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Pussytoes Essence: Recover Surrender

Posted by admin on Jan 10, 2010

By Deborah Bier, PhD, maker of the Whole Energy Essences

I received an email recently from an essence customer who purchased a Whole Energy Essences Recovery Essence set and couldn’t find a description for Pussytoes in the book we  sent along with it (an earlier edition of The Encyclopedia of Vibrational Essences).  That was because Pussytoes was a late addition to complete this set, and I never got around to writing an entry!

But suddenly, I felt the urge to write it.  Looking through my research notes, I could see why: it is actually a “fleur du jour” — a term used by my Vibration co-editor, Donna Cunningham. This expression refers to any essence that keeps being indicated again and again across many people because it is a reflection of a larger cosmic, impersonal need of the moment. (See her article about this concept here: http://www.essences.com/vibration/june98/fleurjour.html)

Antennaria_neglectaOur Recovery Essences are meant to help us return to the vibrance of life and living while recovering from any type of trauma, be it an old or a recent one. They help us reconnect with our strengths and abilities, qualities which often get forgotten or disconnected from our awareness when we’ve been hurt. Once firmly back in place, these strengths help us heal our wounds and move forward from the trauma.

Pussytoes (Antennaria neglecta)

Slogan: “Recover Surrender”

Indicating Statements:
Since this trauma, I can’t let down my guard and relax.
Since this trauma, I’ve become rigid and stiff.
Since this trauma, I seem to be locked in a fight or struggle.

Complimented by: Calendula, Coradylis

Description: Trauma can create a sense of being “on guard” all the time, waiting and ready for the next “bad thing” to happen. This is natural and understandable; we want to “see it coming” and not be caught by surprise.  But such an attitude can result in a habit of hypervigilance, which can bring about states of rigidity, over-reaction, stiffness — even controlingness, as we seek to make our environment safe.  The emphasis of Pussytoes’ action as an essence is of surrender, introducing the guardedness of trauma to openness and release.

When we walk knowingly into the lion’s den we certainly do want to be on full alert.  But the normal human tendency to tense up in expectation of a blow is exactly the polar opposite of the attitude that allows us to stay safe and recover from our wounds, be they emotional or physical.  Study any form of martial arts and we find that the best fighting form requires relaxation, slightly bent and unlocked knees, steady and full breathing, and an emotionally neutral state of ready attention. It is only by being relaxed when we meet “the enemy” that we can escape their grasp and emerge victorious. Hypervigilance simply gets in the way of responding in the moment, allowing us to become locked in the grip of battle — incapable of winning, unable to withdraw.

34884309.thbPussytoes helps us to unwind an expectation that the next disaster is just around the corner, and that we’d best be in a state of anxious rigidity to meet it.  We become more aware that we are habitually anticipating being on the painful end on a blow — even with no opponent in sight! We start to realize that it’s our fear of being hurt has become a real source of chronic trauma, making us shy away from human contact, new situations, and surrendering to the great mystery of the void which surely is beyond our influence and control.   It is in our helplessness that we both most want to control everything we can — and when we can truly most benefit from an attitude of surrender.

Surrender allows us to enter into a state of open, relaxed readiness — to receive, to give, to be challenged, strengthened, delighted, surprised, angry, grieving… whatever is called into our sphere by the great vortex of Life itself.  It implies a trust that we will somehow be all right, even though we cannot imagine what might unfold before us. Surrender places us “in the flow” where inspiration, creativity, ease of control, play, and spontaneity are waiting at our service.

In 12-step recovery programs, surrendering to our powerlessness over an addiction is actually the first step.  Without such surrender, instead of growing through our past traumas we will always be locked in battle with them.  Surrender isn’t an easy state to enter into, but it is one that is vital to attain if we are truly not be controlled by our past.

The pussytoes plant (Antennaria neglecta) is a low-growing, native US wildflower with fuzzy silver-gray leaves and white fluffy antenna-like blooms that, when dried, remain on the plant a long time. It grows in dense masses, even across the face of solid rock, forming a dense mat. It dislikes competition from other plants, and can grow in soil so poor that it has few other competitors.  In this way, the plant helps control soil erosion.

fld_pussytoes1This plant’s signature tells us that we cannot surrender just a little, that we have to let go all the way.  By fully surrendering in the face of hardship, we can — seemingly paradoxically — overcome our struggles. By letting go in this way, we come back to our essential self — which was never truly lost, only misplaced.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deborah Bier, PhD is co-editor of Vibration Magazine, and a holistic healthcare practitioner in private practice in Concord, MA. She is the author of Flower Essence Practice: For Students, Essence Practitioners & Other Healing Professionals (Windfall, 2008). She is also the author of Healthy Connections: Flower Essences for Better Family, Friend and Work Relationships; The Encyclopedia of Vibrational Essences, and Learning About Vibrational Essences (find all these titles here). She is the maker of Whole Energy Essences, and is the director of the metro-west Boston, MA office of Caring Companion Connections.

Photo Credits: Top right, courtesy of WikiMedia Commons. Others: ©2009 Deborah Bier, All Rights Reserved.

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Wonderful information here Deborah! I would say yours and Donna’s assessment of this being a “fleur du jour” is on the mark as well, knowing astrologically what is going on right now! Something else to keep in mind – ofttimes, anticipating disaster only creates an imprint on the Universe for not only allowing disaster to come, but actually subconsciously calling for it to happen. Pussytoes Essence appears to help alleviate this inadvertent “calling” process, and I can see this paired with others like Bach’s Star of Bethlehem Essence to really lift this condition – thanks again!

January 10th, 2010 | 11:22 pm

Re Recovery Essences including Pussytoes.
I’ve searched all over trying to find the Recovery Essences you refer to. Can you tell me where to buy them?

January 11th, 2010 | 12:37 am

Gillian, you can only find them online on the Whole Energy Essences website at http://www.Essences.com/recovery.html


January 11th, 2010 | 1:26 am