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Untying Knots About an Essence’s Use

Posted by admin on Dec 13, 2009

Editors’ Note: The below is correspondence between Vibration editor Deborah Bier and Acey from Sparkling Lotus (http://www.sparklinglotusink.com/). This type of back-and-forth is typical when essence makers, practitioners or users are trying to build on one other’s impressions and experiences with an essence in order to understand its action better. The correspondence came from a search Deborah did for information about Thyme, both parties never having met or corresponded before.  We are grateful that there are essence makers like Acey — who turned out to already be a Vibration fan — willing to so generously share their knowledge in this way. And thank goodness for the internet: what would we do without the contact and learning it facilitates!

ThymianAugust 5:
Hi, Acey — I was looking online for some maker’s description of Thyme essence, and found your resonated the most of those I found.  I’m thinking from the way you described it, that it maybe can be used as a “toner” essence — one that enhances the action of others.  Does that seem to fit from your experience? I only have a not-much-used research Thyme essence I made some years ago.  It was called for in a mixture I was making to help tend to tomato plants that have the late blight, and I was curious about its known action.

August  12:
Hi Deborah – So sorry for the delay in my response.  It’s that drop-in summer guest time of year!   I do very much think of Thyme as a toning agent and also a source of amplification pertaining to a group of essences to be used in combination.  This trait seems especially prominent when thyme serves as a bridge for other essences that feel/seem disparate in their vibrational and healing signatures.   Do you have experience with Lemon Verbena?  I have found that it has similar properties.

Koeh-271In any event, I have worked with thyme most usually on behalf of clients who are very hypersensitive at a vibrational level.  The remedy can be especially useful if they are suspicious of blends or synergies that contain more than three essences.  The thyme signature seems to help them “sort” the various inclusions in a way that leaves them feeling more knowledgeable and confident rather than anxious or preoccupied by the possibility of energetic bombardment.

August 12:
Acey, thanks for the reply.  Peach is also a toner, as are a few others. You might have caught Vibration’s article on the topic.

Good to have the info about the sensitive folks — they certainly do have suspicions for good reasons, though some take it to the level of never taking anything at all.  Yes, this mixture I made that called for it had two separate threads running through it, so sorting might have been called for! Thanks.

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What a sweetly unexpected surge of inter-connectedness! Just came to this blog in search of a particular link that’s gone missing from my bookmarks. It was a nice moment to be reminded of our summer correspondence.

December 15th, 2009 | 11:24 pm