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Children Love Flowers—and Flower Essences!

Posted by admin on Jan 2, 2010

©12-2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

In Vibration’s 11 years of publishing quarterly issues of our flower essence ezine, there were certain topics that came up over and over. One of them was children and how they respond to flower essences.babyflwrs-a2d

Many of our authors found that children seemed to instinctively love them and that they often responded more quickly and positively to essence work than adults do. They hadn’t built up as many layers of defenses and of encrusted negative behaviors as wounded adults had done.

We dedicated several special issues of Vibration to children and eventually collected them into one of our Virtual Booklets. Below are links to some articles on this topic that we especially liked:

Look for more articles aboboyflwers-a2dut Essences and Children here:

Special Theme Issue: Essences for Children and the Inner Child: May, 2004

Because children’s difficulties are so often connected to the dynamics of the family, you may find useful information in our Essences and the Family theme issue.

And the virtual booklet itself is at: Children and Essences

Readers, have you given essences to children?  Share the results in our comments section.

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We use Rescue Remedy often with the kids, and other Bach, FES, Star, and Master’s essences, as needed. Our youngest actually asks for them (calls them “fairy flower drops”), intuitively. They work beautifully with children.

January 3rd, 2010 | 1:45 am