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Flower Essence Ethnobotany Data Results

Posted by admin on Dec 18, 2010

Back in July, 2010, Vibration Magazine published a request for flower essence practitioners to participate in graduate student, Erin Galiger’s masters’ thesis research in the field of Ethnobotany through University of Kent, at Canterbury (UK). She promised to share the data with participants, and she also sent a copy to Vibration.  She has kindly permitted us to publish portions of it 19957765.thbhere, which we will do over the next month or so.

In discussing her research approach, Erin said to us: “Since FET hasn’t really been academically studied, a good overview and laying the foundation about such statistics and identifying core features would be a good start for others to potentially (hopefully!) build upon.  And research undertaken in so many disciplines.  Since I was under the umbrella of anthropology, I had to analyze data from that particular lens and delved into ethnomedical concepts.”

Among the areas this research studied were characteristics of the practitioners themselves, topics discussed during the client intake, why people visit flower essence practitioners, how many essences practitioners select for clients and how they go about the selection process, and how practitioners learn and think about essences. Since a good slice of the respondents were also flower essence producers, she was able to study them and their work, too. Areas of inquiry included methods of preparation, and determination of their essences’ action.

Erin forwards her gratitude to Vibration and our readers, as she was able to increase her sample size following our helping her call for participants — a real benefit to the research. Vibration is happy to consider participating in such ways in future research.

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Hurray for Flower Essences, essence research and anybody helping get this modality out there! WEll done Erin, and thank you Vibrations Ezine!!

December 20th, 2010 | 1:32 pm