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Mariposa Lily Heals a Traumatized Rescue Animal

Posted by admin on May 15, 2010

©2009 by Sheryl Karas

Many years ago when a friend introduced me to flower essences, I thought she had lost her mind. I was actively exploring alternative philosophies and systems of healing but this idea was just too much: collect flowers and let them float in water in the sun until the water absorbs the flowers’ “essence.”

catafraid-a2dThen dilute that flower water down even more to the point that a laboratory could only find a trace of the plant material left, shake it up, add brandy to preserve it and take 4 drops of the solution three times a day for a month to help resolve your problems. Right! That was a load of snake oil if I ever heard one. How could anyone be so gullible?

My friend explained that they were like homeopathic remedies in that they acted like a vaccine where a tiny amount of a substance inspires the body’s natural healing response to come to the fore. Better yet, they were far too dilute to be toxic and had no significant side effects. This was intriguing to me because I was already using herbal remedies for medicinal purposes. But then she started waxing poetic about the soul qualities of the plant working synergistically with the human spirit and that’s where she completely lost me.

I had not successfully used flower essences for myself when my vet recommended them for my cat. Chloe was a pound kitty who was held back from adoption repeatedly because of her tendency to pick up every illness and insect infestation brought in by any animal at the SPCA. She saw her mother disappear and all her littermates adopted before her and spent six months alone in her cage before I fell in love with her sweet nature and brought her home.

Poor Chloe was a neurotic mess. She desperately wanted attention and followed me around meowing pitifully. Yet when I would reach out to pet her she would yelp in terror and run away. I had tried everything for several months to no avail so I decided to follow my vet’s advice.

I looked through the Flower Essence Repertory published by the Flower Essence Society, tuned into my inner guidance and finally chose Mariposa Lily. This essence is supposed to help heal the hurt of early childhood abandonment and difficulties with mother-child bonding.

Chloe loved taking it and asked for more long after I thought the remedy had done its work. It had a dramatic effect. The very first day I gave it to her she stopped chasing me around the house and let me pet her while she relaxed in her bed.

A week later she curled up in my bed with me for the first time. I still had a neurotic cat and her confusion about people interactions never left completely, but she liked petting now and was much happier and healthier, too.

cathappy-a2dWithin a month her coat, which used to be greasy and full of dandruff, became fluffy, thick and beautiful and her tendency to wheeze and cough disappeared. My vet couldn’t explain that but, according to Chinese medicine, skin disorders are sometimes related to undischarged grief lodged in the Lung meridian.

I was not giving Chloe any other special treatment during this time. My theory is that the essence helped her release the emotional stress of her time in captivity so her physical health could return. Her immune system became much better as a result as well.

This experience was the first real evidence I had that there was more to flower essences than a placebo effect. After all, a cat could not know what the essence was for.

That’s when I decided to put them to a real test in my own life.

Since then I have taken extensive flower essence trainings and embarked on a self-directed exploration of individual essences. It’s been more than simply instructive. Because as a healer I have the ability to feel the energetic effect of every essence I use within seconds, they’ve been teaching me more about the intersection of spiritual and physical existence than I may ever be able to adequately explain. They’ve been an entryway into spiritual growth and discovery, showing me things viscerally I might not otherwise have believed.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sheryl Karas has a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and has explored a wide variety of healing techniques including Flower Essence Therapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and Master Level Reiki. She uses everything she knows in the creation of her healing perfume oils. You can buy some through her online shops at Mama Love Products.com, through Etsy, or http://www.mamaloveproducts.com. And all of the brick and mortar stores that carry my perfumes have it as well!  You’re also invited to visit her blog at http://healingcommunication.blogspot.com.



I just loved this post! Thanks so much for sharing Sheryl’s initial skepticism, which was similar to mine back in the 1990’s hehe! Spirit seems to know the right situations to bring so that we then stand educated! Now, it is hard for me to imagine life without flower essences.

What you describe with skin conditions is interesting, because another description of cause in this system is a blocked liver meridian, rather than lung. However, this is usually for breakouts, which would be an inflammation – and I wonder if that is the difference. Still, I imagine flower essences even help emotionally educate the areas of anger (liver) and would indeed bring about a healing in that circumstance as well. Thanks again, I LOVE Mariposa Lily!! These are also beautiful to see in the wild and I know they are more rare nowadays!

May 15th, 2010 | 9:01 pm
Elyse Marie:

You know I have to say that I have a very similar story. My 8 year old tortie, Zoe came to my doorstep one day. She was maybe 6 months old. Very tiny. She was terrified to let me get her, but would not go away and would cry outside my door. So finally by a strange coincidence she ended up in my house. Her paws were bloody from running on the concrete so much. :(

After she bonded with me, she started to display tendencies of abandonment issues. She would cry incessantly until i would hold her. It got to be a major problem.

I had worked in the holistic healing profession and at health food stores for years so I was familiar with remedies. I found mariposa lilly through the encyclopedia of natural pet care and I immediately gave it to her. It was like a miracle. When I gave it to her, she would stop crying and within a month she turned into a completely different cat. Independent and loving.

She also turned me into a remedy fanatic and now study flower remedies and use them in my practice. It was all because of her.

Yay Mariposa Lily!!!

May 17th, 2010 | 12:50 am