Good Prices on FE’s, Supplies?

Posted by admin on Aug 28, 2010

20753825.thbOne of our readers suggested we ask where folks find good prices on readily-available flower essences.  And then she offered the following advice:

Are you aware that you can purchase flower essences at VitaCost: This is my regular vitamin place of choice–great  products, great “house brand,” and best bargain I’ve been able to find  overall.  I checked it out, and on the typical 1/2-ounce bottle of Healing Herbs or FES essences,  I save almost a dollar over my practitioner discount. The only catch is that it can take up to 2 weeks, because they don’t  keep them in stock.

One thing we noticed which we were delighted about when we checked the VitaCost site is that they also offered the 1-oz size on each of the Healing Herbs single Bach flower essences. Many wholesalers don’t even offer those! They don’t carry empty dropper bottles, though.

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Rethinking Positive Affirmations

Posted by admin on Aug 21, 2010

By Deborah Bier, PhD, Publisher and Editor of Vibration and maker of the Whole Energy Essences

As we move through life’s challenges, it’s important to give encouragement and affirmation to both ourselves and others.  A popular method is to use affirmations, positive statements to help create positive outcomes.  Many essence practitioners use this extensively, adding affirmation to the essence-taking process. This is often done at the moment an essence is taken to help the user orient themselves on their goals.

20297755.thbHowever, I’ve always been a bit standoffish about the use of positive affirmations.  For some reason, they have always seemed to me like convincing myself or others of something, rather than working towards the desired outcome. While I’m all over having an optimistic point of view every day, reciting affirmations just doesn’t somehow cut it for me… nor has it for many of my patients/clients. The whole thing is often accompanied by a lot of “if you’re not talking positive all the time, you’re messing up your life,” kind of trash talk… hardly positive, but that’s part of the baggage the practice of positive affirmations all too often drags along.

It turns out recent research shows that using affirmative statements to help create positive outcomes is not as effective as many might hope. There is a better way to create the results we’d like, and that is to form the desired outcome into a question. Using the same example as above, “Will I have a great day today?” would be a way to use this technique. I think it would be important to encourage asking such questions in a state of open curiosity, not fearfulness.

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Flower Remedies for Children’s Self-Esteem

Posted by admin on Aug 14, 2010

By Isha Lerner

Many children in our world today face a stressful and emotionally challenged life due to an accelerated, fast-paced environment. Today’s child meets an array of complex circumstances that were ordinarily reserved for mature adults, such as divorce, sophisticated technology, unsettled domestic problems, body image awareness, sexual images, and violence. With footprints barely planted on life’s terrain, our children are burdened with fear, doubt, confusion, and a host of maladies that threaten our world.

What can be done to stabilize our youth within the “pressure cooker” of today’s world? Flower essences enable us to administer balance and overall health to children, and aid us in addressing the wide range of complex issues they face each day. Flower essence therapy involves the administration of essences in the context of an overall program of health enhancement, either in a professional practice or home care. In regard to our children and our attempt to help them flourish, flower essences are an important addition to a comprehensive healing program.

BUTTERCUP: This remedy goes on my list for almost every malady facing a child’s well-being. Its silky yellow flower offers a radiant inner light to the child, allowing them to experience the true worth of their soul. It enhances the experience of self-love, which in turn allows for greater harmony with friends and family. It’s one of the sweetest remedies I know.

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Mother and Child Bonding with Flower Essences

Posted by admin on Aug 7, 2010

©2000 by Sally Smith, COC, OM

The last months of pregnancy and the first months following delivery are generally an exhausting and challenging time. Hopefully, they are also filled with anticipation, joy and the precious bonding between mother and child.

Mom and  kidThe bonding connection (often unconscious) begins before conception, becomes a more conscious connection in utero, and transitions to greater awareness following birth. Essences are very useful to help the bonding, awareness and adjustment process of being a parent. They are safe to use, even when nursing. (Unless otherwise mentioned, all essences below are made by Bach.)

Becoming a parent can be a time to powerfully build one’s intuitive skills. On a spiritual level, souls are being united or re-united, and awareness of their karmic connection can be enhanced with the use of FES’ Forget-Me-Not. It helps the parent realize the agreement with the incoming spirit and they can better be able to be in touch with one another spiritually.

Two other FES essences enhance one’s ability to listen to the child’s needs. Star Tulip develops one’s receptivity and inner female, so it is an excellent choice during pregnancy for creating that inner womb and ability to listen for inner guidance. Yellow Star Tulip develops one’s empathic ability – to be able to know what the baby is feeling and how best to respond to those feelings. A great choice both before and after birth.

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