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She’s Baaaack!

Posted by admin on Apr 3, 2010

©2010 by Pansy Rosebud Pepperplant


Hiiiiiii everyone!!! I just happened to swing by to see what was up. I hadn’t heard from the editors of Vibration for well over a year now. They said they’d contact me for a new article the next time they put out an issue of the ezine, but then they never did.

Come to find out now, THEY CHANGED THEIR FORMAT TO A BLOG over a year ago!  They said they just CHERRY PLUM forgot to let me know. Well, I did change my address a lot (and my name a few times, too…) so even if they tried, maybe they woulda never reached me. Well, things are like that a LOT in my life!!  Queen of Walnut, they call me! Don’t get me started…

Anyway, I left kinda in a huff last time because one of them suggested that *I* needed to take some Heather essences — you know, the one for people who are always stuck on themselves and their problems?  Well, I just COULDN’T believe it.  I mean, after they don’t pay me to write for this rag, I have to put with that, too?? Well, I decided to take some Willow, so I forgive them now.

pansywriting4sure-a2dSince I’m back in town (’cause I was kicked out of the witness protection program… what a bunch of idiots, but that’s another story), they said I would be the right person to do something for this month.  I don’t know what they mean exactly, since I’ve not been doing time for a year or two now — the judge let me out for a 30-day inpatient rehab instead, but I’m still on probation for about 3 million more years! I’m thinking of some Impatiens for him, he couldn’t get rid of me fast enough…

So, while I have your attention, I want to do a personal round-up, a… what do they call it? Oh, yeah, a RETROSPECTIVE of my work from Vibration.  They tell me once I get to five articles, they’ll give me my own Frequent Contributor Page! They said just thinking about it, they both needed some Rock’n’ Rose — but I’m not sure I caught that quite right.

  1. Pansy’s Essences for Health and Fitness
  2. Pansy’s Poetry: Changes?! Nothing But Changes!!
  3. Pansy’s Garden of Misinformation

Gotta go — they’re about to tow my car, which isn’t exactly registered or or insured…. or even exactly really mine, but that’s another story, too. Off to sow some Wild Oats! See ya!!!!!!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A favorite with many of our readers and the probation departments of several jurisdictions, Pansy Rosebud Pepperplant is a former therapeutic belly dancer, and professional egg sorter and grader. Because she has had decades of really bad problems with family, friends (actually, EX-friends, but don’t get her started), neighbors, and work (having been fired from approximately 18 jobs in the past two years), she’s a natural to help you with your difficulties. Not that they matter much compared to what SHE’S been through.

The World Wide Essence Society does not mean to imply any recommendation of nor give certification to any individuals or companies whose articles or comments appear on this blog, especially not Pansy.  What, do you think we’re crazy???

Articles are provided purely for informational purposes. We ask consumers to make their own determination as to quality of the services and products described. Articles are not meant to be advice, and the information is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment. All articles and comments offered by readers do not necessarily represent the views of Vibration Magazine — particularly in this case!


What fun! I love the pic of Pansy. Hope I have her spunk and pizazz once I get my therapeutic belly dancing certificate. Only 8 more rolls to go!

April 4th, 2010 | 1:50 am

We can only look upon our Pansy in awe and wonder. – Deborah

April 12th, 2010 | 8:21 pm