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Heart and Mind Opener: Basil

Posted by admin on Jul 3, 2010

By Maggie Smith, maker of Flower Essence Energy

  • Open’s the heart and mind
  • Restores harmony
  • Helps with courage in times of  difficulty
  • Strengthens us when we are  fearful or sad

817391_basilIn India basil is considered a sacred plant.  It is known as the flower of  Krishna, as he always wore garlands of basil around his neck.  In his teachings he used basil to help with detachment, to strengthen faith, devotion, compassion and clarity.   Wherever it is planted is considered a place of peace, piety and virtue.   It was also traditional  to lay a basil leaf  on the chest of the dead to open the gates of heaven for them. In Egypt basil is scattered over the grave of the departed and used to embalm the mummies. The Greeks carry basil on journeys for safety, and use it as a symbol of mourning. In the Italian countryside it was worn by courting peasants as an emblem of love and fidelity. In England departing guests were given a small pot of miniature basil to aid them on their journey.

Basil’s Use as an Herb
Basil, also known as Tulsi, has been used since ancient times as a tranquilizer for tension and stress related problems. It helps strengthen the nerves, release tension and lift the spirits—it helps concentration and sharpens the memory.  Basil is also used as a cleansing remedy for chest infections and an expectorant for coughs. It is also a good remedy for stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. With it’s sweet and pungent aroma, it is very easy to enjoy in our cooking.  Try adding some fresh basil in your salads, my favorite is tomatoes, mozzarella and basil with a lovely vinegar,  or just serve Pesto over pasta.

158596_basilic_01Basil in Aromatherapy
Basil is a balancing essential oil.  It will clear and stimulate the mind, lift your spirits or refresh and renew you when you are feeling tired.  It will also  have a calming effect when you feel tense or stressed.  Basil may be used to reduce fevers and treat colds, coughs  or flu and relieves indigestion and nausea.  Externally basil oil helps tired aching muscles and painful joints, it also works as an insect repellent.

Basil Flower Essence
Basil flower essence helps the soul to experience the world and the Self as truly sacred and whole.  Balancing and integrating the experience of spirituality and sexuality; so we can find stability in our relationships and let go of the tension that is expressed in negative ways.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Maggie Smith, the creator behind Flower Essence Energy Sprays, is an advanced energy healer and s a graduate and teacher for the School of Energy Mastery. Her journey with flower essences began in 1993 with the Flower Essence Society of California. She is currently the United States teaching representative for the “Living Essences of Australia”. Over the years Maggie has expanded her awareness of the vitality of flower essence therapy and her knowledge and skills through aromatherapy training. Her Aromatic Hydrosols and Flower Essence Energy Sprays are used in exclusive spas in California and throughout the United States. Maggie has a private practice in Santa Cruz, where she shares this effective life-affirming gift.

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