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How We Came to Love Wild Oat for The Cardinal T-Square

Posted by admin on Mar 27, 2010

Editors’ Note: Following up on last week’s blogathon, we were discussing this topic amongst ourselves and some of our authors. After emailing one another, we realized that we had developed an interesting and hopefully helpful piece for this blog.

Auntie Moon/CJ Wright:
Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Cardinal T-Square Blogathon essence and we could all be sipping it right now?   Maybe we could just drink a bunch of “Drank” or “Mary Jane,” anti-energy drinks, until we find the right one:

79392_largeDeborah Bier:
What a great idea!  Thinking about it, I’m getting an oat straw (herb) feeling about what’s needed.  I do dearly love oat straw tea. How about Bach’s Wild Oat? Not Avena at all, but Bromus ramosus, aka hairy brome. There is just SO MUCH going on right now.  Just reading about this square it’s hard to know where to focus.  Sounds Wild Oatish, yes?

Donna Cunningham:
Isn’t Wild Oat the Bach remedy for people who have so many talents they don’t know what to do with them all or how to focus on one choice for a career?   That could come up with a transiting t-square that aspects a natal planet in 3 different directions at once.  Brilliant intuition, Deb!  I’ll have to keep that one in mind.

Joyce, what do you think? We started off by talking about Avena (oat herbal tincture or tea) for a nervine. We’re both a bit fried by multitasking until our heads spin.

Joyce Mason:
Wow. I, too, think she’s is onto something. This really made me think. I just looked at the FES Repertory description of Wild Oat, and it talks about inner calling and true vocation, which I connect with Chiron. (If anyone’s interested, I’ve got a new article on Zane Stein’s site about Chiron and Vocation.)

Chiron is the weaver of wholeness.  The planets and our relationship to them represent the parts of ourselves-the crazy quilt or personal patchwork-that we have to sew together to become whole. Get our parts operating in some sort of synchrony and cooperation with each other.

20781295.thbA fully actualized person is not just someone who feels whole inside; s/he feels that way for finding his/her place in the community, where s/he contributes that one thing only s/he can do.  That’s why Chiron mentored heroes and taught them a multitude of skills, so each could become the best Hercules, Jason, Asclepius, etc., and in doing so, serve himself and his tribe. (These happenings on Mt. Pelion were obviously way before “Women’s Lib,” LOL! Not a girl in sight.)

The Repertory description of Wild Oat mentions how the soul is drained when it can’t express its true vocation/place in the world-when money is the only motivation for work.  The collapse of the monetary system (Pluto in Cap) is forcing people to look at money in a new way, including what it can’t buy (often that’s vocational fulfillment).

Can you imagine what a wonderful world it would be if everyone was doing what really turned him or her on and lived his/her uniqueness (Uranus?). Our Saturnian institutions would hum with unicorns that, together, formed a fine functioning organism like the synchronous turning wheels of a Swiss clock.  This Aquarian/utopian vision might just explain why Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Uranus must be brought down to earth. As we evolve, we integrate this pair of opposites.  Not to bore you with more of my astro-theories, but that’s the key concept in Wholeness and the Inner Marriage, how Chiron’s weave-to-wholeness principle helps us integrate all the opposites around the zodiac and in life.

All this simplified: If you become the best you and do what you love, not just money but joy, happiness, and a world that works (and rocks) will follow. If the outer planets are there to stimulate change in us, I think we can see how the Triple Conjunction in Aquarius of Jupiter/Chiron, and Neptune may have been just the opening step in a dance where vocation is the linchpin.  The final words in the Repertory about Wild Oat tells how it helps connect us to our life of purpose, the one we all share — to truly serve and help others. I want to live on that planet!  Now! Let’s all take Wild Oat and see what happens.



Folks, If you liked this article, you’ll love our collection of articles about how to combine essences and astrology. Check it out! Donna Cunningham

March 27th, 2010 | 7:43 pm
Carolyn Mayfield:

I want to read your articles, but am afraid I will miss them without your email announcements. If I go to the flower essence mag. website every week, will the most current article be right there? Thank you!

March 27th, 2010 | 8:01 pm

Carolyn, we generally publish sometime each Saturday and the newest article is always at the top of the blog at http://www.FlowerEssenceMagazine.com. That said, Donna and I agree that if we can’t manage publishing on Saturday, hey, then fire us! So it’s not always clockwork. Click on the link in the right column on each page about subscribing and you’ll see how to do so. Thanks for being such a loyal reader! — Deborah Bier

March 27th, 2010 | 8:15 pm

You know – I didn’t think about this! I know in the past that Dr. Bach recommended Wild Oat for a “minimizer” personality, and Holly for a “maximizer” personality if you didn’t know where to start. This depends on what the person does under great stress (and fear), and I do believe most people are minimizer types. Back to basics, right? Thanks for this great idea (now to ponder hehe)! ;-)

March 28th, 2010 | 11:02 am

Oat straw the herb has one of the most absorbable forms of calcium available. You need to steep the tea for 4 hours. I usually make mine at night before bed and then drink all day.

Wild Oat!! I haven’t taken it recently because I am on my path of Reflexology (almost 23 years) and Flower Essences (13 years). Recently I am feeling an urge to grow things (I live part time in the country) and make escential oils for my “work”. Revisiting Wild Oat sounds good.

March 29th, 2010 | 10:43 pm