Vibration is Saying Goodbye

Posted by admin on Nov 19, 2011

By Donna Cunningham, MSW and Deborah Bier, PhD, Vibration’s Co-Editors

Can you believe Vibration Magazine has been around for 14 years?  (Half a Saturn cycle, asserts Ms. Cunningham.)  Hundreds, and hundreds of wonderful articles about one of our favorite topics: vibrational and flower essences.  Fabulous work by scores of writers, practitioners, makers, consutrilliumredpainting-a2dmers.  Beautiful artwork from dozens of sources, including created by ourselves.  Vibration now has thousands of readers from all over the world. And we have come to adore one another, growing to be great friends in the process of creating this publication.

All this success, and we’re writing that Vibration is saying goodbye?! What’s going on??!

Simply put: we are both called to other things. We have reached different stages in our respective lives than were present when Vibration first began.  Donna is mostly now in a retirement mode, and Deborah has taken on new work projects that are consuming her time and energy. We have both felt for a while that it was coming to be time to let Vibration rest on its considerable laurels.  And now that time has arrived.

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Contribute to Vibration Magazine!

Posted by admin on Jun 5, 2011

While Vibration Magazine’s editors take a little break from publishing this week, we are reminding you, our delightful readers, that we love to receive your blog post entries.  Your piece can be formal, informal, or something in between.  They can be from the point of view of 19957765.thba consumer, a practitioner, a maker, a retailer… heck, we’ve even had a cat author some of our previous pieces; one of our most popular contributors, too. Anything about vibrational and flower essences goes!

One of the many things we love so much about your contributions is that we never know what  we’ll receive next in our email.  So often, it’s exactly the right thing for the moment.  Why not give it a try?

Please read our writers’ guidelines here:

Flower Essences for Crisis and Trauma—An Article Collection

Posted by admin on Mar 19, 2011

Over the years since Vibration Magazine began in June, 1998, we’ve published numerous articles and two special issues devoted to helping people get through tough times. Little did we know that we’d need to come back to these themes time after time.

map_japanJust now the world is in an especially troubled phase, between natural disasters, economic woes, and violent protests, so we’ve decided to reprint a list of past articles that relate to the various needs people have in times like these. The links are below.

First, however, we’d like to invite you to join us in a group effort to bring comfort and recovery to the people of Japan.  In addition to prayers and financial contributions, we hope our readers will try an essence-related technique described by Robina Hearle in Putting Essences on a Map.

Find a good map of Japan on the internet or in an atlas at home, and place a bottle of essences on it that you feel would be helpful to its people—Rescue Remedy/Five Flower might be one good one, but you’ll doubtlessly find others in the collection of links below. Read the rest of this entry »

Emails We Never Finished Reading

Posted by admin on Jan 22, 2011

Editors’ Note: Every so often, we get email or snailmail obviously intended for someone else. Here are two we received recently. Read more of our mis-directed correspondence here: We are certain there is an essence or two that might help with this kind of lack of attention to detail. 

19378749.thbDate: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 19:25:55 -0800

Subject: New record label GIANT GIRLFRIEND LLC Oakland, CA entering ESSENCE FESTIVAL 2011

Hi, I wanted to introduce myself; I’m [name withheld] I started my record label BIG GIRLS LLC in Oakland, CA incorporated this March 2010.

I wanted to submit BIG GIRLS for consideration for sponsorship/endorsements and have you review my band for consideration into entering the Essence festival in 2011, as I am a new small indie label trying to get these great bands off the ground with limited funds and wanting them to play/enter great festivals because they are really that good… Read the rest of this entry »

Making Yourself a Birthday Essence At the Solar Return

Posted by admin on Jun 5, 2010

©2010 Donna Cunningham, MSW

As Vibration Magazine celebrates its 12th birthday this month, and as we in the northern hemisphere head into primetime as far as flower essence making is concerned, I wanted to tell you about a very special and personal vibrational essence you can make yourself each year around your birthday.

21600366.thbThe moment of your astrological birthday, called the Solar Return, results in a special chart each year. This chart shows what special opportunities and challenges you will face between this birthday and next. Many people consult astrologers for an annual update around their birthday for precisely that reason.

Your astrological birthday is not always the same as your chronological birthday but may be a day before or after. This is true for the same reason we need a leap year every four years–the true year is 365.25 days, so there is a four-year cycle in Solar Returns as well. To be technical, this moment–which we rely on astrological software to find–occurs when the Sun returns to the same zodiacal degree, minute, and second it was at your birth. Read the rest of this entry »

Vibration Editor on Web Radio This Saturday

Posted by admin on Apr 15, 2010

3243240.thbThis Saturday morning, April 19, 2010 at 11:00 Eastern/8:00 Pacific, Donna Cunningham will be a guest on Chris Flisher’s one hour web radio show, Turning of the Wheel. The interview will be about combining flower essences with astrology for the Cardinal T-Square.  Tune in at

If you can’t listen then, it will be archived by MP3 file soon after at The archives for the show also include interviews by a variety of well-loved astrologers like Erin Sullivan, Steven and Jodie Forrest, Richard Tarnas, Lynda Hill, Tad Mann, and Elizabeth Spring.

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She’s Baaaack!

Posted by admin on Apr 3, 2010

©2010 by Pansy Rosebud Pepperplant


Hiiiiiii everyone!!! I just happened to swing by to see what was up. I hadn’t heard from the editors of Vibration for well over a year now. They said they’d contact me for a new article the next time they put out an issue of the ezine, but then they never did.

Come to find out now, THEY CHANGED THEIR FORMAT TO A BLOG over a year ago!  They said they just CHERRY PLUM forgot to let me know. Well, I did change my address a lot (and my name a few times, too…) so even if they tried, maybe they woulda never reached me. Well, things are like that a LOT in my life!!  Queen of Walnut, they call me! Don’t get me started… Read the rest of this entry »

Becoming Essence Warriors

Posted by admin on Jul 11, 2009

By Deborah Bier, PhD, co-editor of Vibration Magazine

Editors’ Note: As part of our 11th anniversary retrospective of Vibration Magazine, we reprise here an adapted form of this article first published in the Vibration Magazine February 2003 issue. It still addresses some of the pivotal issues of our time, both in the world at large, and within the essence community. O, would the need for such applications become out-of-date.

We certainly do live in turbulent times. Often, Vibration Magazine has focused on the vast, rapid and deep changes unfolding around and within us. The anxiety and stress they create — and the opportunity and challenge they present — are considerable. Vibrational and flower essences are fantastic partners on this crazy ride we call the beginning of the 21st century.

One response has been to call forth the Warrior: in nations, communities, families, and individuals. Certainly, we all  need strength, courage, integrity, leadership, endurance and action to get through these changing times. We see that political and economic unrest has brought both military and terrorist action. But war-making is not the only face of the Warrior; automatically applying aggression to all situations is not the way of balance for a Warrior. The Warrior’s approach also includes strategy, self-less service and even surrender. Read the rest of this entry »

The Weirdness of Essence Education

Posted by admin on Jun 28, 2009

By Deborah Bier, PhD, co-editor of Vibration Magazine Blog, and maker of Whole Energy Essences

Editors’ Note: In this continuing look backwards at Vibration’s 11 years of publication, we comment upon three trends below. First, Vibration has a long history of calling out both the strengths and weaknesses of our field in a variety of editorials we published over the years, including some about essence education, from which the below is adapted.  Second, Vibration is the only place we know of that publishes such a broad number of viewpoints and voices about vibrational and flower essences without sanitizing them to meet any single manufacturers’ self-interest. Third, our articles are not dedicated to the products of any single essence maker; we find it important to feature a wide variety. Read the rest of this entry »

Part Two: The World Wide Web as a Healing Tool — Evoking the Essence of Essences

Posted by admin on Jun 19, 2009

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW  (Part 2 of 2)

This month Vibration Magazine celebrates its 11th year and has begun to explore the potentials of the blogosphere as both a medium for disseminating information about flower essences and for healing in and of itself.  Last week we traced the evolution of  Vibration’s work to evoke the power of essences through powerful art, color healing, and attunement to plants.   Here are two more methods we’ve relied on.  Read the rest of this entry »