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Nature Talks Through Beauty

Posted by admin on Dec 4, 2010

Editors’ Note: See the earlier Vibration article on “The World Wide Web as a Healing Tool” for more related content.

By Andrea Mathieson, Raven Essences

Two years ago, the Spirituality in Healthcare Network in Toronto invited me to share my work with flower essences. Instead of ‘talking about’ the process of creating essences, a delicious, intimate experience that I consider contemporary alchemy, I created a beautiful slideshow to lead the audience into a virtual garden.

hydrangea2They were mesmerized with the beauty of the images, for flowers always speak directly to the human heart. Though they wanted to understand the healing properties of the essences, it was the flowers themselves that elicited a deeper heart response and visceral connection. The images helped them remember what they already knew — beauty is powerful. It heals, uplifts,
and inspires.

Holistic Communication
By keeping the ‘teaching’ part of my presentation very lean and letting the plant  speak for itself, I realized I had shifted from left-brain words to a more primal, holistic form of communication. I felt humbled by the simple power of the flowers to speak so articulately for themselves.

It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Images directly evoke emotion and stimulate memory in a way that words alone rarely can accomplish. With some regret, I realized that in the many years of writing definitions for each essence (I’ve
created 300 of them!) I had unintentionally stepped away from the garden and into a realm of abstraction. Though the work of articulating the energies of the plants made me a better writer, their essential beauty was no longer guiding me as strongly as my desire to ‘find the right words.’ I had lost some of my essential attunement with the garden.

lilyvalleyArticulating Essence through Image
Approximately 130 of my essences are made from single flowers. It’s easy to re-present an essence with a beautiful picture of the plant. However, more than half of my essences  are complex combinations based on themes such as the Peaceful Warrior (a kit of 4 essences created immediately after September 11th), the Dream Quest kit with 13 archetypal essences, and the Destiny Kit with a roadmap for manifesting your destiny. How can you illustrate complex themes with a single image? It’s impossible… but then I had an idea.

Ever since 1998, I’ve created complex combinations to help people coordinate with the shifting universal energies of the upcoming New Year. Over time, I’ve seen how prophetic these essences are; they tend to articulate subtle energies moving in the larger universe as they affect our human experience.

With the success of the presentation for the Spirituality in Healthcare audience, I decided to create a slideshow to accompany the New Year 2008 essence. I’ve done this ever since. When people read the definition, they generally feel some resonance. However, when they view the slideshow, they are affected in a much deeper way. Take a look and see for yourself… The slideshows for the past four years are posted on my Youtube channel: ravenessences1.

Nature ‘teaches’ through images. What a beautiful way to learn.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Based in Maple, Ontario, Andrea Mathieson is the creator of Raven Essences, a system of 300
flower essences, each one amplified with sound. A writer, gardener and musician, Andrea is just beginning to understand how her essences really work. For more about her work, go to www.ravenessences.com.



What a beautiful article and reminder! Reading this article was very synchronistic in my life as I was asking for essences for our elderly cat and immediately saw a borage blossom with radiant light flowing out from the center. Seeing this image was so powerful and a beautiful way to receive the information. With heartfelt gratitude….

December 5th, 2010 | 12:48 am
Anne Ryan:

What I like best about this article is its authenticity. I think this is the dance we all do in one way or another.It helps enormously to be aware of how we drift and also how lucky we are to work with such powerful flower friends.

December 5th, 2010 | 2:07 am

Lovely article Andrea! I completely understand what you mean about the flower(s) needing to speak to you, rather than relying only on the information that came through others. Usually, they are different people, and the plants may be in different regions/ecosystems, amongst many other different creation circumstances (one of which is astrological, and I won’t even get started with that one here)! I fully think it is possible that while flowers have general healing themes, how they speak to you, the flower essence creator, in that space, in that moment – is utterly important to the healing qualities. It also reminds me of a story wherein a vibrationally-sensitive person could tell if “the master” made an essence, versus one of his students, even if the students are utterly adept. It will have different signatures. Whatever the flowers are calling you to do is divine and whole and cannot be ignored – thanks for this great post!

December 5th, 2010 | 5:01 am

Beautiful, Andrea! Thank you for sharing your on-going journey. When I offer classes, the images of the flowers are passed around the group before I talk of them — a wonderful way for all of us to connect on an intuitive level with the flowers’ essences.

December 5th, 2010 | 11:04 pm