Flower Essence Ethnobotany Data Results

Posted by admin on Dec 18, 2010

Back in July, 2010, Vibration Magazine published a request for flower essence practitioners to participate in graduate student, Erin Galiger’s masters’ thesis research in the field of Ethnobotany through University of Kent, at Canterbury (UK). She promised to share the data with participants, and she also sent a copy to Vibration.  She has kindly permitted us to publish portions of it 19957765.thbhere, which we will do over the next month or so.

In discussing her research approach, Erin said to us: “Since FET hasn’t really been academically studied, a good overview and laying the foundation about such statistics and identifying core features would be a good start for others to potentially (hopefully!) build upon.  And research undertaken in so many disciplines.  Since I was under the umbrella of anthropology, I had to analyze data from that particular lens and delved into ethnomedical concepts.”

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Essences for the Holidays

Posted by admin on Dec 11, 2010

Editors’ Note: Also see our “Essences for Happier Holidays” issue from 2003 for more about essences to ease the way through this time of  year.

By Kathleen Aspenns

19180233.thbWhile the holiday season is full of fun and heartwarming connections with friends and family, it can also be an incredibly challenging time. The added stress of planning parties, cooking, cleaning and shopping can push us far off balance. Throw in traveling, and spending time with rarely seen family members and you have the recipe for holiday stress! Fortunately, flower essences can support us and help us enjoy the holidays.

Holly and Pine have been used as holiday decorations for as long as humans have been seeking help from the green world to survive cold, dark winters. The evergreen foliage of both plants gives us hope that the sun will shine again and warm, pleasant days will return. As flower essences, they also have powerful resonance with issues surrounding the holidays. Holly (Bach) is a broadly applicable essence for anyone feeling unloved and hurt. It can help with siblings feeling slighted in the gift department, or grownups who re-enact old family dramas each time they meet. Holly helps us realize that there is enough love and attention to go around, helps us to be happy for our friend who received the gift we really wanted for ourselves.

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Nature Talks Through Beauty

Posted by admin on Dec 4, 2010

Editors’ Note: See the earlier Vibration article on “The World Wide Web as a Healing Tool” for more related content.

By Andrea Mathieson, Raven Essences

Two years ago, the Spirituality in Healthcare Network in Toronto invited me to share my work with flower essences. Instead of ‘talking about’ the process of creating essences, a delicious, intimate experience that I consider contemporary alchemy, I created a beautiful slideshow to lead the audience into a virtual garden.

hydrangea2They were mesmerized with the beauty of the images, for flowers always speak directly to the human heart. Though they wanted to understand the healing properties of the essences, it was the flowers themselves that elicited a deeper heart response and visceral connection. The images helped them remember what they already knew — beauty is powerful. It heals, uplifts,
and inspires.

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