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Moon Flower Essences—Accessing and Healing Past Lives

Posted by admin on May 22, 2010

©2009 by Simon France, maker of Aquarius Flower Remedies

Nearly all flower remedies utilise the power of sunlight to capture their therapeutic vibrational impulses. However, the Moon Flowers of Aquarius Flower Remedies are made under moonlight and have a very different energy to solarised flowers.


They are used to heal the wounds we carry from the past, be that from this lifetime or previous lives. The absorption of moonlight into flower remedies allows their healing to reach down into our souls, helping us to release deeply held dysfunctional energetic patterns we have carried with us for many years.

The Moon shines at night, when we sleep and dream. The sub-conscious is the lunar realm. Its light, reflected from the Sun, is pale and cold, making the world look very different. Within the realms of the Moon there is less to stimulate our senses, more opportunities for our inner world to emerge. Unlike the Sun, the lunar disk constantly changes.

The Moon speaks to a different part of our being, yet a part that is as important to us as our solar spirit, life-force or ego. The solar part of our being is extrovert and projects, while the lunar part is introvert and reflects. This solar part can be considered masculine, while the lunar feminine. The Sun is our spirit and the Moon is our soul. Like the spirit, the soul is eternal.

If we open our hearts and minds to the possibility that our eternal soul incarnates, not once but many times in the physical form, each time growing, maturing and evolving, we begin to perceive life with more depth. We can reconcile within us traumatic, tragic, negative or unlucky events if we believe that as their effects filter down they provide material from which the soul can grow and evolve, become wiser, more experienced and better equipped for future lives.

Individual souls are often drawn to a whole series of incarnations where they encounter similar experiences. This continual repetition and reinforcement leaves profound impressions upon the soul, adding to the character of the soul’s landscape. Many of these soul features are skills and talents that have been developed over a series of lives.

We all have impressed into our soul wounds from previous lives. Frequently such karmic wounds reoccur in subsequent lives because the soul is wounded or weakened in a certain area and therefore vulnerable. Yet the soul is also drawn to what it knows, what it has experienced and therefore situations will arise that wound the soul in a similar fashion, rub salt into its wounds so to speak.

Every karmic wound is a wise wound, a wound from which our soul learns deep lessons. Although we find the lessons painful they are for our soul the fuel that propels spiritual evolution and growth. When our soul grows, we feel pain.

Having been lunarised, rather than solarised, the therapeutic energies of the Moon Flowers work upon the soul. At present there are 40 to choose from, all with a specific healing for the soul. Below are short descriptions of six of the Moon Flowers to give you an idea of what these remedies can be used for.

moon-ACabaretNeathEgyptianMoon-pubdom-wikiLUNAR ALDER eases present life problems that occur because of past life disempowerment through sexual servitude, rape, prostitution, abuse or family incest. It also treats the guilt and self-disgust of those who are aware that they have sexually abused in the past.

LUNAR GROUND IVY is for souls who have in a previous life suffered at the hands of an unfair legal system. They may have been wrongly accused and convicted, had an unfair trial, punished severely for a trivial offence and been unfairly labelled by society as a criminal.

LUNAR HAZEL can be given to heal deep or fatal wounds inflicted on the physical body by sharp or heavy weapons in a previous life. Such intensely traumatic injuries can resurface in future incarnations as complaints in the area of the body that was injured in a past life. Hazel is also used to aid release of old and outworn ideas, emotions or possessions that hinder living in the moment.

LUNAR POPPY is for those souls who have in previous lives stood on a battlefield and seen their comrades killed. Poppy is for the souls who have witnessed the most inhuman and barbaric scenes within the theatre of war. It also addresses the tensions created by losing loved ones during war.

LUNAR THISTLE is the remedy for past life imprisonment. Thistle treats the loneliness and isolation of past life detention. Being separated from loved ones has profound psychological effects that can manifest in present life relationships. Yearning to escape, deep frustration, anger and the over development of the inner life at the expense of the outer are all common symptoms of a past life behind bars.

LUNAR WOUNDWORT can be used to heal any form of past life robbery, be it material, emotional, mental or spiritual. Lack of trust in present life relationships is a common symptom of this karmic condition. It is the remedy for those who have in the past been robbed or cheated of something that has been of great value.

Everyone has their own healing journey and their own way of responding to Moon Flowers. For some the effects of these essences are powerful and dramatic, particularly so if they are taken during meditation. For others their effects are gentle and subtle. Some clear the dysfunctional patterns within their souls very quickly with the aid of these remedies, while for others the process is much slower and more convoluted.

Some therapists are drawn to using the Moon Flowers because they give access to a deeper level of wounding within the client, one that has not been consciously articulated.   For the soul the Moon Flowers facilitate evolution, while for the personality they provide a tool to help heal karmic wounds.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Simon France works for Aquarius Flower Remedies, a worker’s co-op based in the South West of England.  He has been making, researching, prescribing, distributing, teaching and writing about flower essences for over 20 years. Please feel free to contact him through the Aquarius website at http://www.aquariusflowerremedies.



Lunarizing essences sure gives a different energy vibration to the essences. I myself have only had two that “tugged” at me to make under Moonlight: White Lupine, and a leaf essence of Siberian Elm, but that wanted sunlight and moonlight! Thanks for this wonderful article, I will remember to reference these (and I added Aquarius to my blog’s Flower Essence page)!

May 22nd, 2010 | 10:27 am

This so resonates with me. I sing in the canyon under full moon glow. For me,the lunar vibration connection is precise and uncluttered. I always turn to the moon when I do soul work, my own, or when facilitating that Sacred Space for others in the healing room. It is from my childhood experiences of engaging “moon vibration” that eventually led me to using vibrational essences.

May 22nd, 2010 | 9:43 pm

Simon’s Lunar Essences are wonderful, I have been using them for many years. Lunar Campion is my favourite.

May 23rd, 2010 | 12:10 am

Several of mine demanded moonlight as well as sun and some crystals demanded just moonlight.

May 23rd, 2010 | 9:57 pm