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Participate in Flower Essence Research

Posted by admin on Jul 24, 2010

To Vibration’s Readers from the editors:

We recieved this from Patricia Meyer, and felt we should support this research by a grad student who is conducting a research study on how essence practitioners work for her master’s degree.  The more we know about our field, the more we can all grow. If you’re willing to complete the questionnaire, cut and paste it into a document and forward it to Erin Galiger.

Greetings, My name is Erin Galiger and I am a graduate student at the University of Kent, at Canterbury, researching Flower Essence Therapy (FET) for my master’s degree in Ethnobotany.  I am a U.S. citizen currently living in California. I am also a massage therapist, which is how I became introduced to flower essences. I think an academic study on Flower Essence Therapy would greatly benefit this healing modality and help get more information out to the public and healthcare community.  Along with that intention, I am focusing on the perspective of flower essence practitioners and discovering core features of flower essence therapy.

I’d greatly appreciate your participation in this study, so if you would like, please take some of your time (there are about 44 questions- most are quick answered ones) to fill out this questionnaire and email it back to me (when you hit reply, you’ll be able to type into my text :) .  I will send you a special report and the results of my study in October. Your name won’t be used in the study, and I’ll be grateful to you for as many questions as you choose to answer** I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.   Return the questionnaire to me at: erinjgaliger@care2.com.   Blessings, Erin

Flower Essence Practitioner Questionnaire
Thank you so very much, I am grateful for your time and willingness to share. I hope that you will enjoy this.  (Note: Regarding “Other___”  option:  Besides typing in a more accurate answer, “Other” welcomes you to share insights about the question or to clarify a point in the question)

Sex:  Female__  Male__  Place of Residence (Country/State):___   Place where you learned FET (Country/State):

Please type X on all that apply for each question (a few questions will ask for a number or rating):
Personal information Age: 30-45____   46-59____  60+____

1. How many years have you been a flower essence practitioner? ___  How many years have you used essences? ___

2. Do you practice other Complementary and Alternative Medicine modalities? Yes___ No___
3. How were you exposed to flower essences?  Self-discovery/own research___ Friend___ Family member___ Studying other healing arts/modalities___ FE Practitioner___ Other____
4. What was your initial experience with flower essences?   Used them on my child/ran___  Animal(s)___Used them on myself (life challenges)___      Used them on myself (physical health issues)___  Other___
5. Which flower essence system/line did you first study? Bach___  FES____ Alaskan___ Australian Bush___ Desert Alchemy___      Delta Gardens___ Perelandra ___ Other__
6. Would you describe yourself as any of the following? Clairsentient___ Clairaudient___ Clairvoyant___ Intuitive___ Analytical___ An Empath___  Counselor/therapist___     A Highly Sensitive Person___ Knows Repertory(ies) backwards and forwards___  Communicates with Spirit Guides___ Communicates with Plant Spirits/Devas___
Working with Flower Essences
7. What type of medicine would you classify flower essences?  Mind-Body__ Vibrational/Energy__ Herbal remedy__
8. On what levels of the human body do flower essences work? Physical___ Mental___ Emotional___ Spiritual___

9. On what levels of the body do essences affect? Physical__ Mental__ Emotional__ Spiritual__ Other_____________
10. Which one would you say is more important to know as a practitioner: Flower spirit/energy (intimate relationship) ____ Written property in Repertory___ Same level of importance ___ Other___
11. Do firsthand experience and testimonies with flower essences provide you with enough evidence that essences work? Yes__ No__     Does this outweigh the need to see clinically-based efficacy studies? Yes__ No__ I need both__
12. Regarding efficacy studies/methods, which of the following phrases match your views? Need to test underlying emotion, not symptom__   Impossible to do studies using scientific model__ Test children__ Test animals__ Need an updated scientific model__ Need better testing equipment  for measuring actions/effects__ Other____
13. Have you made flower essences? Yes___ No___. Do you currently make them (for self or clients)? Yes___ No___
14. Would you like to spend more time with the flowers in nature in order to make them? Yes___No___  Please check all that apply: If I had more time___ I don’t have that ability___ Certain people have that gift___ Making flower essences are a specific calling/life purpose  for specific people___ Anyone can make a decent  flower essence___
15. What flower essences do you give to your clients? My own made essences/blends___ Essences made by professional essence makers___  Another practitioner’s essences (not a company)___
16. Which flower essence companies have you used in your practice? Bach___ FES___ Alaskan___ Australian Bush___ Desert Alchemy___    Star___ Perelandra___ Spirit-In-Nature (Masters)___ Santa Barbara___ Delta Garden___ Bloesem___ Other(s)___

17. How does a company/maker gain your trust in their essences? Reputable___ Has conducted research___ You know maker(s) personally___     Attended their trainings or workshops___ You can feel the energy of the product___ Someone recommended them___ Through using them on yourself___ Through using them on your clients___
18. Approximately how many flower essences are used in your selection process? Under 40___ 40-99___ 100-200___ 200 or more__  Is this the same number that you physically have in your home or office? Yes___ No___
19. What factors do you think have an influence in the creation of an effective/potent flower essence?  Energy of maker___ (garden, remote area, etc)___ Astrological events___ Who grew the flower(if not wild)___ Env. (soil, water ,air, etc.)___ Time of day___Willingness of plant spirit/Deva___Time of blossom___Other(s)___
20. Does the geographical region affect the properties of flowers (e.g. an Oak tree growing in U.S. would be somewhat different from an Oak tree growing in the U.K.) Yes___ No___
21. Does a certain kind of water must be used to make an effective flower essence? Yes___ No___ If so, which kind(s)?   Distilled___ Purified___ Spring Water___ Mineral___ Blessed/Holy Water___ Other___
22. Does the boiling method work in the same way as the sun? Yes__No__ Does the boiling method work? Yes__ No__
23. When collecting flowers to make effective flower essences, does one: Use scissors? Yes___ No___ Use crystals? Yes___ No___   Touch the flowers with their hands? Yes___No___  Ask the plant for permission? Yes___ No___ Thank the plant afterwards? Yes___ No___     Make an offering to the plant? Yes___ No___ These things do not matter whether or not a flower essence will be effective- Yes___ No___   Any Comments on methodology ______


24. Does your first meeting with a client begin with an interview? Y___N___ Do clients fill out an intake form? Y__N__
25. What is usually discussed in the first meeting with a client? Medical history___ Current physical health___ Emotional Issues___  Mental Issues___Childhood___Relationships___Client’s desired goal___Other____
26. Common reasons why people come to me: Stress___Relationships___Anxiety___ ADD/ADHD___ Self-growth__ Depression___    Not living life purpose___ Early Trauma____ Physical issue___ Addiction__ Other(s)____
27. Besides physical emergencies, do you think that there are there ailments that flower essence therapy cannot address (limitations)?  Yes__ No__ If so, please share example(s)_____

28.Do you think that most people do not stick with FET because they’re conditioned to want a “quick fix”? Y__ N__
29. Do you think the flower essence alone (without client’s belief in you, themselves, or flower essence, client’s ‘”dense” or “heavy” energy, etc.)  will have some kind of positive effect on them once taking them for a period of time? Yes___ No___ Please feel free to offer specifics/insights,  such as the period of time needed to show improvements, dosage factor, etc.)________
30. Factors affecting efficacy of flower essence therapy (Rate 1 to 5 for each; 1 being very strong influence):  Client’s energy (able for essence to    ”penetrate”)__ Client’s belief in flower essences __ Client’s belief in practitioner__ Length of time administered___ Correct method of preparation by essence maker___ Correct dosage__ Client’s intention/desire to address issues__ Client’s expectation of outcome__ Other(s)____
31. How do you decide to give a certain essence/combination to your client? Logic (knowledge of having studied properties in repertory(ies) and analysis of client after talking/intake___ Intuition___ Muscle-testing___ Pendulum___ Hand Dowsing___ Higher Self___ Plant Spirit(s)/Devas___ Spirit Guide(s)___ Other___
32. In your process, if you had to narrow it down, which is more of a prominent influence in choosing appropriate essence(s) for client :  Mind___  Spirit (broad term) ___  Really can’t choose either one alone, they are both working together___  Other____
33. Being asked to choose, Flower Essence Therapy has a closer association to: Homeopathy___ Spiritual (Earth Mother)___  Can’t say, too close___   Neither___ Other___
34. Is a “negative” reaction (intensifying of symptoms) by a client to a flower essence common? Yes___ No___
35. Max. number of flower essences given to client on first visit (general rule)?______ Is this # firm? Yes___No___
36. Max. number of flower essences given to a person at any period of time that someone could effectively/realistically  assimilate(general rule/for any circumstance)? _____ Is this number firm? Yes___ No___
37. Does the number of flower essences given to client depend somewhat on how much you think they are ready to work through  issues? Yes___ No___ Other___
38. What method of administration of flower essences do you tell people? Drops under tongue___ Drops in water/liquid__   Drops in bath___Body mister___ Rub in skin___ Other___
39. Does method of administration of flower essences vary depending on: Type of flower? Yes___No___ The client? Yes___No___ Both___ Other___
40. Dosage: # of drops (taken orally)___ How many times a day?___ Do some clients have different dosages? Y__N__   Do you think that negative,   or unbalanced emotions can lead to physical illness? Yes__ No__

41. Do you think there is a difference between “illness” and “disease”? Yes___ No___  Scale of possible influence: 1=Very Strong  2=Strong  3=Somewhat strong  4= Some influence  5=Little influence (Please leave blank if there is no influence) (This may be tough! I’d like to get an idea of what factors are believed to be more influential than others and compare how practitioners view various mentioned factors that can cause illness)
42. Causes of illness: Lack of self-love__ Lack of connection with God/Universe/Spirit__  Lack of self-acceptance__ Not living in the present moment__ Karma___     Stress__ Childhood trauma__ Microbes__ Environmental factors (soil, air, water pollution, etc.)__Hereditary/Genes__ Diet__ Toxins in food & drinks__ Past Life/Lives__   Other Dimensional Selves__ Parasites, viruses__ Negative Thoughts__ Ancestral/Parent “stuff”__ Not living life purpose__ Soul Contract/Lesson__ Not letting go/Lack of  forgiveness___ Imbalance of body/bodies (overarching): Mental__ Emotional__ Spiritual__ Physical__ Other(s)__
43. Rate how a person maintains health: Meditation__ Spiritual practice__ Belief in Higher Power/Self__   Exercise__ Diet__ Eat and use organic products__    Balance in Energy field__ Good brain chemistry__ Emotional freedom/balance__ Eliminate Stress__ Eliminate toxins in body__ Drink clean water__ Good Genes___  Positive Thoughts__  State of Joy and Happiness__ Practice Forgiveness__ Live in present moment__ Attitude of Gratitude__ Be an Embodiment of Love__ Other(s)___
44. Would you consider Flower Essence Therapy to be a unified healing system (despite variations in flower essence makers and practitioner protocols across the planet)? Yes___ No___

Thank You SO Much!!  I think this is a fascinating area of research!  I honor your work!


Thanks for posting this!! I wish Erin and/or Patricia the best of luck, this is a wonderful comprehensive list! I hope to submit this soon, so if you don’t hear from me, please feel free to bug me on this OK? :-)

July 26th, 2010 | 5:33 am

Fantastic to see someone carrying out Honours research on our field.

Looking forward to filling out the details & forwarding on to you.


July 26th, 2010 | 3:19 pm
Pat Davis:

Regardless of what this information will finally be used for, I found it helped clarify my own thoughts to be “interviewed” this way. So thanks for that, Erin! I really enjoyed providing this information! In fact, I intend to include some of thses questions in my next talk.
Pat Davis

July 28th, 2010 | 6:37 pm

Thank you, Erin, for doing such a thorough job in creating this research program. Although Dr Bach stated “keep flower essences free from science, free from theory”, this is a very helpful tool for research, and education of the general public on the powerful healing qualities that flower essences offer. I have been called to co-create flower essences the past 14 years, including co-creating the essence of the rainbow. Please feel free to contact me as I am happy to share my knowledge in working with nature and the heavenly forces that are combined in the creation of flower essences. The pure essence provide such powerful but gentle healing that gets at the root cause of the imbalance or disharmony within the energy field.
My essences are made in the heartland, Illinois/Wisconsin woodland, wetland and prairie.
Thank you for your passion and care you are sharing in the field of flower essence therapy.
Deborah Werner
Earth Wind and Flowers

August 3rd, 2010 | 9:36 pm