a dosage bottle of that remedy? Which is preferable?  During my training with FES, the subject of stock vs dosage was repeatedly discussed.  The general consensus was this:  that which you choose to use is simply personal preference. Read the rest of this entry »