No Orchids were Harmed in Making These Essences!

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©2010 by Don Dennis of Living Tree Orchid Essences

If you grow orchids, you will know that it can be a long wait sometimes to see a particular plant come into bloom. In some cases, this can be a matter of years. And when the blooms appear, their majesty is astonishing. It is perhaps at this point that the wish to find the means to make a flower essence without having to cut the bloom becomes most poignant.

purityofheart-livingtreeThough I know several essence makers who have cut orchid blooms to make essences, I cannot countenance the idea myself. There simply is no need to cut an orchid if you wish to make an essence; and in my view, it will be a more vibrant essence if the plant has not been harmed.

Living Tree Orchid Essences are made on the Isle of Gigha, Scotland, about three hours from Glasgow. We do not cut the blooms or harm the plants in any way in order to make our essences. In this, we follow the method of Vasudeva and Kadambi Barnao of Living Essences of Australia. Read the rest of this entry »

Flower Essences For Your Wedding Day

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By Sally J

Weddings often evoke deep emotions from guests and participants. While most of the emotions are pleasant, some may be combined with anxiety. To keep everyone in good spirits, flower essences are recommended for a calming effect. For a spiritual event complete with peace, serenity and joyful moments, flower essences may be incorporated. They may also be used in place of libations for non-drinking participants.

41814593.thbIf either party experiences problems with commitment, the Wedding Bush (Australian Bush) is recommended to alleviate these feelings. Experts assert that the popular flower essence will improve commitment in a relationship, employment or with a family. Wedding Bush can be used when the initial attraction diminishes. This is perfect for a person that enjoys multiple relationships, but is trying to commit to one individual.

Flannel Flower (Australian Bush) is recommended for the honeymoon. This particular essence may help brides or grooms overcome their fear of intimacy or overcome sensitivity issues. Those who do not like to be touched may also desire the Flannel Flower to experience feelings of gentleness, trust, openness and sensitivity. This flower helps partners feel more open when engaging in physical activity.

Wedding planners may share the experience with their wedding party and even guests by preparing a bar with spring water and essence drops. Flower essences may alleviate any fears and last minute jitters at the wedding. These essences may be combined with complementary flowers or aromatherapy to further ignite the senses and calm the participant.

41814803.thbEssences may also be combined with natural flowers. Wedding planners may incorporate wedding flowers that correspond with a flower essence bar for the wedding party. If the bride or groom becomes anxious or gets cold feet, a few drops may be administered to alleviate feelings of anxiety.

Wedding reception accessories may be combined with the flower essences and presented at the wedding. Flower petals may be scattered around the table to accessorize. Flower essences may also be used in conjunction with essential oils for scented satchels, soaps, bath salts or other wedding favors or wedding reception accessories. Flower essences can also be recommended as wedding favors for guests or the bridal party.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sally is an avid blogger and traveler.  She is currently awaiting the arrival of her first child while she continues to teach at a Chicago area elementary school. Find her blog at

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Strength for Your Essence Mixtures: Add a Toner

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©2002 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Note this is an Excerpt from Donna’s ebook, Flower Remedies—How Plants’ Energies Can Heal Us, available at Moon Maven Publications.

strengtholdtarot-mgxOne Tarot card with much to teach us is Strength, shown here in a medieval rendering (”La Forza”). The woman is able to overcome the ferocity of the lion with nothing more than gentleness. This suggests that we can overcome even the most formidable of our obstacles better with gentleness than by going at them full force.

Perhaps the greatest obstacles we face are within ourselves, and these, too, respond with less resistance when we approach them this way. In general, flower essences are among the softest and kindest tools for removing inner barriers to a peaceful life. Our mixtures, however, can have even more of this gentle strength — and fewer rough edges — when we enhance them with what I call a toner.

Years ago, I read in one of Gurudas’ books that adding Peach to a remedy mixture could strengthen it and speed the healing process. I tried it and liked the results, and this started me on a process of finding “toner” essences to enhance essence work. Now I seldom make a mixture that does not include one or more toners as a catalyst.

Since our perceptions can be so subjective, are there any objective measures of the effectiveness of toners? When selecting remedies for a particular problem or situation, I use a pendulum to approve or reject various choices that come to mind.

I then test the group of promising remedies as a whole–a very important step. This tells me whether the remedies go together harmoniously and whether the mixture as a whole is stronger or weaker than the individual components. Based on this assessment, I may eliminate one or more of my selections to get the right number of remedies in most effective combination.

pendulum1bestbd-a2dFinally, and this is what sold me on toners, I see how the pendulum behaves when I bring one or more of the toners into the lineup of bottles. Generally, at least one of them will cause the pendulum to swing wildly, meaning that it has a powerful effect.

I have consistently seen a similar effect for toners with muscle reflex testing or the thumb-forefinger lock. If you use any of these methods to confirm your suppositions about which remedies to include, do test for some of the toners to be described here, to see if they could enhance the potency of your essence mixtures.

I keep several toners on hand because different ones seem to work for different people at different times. No doubt if we queried twenty or thirty of the essence companies, each maker could suggest a toner or two from their collection. If you are partial to a particular company’s essences and they are not mentioned here, you might ask them for recommendations.

None of the Bach remedies seem–to me, at least–to fit into that category. No doubt if Dr. Bach were asked, however, he would have suggested Holly as catalyst if the healing process seems stuck. Here are my personal favorites.

selfhealbd-a2dSelf-Heal, on an herbal level, is a powerful healer and is no less potent on the essence level. Among others, it is made by the Flower Essence Society (my choice), Pegasus, Alaskan Flower Essence Project, Harebell, Deva, and Andreas Korte Essences.

Each company has a slightly different description, but FES says that it enhances one’s self-healing powers and eases self-doubt. Both of these qualities can remove blockages to a healing effort. Self-doubt weakens us, acting as a drag on our will and undermining our efforts to make progress. I do find Self-Heal often gives a tremendous boost to an essence combination, so it is the first toner I test.

Peach–the essence that started my journey of exploration–is simply listed as a catalyst by several of the makers. Others give a variety of descriptions, and no doubt each is true and part of the reason for its catalytic effect. (To compare and contrast the makers’ definitions of either Peach or Self-Heal would be an article in itself.) It is offered by Pegasus, the Flower Essence Society (again, my personal choice), Master’s, the New Zealand New Perception Essences, and no doubt by others as well.

peach-phcomA third collection of toners is not available except from the maker, Gretchen Lawlor, Astrologer.  A world traveler, Gretchen has visited many of the sacred sites of the world. She made sure to collect waters from each of those places, which she distilled into individual and combination essences. They include Lourdes, the Ganges River, and many of the holy wells in Ireland. I test one or more of her combinations when making a mixture and often find a strong, yet loving effect, much what you would expect from holy water.

Another remedy with great potential as a toner is Deborah Bier’s Full Spectrum Light Essence from Whole Energy Essences. This is a preparation which includes–just as it says–all light frequencies. She uses it to preserve all stock bottles but finds that beyond the preservative effect, it also enhances other remedies’ effects. For an in-depth portrait of this remedy, see our December 1999, issue.

nuesscvrsm This is by no means an exhaustive list, but should get you started thinking about how certain essences act on mixtures to enhance the overall effect. One of the things I look at in working with the pendulum is not just the strength of the swing but also its length, since that gives me a clue as to how long the mixture will be needed.

Often, when I test for a toner, the swing is not only stronger but also shorter, meaning that the mixture should take effect sooner and more powerfully. I wouldn’t work without toners, as life is too short to stay stuck in a problem!

Note: this has been an excerpt from Donna’s ebook, Flower Remedies—How Plants’ Energies Can Heal Us, available at Moon Maven Publications. You can order it here:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donna Cunningham, MSW is the coeditor of Vibration and a long-time educator and writer in the field of flower remedies. She is also an internationally-respected author of books, articles, and columns about astrology, flower essences and other metaphysical topics. Her insights reflect her dual background in astrology and psychotherapy. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University and over 40 years of experience in working with people. Her ebooks can be found at Moon Maven Publications ( Visit her blog at


Poppies and the Accidental Artist

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©2011 by Antonia Gentile of ourlifeisnow

I’ve always had a romanticized connection with poppies. They seemed to appear frequently throughout my life, so I accepted them as a sort of totem, and collected images whenever I had the opportunity.

poppies1saIn a recent spring and summer, a very interesting set of serendipitous events unraveled like a cinematic opera with poppies and their essence as a flower starring in primary and supporting roles. Events that, in hindsight, I understood to have been intricately connected to my inner work and personal journey to better understand my soul’s path.

Winter had given way to early spring in all its natural glory. I decided to flee the city and accepted an invitation to spend a weekend at my family’s vacation home in the Catskills Mountains of upstate New York. A perfect way, I thought, to say farewell to a winter of discontent and enjoy the arrival of the new and long awaited season.

I quickly shed the layers of my city persona and walked about the grounds, taking in the view and exchanging the sounds of sirens with the busy buzzing of nature in spring. As I made my way to the back of the home, I was astounded at the sight of some very large wild orange poppies, lined up perfectly in multiple rows against the white shingled rear, facing south. It must have been their big premiere! I sat quietly and meditated before them, breathing deeply and taking in their beauty. Read the rest of this entry »

Recovering Our Greatest Strengths Following Disaster, Illness or Injury

Posted by admin on Apr 2, 2011

By Deborah Bier, PhD, maker of the Whole Energy Essences and Co-Editor of this publication.

Here’s a little ray of sunshine to add to your day: no matter what we do or how much we wish otherwise, it’s likely that someday we each will experience illness or injury — maybe even a disaster or two. While such events may eventually help us grow and improve our lives, living through them and coming out the other side can take some doing.

Johnny JumpupThank goodness for vibrational and flower essences! They can speed the recovery process, letting us more quickly make tasty lemonade out of the sour lemons life has delivered to our doorstep. Regardless of the origin of the acute or chronic situation, if we are in an emotional and/or physical crisis, we can easily lose touch with our sense of “center” — which is right where our greatest strengths live and work best. The trauma of mass disaster, or significant illness or injury commonly disconnects us from our strengths, abilities, gifts, and talents. During or following an illness or recovery from an injury, we may find ourselves losing confidence in our previously solid abilities. We may suddenly feel unsafe or unsure. We might grow to distrust ourselves, particularly our physical or mental capabilities. We may lose touch with our inner voice, our sense of “knowing.” Read the rest of this entry »