FullMoon Essences

Posted by admin on Jul 23, 2011

By Deborah Bier, PhD, Maker of the Whole Energy Essences, and Publisher & Co-Editor of this Publication

In late 1995, I was guided to prepare myself to make a new essence during each full moon in 1996. That is, to capture through the essence-making process the energies of the moon, planets, asteroids and stars for a moment during the moon’s fullness. There would be a total of 13 essences made, one for each full moon of the year. (Only 12 are available commercially….I would later find out that the first one was 34631842.thbintended to be a “practice” session and it would be replaced by the last one of the year, which was in the same astrological sign, thereby completing the set.)

This proved to be some of the most lovely, sweet, gentle, and magical essence-making I’ve ever experienced. I even felt thrilled going outside to make an essence near midnight on a winter’s evening that was -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, both thrilled AND chilled. I have always felt very at home with the moon…happy to see her…smiled upon by her. I felt totally fulfilled and content being asked to perform this service.

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Essences for Fear of Public Speaking

Posted by admin on Jul 16, 2011

By Marion Leigh, Founder, Findhorn Flower Essences

Fear of being performing before unfamiliar people is a problem I have been battling with personally all my life. My family and friends were surprised when I revealed this about myself.  This is because I have either managed to overcome the extremes of this condition, or I have been able to ‘mask’ it. I hope it is the former.

air-windyguy-a2dThroughout my childhood, adolescence and early twenties, I was frightened to death of ‘performance’ situations, and would do anything and everything to avoid them. When there was no running away from it, I was so traumatized I would inevitably perform badly, and the fear and humiliation would send me into shock and withdrawal. Read the rest of this entry »

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Moon Water—A Simple Way to Empower your Intentions

Posted by admin on Jul 9, 2011

© 26 June 2011 by C.J. Wright of Auntie Moon

Vibration Editor, Donna Cunningham, says: Auntie Moon, one of my favorite bloggers, does a great job, day in and day out, of charting the phases of the Moon and inspiring us to make uplifting and productive use of them. When she posted this simple method of helping ourselves make better use of the Moon’s monthly and yearly cycles, I had to ask her to share it with Vibration’s readers.

moonwater-a2dI’d been wanting to make some Moon Water for a while and kept putting it off for no reason other than I just haven’t done it. Interestingly enough, when the inspiration took a strong hold on me, the Sun and Moon just happened to be in my natal signs.

Maybe you’ll want to try this for yourself. First, I’ll explain basic Moon Water and then move on to Moon Waters prepared specifically for you.

What is Moon Water?

Nothing other than water left out under the Moon. Usually done during a Full Moon, Moon Water is said to take on the qualities of the Full Moon’s sign ~ it’s ”charged” by the Moon. You simply draw a container of water, place a covering over it to keep the ickies out, and leave it under the Full Moon. (Sounds a bit like making Sun Tea, right?) Bring it in the next morning, and there’s your Moon Water.

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More Summer Videos: Spirit-in-Nature (Masters’) Essences

Posted by admin on Jul 2, 2011

Here is another instructive set of essence videos by essence maker and educator, Lila Devi, a frequent contributor to Vibration Magazine.  She presents a series of 20 videos, one for each of the essences in the Spirit-in-Nature (formerly Masters’ Essences) line, plus one on flower essences in general. (We would embed one of these videos here in this blog post, but WordPress is giving us fits and just won’t cooperate today.) Read the rest of this entry »