Australian Flower Essences and the Collective Crisis: A Time of Creative Possibility

Posted by admin on Feb 27, 2010

©2010 by Eve Dembowski

All of us have experienced difficult times that are reflected by challenging personal astrological cycles. There have also been many difficult times in our collective history that have been reflected in the difficult astrological aspects present at the time. Read the rest of this entry »

Bleeding Heart Flower Essence—Loving with an Open Heart

Posted by admin on Feb 20, 2010

©2007 by Dr. Terry Willard, Director, Wild Rose College of Natural Healing

Positive qualities: Ability to love others unconditionally; an open heart; emotional freedom
Patterns of imbalance: Entangled in relationships based on fear, possessiveness or neediness; emotional co-dependence Read the rest of this entry »

The Seasonal Use of Essences ~ Winter/Spring

Posted by admin on Feb 13, 2010

©2010 by Ellie Web, maker of Harebell Essences

The use of flower essences on a seasonal basis began for me a long time ago when I realized that orders for some essences increase at certain times. People would come back to me at the same time every year for a certain combination which had helped them during the same period the previous year.

In particular there was a practitioner who regularly ordered Pansy, Jasmine and St Johns Wort through the winter months. I dowsed and these, along with two other essences became a combination called Winter Strength which myself and some of my client/practitioners find helpful during the challenging winter months. Read the rest of this entry »

Balancing on a Sunbeam: Sunflower Essence and Self-Confidence

Posted by admin on Feb 6, 2010

©2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

One of the ways I came to know the essences in my collection in the early days was to meditate on one each night. I would put a dropperful of an essence into a glass of water, stir thoroughly, and sip it slowly while noting the thoughts or impressions that came into my mind. Read the rest of this entry »