Men Wonder: What Does She Mean???

Posted by admin on Aug 27, 2011

Editors’ Note: This is an oldie-but-goodie we published over a decade ago.  We don’t have current biographical info on the author, but would love to if she or someone she knows would get in touch with us. Thanks!

©2000 by Marie Matthews

24724597.thbI questioned a few male friends about the focus of an article about men and essences, and the first subject suggested was always sexuality. However, when I pushed them to be more specific, I found that they all had a great need to be able to understand what their wives, lovers, and partners really wanted from them. They needed greater sensitivity to the nuances of the often unspoken requests, demands and reactions of their partners. They also needed to learn to respond in ways that would satisfy the woman’s great need for intimate communication. Read the rest of this entry »

Silverweed and Other Essences for Perfectionism

Posted by admin on Aug 19, 2011

By Marion Leigh, Founder, Findhorn Flower Essences

Recently I was doing some personal research on Silverweed (Potentilla anserina) flower essence.  I spent about a week on this project, taking the essence, tuning in and writing down what happened to me.

25735484.thbI experienced the negatives of Silverweed profoundly. In particular I notice I became overly absorbed in details. This manifested as getting consumed in the minutiae of what I was writing, so perfectionistic was I about my choice of words that I would check dictionaries, study the etymology, then the myriad thesauruses available on-line for possible alternatives, sometimes musing over a word for days.  Now, I know I’m a bit of a stickler for perfection, but this was getting ridiculous. Everyone around me noticed I was obsessing – FFE staff encouraging me to ‘move on’ and stop taking Silverweed, as I was clearly doing a ‘proving’ of the essence. Read the rest of this entry »

Beating Those Back-to-School Blues: Australian Bush Flower Essence-Style!

Posted by admin on Aug 13, 2011

By Clare Chapman of Baliena Flower Therapies

Australian Bush Flower Essences can help your child or teenager deal with those Back-to-School Blues

41838715.thbIt is impossible for me not to remember how miserable I used to feel as a child when those ‘Back-to-School’ advertisements started appearing on television straight after Christmas each year: escalating in frequency as the end of January, and as its imminent arrival of school, closed in on me!

Hopefully many people are now becoming aware of how much school can contribute to a state of depression in children, with many feeling as though they are trapped in an institution that controls their available choices: giving them little room to be individual or independent; challenging them intellectually and socially in ways they often won’t have faced before; sometimes offering them little stimulation or too much stimulation; and at worst, leading to dangerous feelings of depression and despair.

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5 Days of White Pansy and Trust

Posted by admin on Aug 6, 2011

©2011 by Ronni Ann Hall

I’ve been instructed to use the White Pansy essence I’ve made for dealing with issues of trust. Since I arrogantly expect my clients to use the essences I recommend, I concluded I needed to listen to my own guidance and take the suggestion.

whitepansy2-a2dWhat’s the deal with trust? Why is it so hard to trust that things will work out and the Divine will take care of things when we are faced with tough circumstances that, logically, would make no sense for us to trust in the good?

Day one of taking White Pansy flower essence. I felt my bitter thoughts rise to the surface. I had reason not to trust. I had a long list created in the past few years. Spirit tells me that I often take on others’ faults that are not my own. This makes no sense to me or why this message is relevant to trusting.

Day two. I was journaling like a crazy-flowing pen nut. Insights rose alongside the nasty bitter thoughts. I wasn’t feeling Miss Spiritual at that moment. Not Miss Positive or the teacher I came here to be. It was ugly — I was releasing. Read the rest of this entry »