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The Wide, Weird, Wonderful Web and Vibrational Essences

Posted by GreaterWellbeing on Apr 3, 2009

25620135thb2By Deborah Bier, PhD, publisher and co-editor of Vibration Magazine & Blog

As  my co-editor, Donna Cunningham, has noted elsewhere, we first met about 12 years ago, and we carried out our relationship exclusively for quite some time over the internet. We founded Vibration Magazine and published it for at least a year before we ever even spoke on the phone!

This is how rich and deep the internet can take us, and it’s also how rich and deep our connection with vibrational and flower essences can become through the same medium.

This month’s blog theme will revolve around the internet and some of the wonderful — and usual — connections it can help us make to essences.  However, we will not be simply listing essence company links; this is something that readers can find through searches, and they’d not be nearly weird and wonderful enough! Join us on this strange and splendid journey.

Do You See a Change in Our Look?

You will note that while last month this blog was sporting a close-up of a nasturtium flower, we are now displaying some lovely caledulas. Do expect this type of change as the months go by.

Why calendula? This came purely through intuition. But of course, I had to afterwards do a little research to see what the connections might be. Calendula flower essence has two known aspects: one is creating or restoring a sense of safety. The second is the more applicable one here — and that is how it opens up the lines of communication, and increases receptivity particularly around the spoken word. And since we “talk” with each other on the internet with the written word, this flower’s essence — even in photographic form — seems to be right on the money.

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