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Flower Remedies for Children’s Self-Esteem

Posted by admin on Aug 14, 2010

By Isha Lerner

Many children in our world today face a stressful and emotionally challenged life due to an accelerated, fast-paced environment. Today’s child meets an array of complex circumstances that were ordinarily reserved for mature adults, such as divorce, sophisticated technology, unsettled domestic problems, body image awareness, sexual images, and violence. With footprints barely planted on life’s terrain, our children are burdened with fear, doubt, confusion, and a host of maladies that threaten our world.

What can be done to stabilize our youth within the “pressure cooker” of today’s world? Flower essences enable us to administer balance and overall health to children, and aid us in addressing the wide range of complex issues they face each day. Flower essence therapy involves the administration of essences in the context of an overall program of health enhancement, either in a professional practice or home care. In regard to our children and our attempt to help them flourish, flower essences are an important addition to a comprehensive healing program.

BUTTERCUP: This remedy goes on my list for almost every malady facing a child’s well-being. Its silky yellow flower offers a radiant inner light to the child, allowing them to experience the true worth of their soul. It enhances the experience of self-love, which in turn allows for greater harmony with friends and family. It’s one of the sweetest remedies I know.

BABY BLUE EYES: This lovely remedy supports the foundation of trust and support that a child may need strengthened, and helps a child to feel at home in the world. This is a great remedy combined with Buttercup and Shooting Star (to help one connect with their own mission on earth). It also assists in healing and strengthening the father/child relationship.

WILD IRIS: I cannot imagine a more beautiful remedy for the child who wishes to illuminate the creative potentials within. This flower is the “paintbrush of the soul” and revives the passions of the heart — a choice remedy for the creative child. I have created a magical blend called “Radiant Self” which many of my clients are raving about. It is a combination of Wild Iris, Shooting Star, and Indian Paintbrush. It is truly lovely for all ages.

SUNFLOWER: The radiant king/queen of the flower world, this proud flower opens the door of the soul to true and balanced leadership. It crowns the personality with fair and mighty self-confidence, coupled with a nurturing concern for others. It’s a worthy flower essence for the older sibling.

PRETTY FACE: Children have become increasingly aware of their appearance and imperfections. This lovely remedy, made from an unusually marked and flecked flower, offers a new-found self-acceptance within the heart of the child. It’s a wonderful remedy for a child  who must adjust to a birthmark, a scar, or other aspects of physical sensitivity that lend awkwardness to a child’s self-image. This is a very good essence for children who feel separate from the “in crowd” due to a lack of self-worth and to self-image issues.

My kids thrived on the essences! As a self-employed businesswoman, I maintain a hectic schedule that entails travel, deadlines, and commitments. My children, like most good-intentioned offspring, have been and are willing to go along with my wild ride. Like most kids, they absorb and accept the environment in which they are raised. Kids are troopers. We must, however, find ways to minimize the stress hazards and emotional strain of their everyday life.

My older daughters have successfully survived their busy childhood, and now, in early adulthood, attest to the healing power of flowers. Flower essences were our elixir through loss, anger, adolescence, teen emotions, and growing up “self-worth stuff”. They helped the girls traverse their perilous journey through a hectic childhood with few scars. My youngest daughter, now ten years old, is currently a flower essence enthusiast, being drawn to their healing properties at a very innocent, yet intuitive level. Flower essences help us to balance between a successful personal life and the demands of child rearing.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Isha Lerner is an internationally renowned astrologer, writer, teacher, tarot consultant, and flower essence practitioner who has studied the mystic arts all of her adult life. She is the co-author of the best-selling Inner Child Cards and of The Power of Flower Cards, as well as several other books. Based in Oregon, she is available for personal consultations with essences, astrology, and tarot, and offers a unique coaching/mentor program. She can be reached by email, at her website or by calling 541-345-6786. She is the maker of Power of Flower Healing Essences, which can be ordered on her website.


This is wonderful Isha! While Rescue Remedy is a good one for emergencies that are over with, these seem like they will help for the longer-term endurance that kids are so very good at doing! I remember using Buttercup and Shooting Star, as well as Goldenrod (and a few special ones when an issue surfaced, hehe)! When will parents figure out that flower essences are cheaper, gentler and yet way more effective than psychology/psychiatry? ;-)

August 17th, 2010 | 5:40 am

Thank you, Isha, for this delightful and insightful article. In my own practice, I find children are highly responsive to flower essences, almost as though they know their way into this world much more deeply and adeptly than I do, studying plants as an intuitive adult. Their connection with the plant energies is swift, deep, and without the questioning analysis that most adults bring to the process. I’ve also felt that if children can be encouraged in selecting and working with their own essences, (with a little guidance) they can be helped to develop their intuitive skills in a very grounded, natural way. Also, the essences help to maintain and affirm the wholeness present in children so that they do not need to go through so many life-challenges that we did (I should speak for myself!) To use a plant analogy: if you take good care of a young plant, it grows sturdy and healthy roots and primary stem structure. Taking care of a spindly plant later with fertilizers may give it a boost, but it may tend to be less vigorous than the one with a good start. Sounds simplistic, but I feel the area of working with children with essences is a very enlivening one for parents, teachers, practitioners, and the children themselves. Thanks again for bringing your interest and expertise to this topic. Andrea

August 17th, 2010 | 6:09 am

Hey and not just for kids and young people but for children of all ages! and pets and plants too!
High Spirited Plants thay are!
Thank you for the good article!

August 22nd, 2010 | 6:11 am