Plants as Healers, Plants as Guides: Life Lessons from a Pine

Posted by admin on Sep 20, 2009

©2009 by Pam Montgomery, maker of Sweetwater Sanctuary Essences

Editors’ note: The following is an excerpt from Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness, published by Inner Traditions in 2009. It is reprinted here with permission of the publisher. Although Plant Spirit Healing and the related Plant Spirit Medicine do not involve essences in tangible form, we consider them  forms  of vibrational healing, as they involve attunement to plants.

Most people who have any kind of a spiritual life have some form of guidance they rely on. Various religions have helping forces like saints in Catholicism, devas in Hinduism, or angels in Christianity. In the Native American tradition animal guides are present as helpers. A helping spirit guide is one who is available to you at all times to bring guidance and assistance of any nature. Plant spirits can serve as personal guides and helpers in this way. Plant spirit guides may come to you in a dream, or perhaps you are healed by a plant that then becomes your personal guide. You also may make a request for a personal plant spirit guide to come to you; pay attention to the plant that crosses your path either physically or otherwise. When you encounter the plant three times,  it is the one you are seeking. Read the rest of this entry »

Red Clover: Doing New Things with Confidence

Posted by admin on Sep 12, 2009

©2009 by Sheryl Karas, Mama Love

The other day I asked my guidance for a flower essence that might help me with my tendency towards mood swings these days. You know, I’m like everybody else. I watch the news on television, look at what I think I might need to do to make it in today’s economy and think “oh, crap!”

I do alright as long as I keep focused on what I’m doing — I feel happy and engaged, in fact. But if I haven’t made enough sales or made enough appointments for our spiritual counseling and healing business at the end of the day… well, like I said, I’m like anyone else. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the fruit bats of doubt and fear at bay. Read the rest of this entry »

Handling Criticism: Insights and Essences to Help

Posted by admin on Sep 5, 2009

©2009 by Connie Barrett

Recently, a writing friend told me a story she’d read about a woman who, as a teenager, submitted some writing to a well-known author/teacher. This person responded with a letter saying that the young woman’s work was basically worthless. The young woman never questioned the validity of this criticism. She was so devastated that she decided she couldn’t write any more. Instead, she kept that letter for seventeen years to remind her to never humiliate herself that way again. Read the rest of this entry »