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Recovering Our Greatest Strengths Following Disaster, Illness or Injury

Posted by admin on Apr 2, 2011

By Deborah Bier, PhD, maker of the Whole Energy Essences and Co-Editor of this publication.

Here’s a little ray of sunshine to add to your day: no matter what we do or how much we wish otherwise, it’s likely that someday we each will experience illness or injury — maybe even a disaster or two. While such events may eventually help us grow and improve our lives, living through them and coming out the other side can take some doing.

Johnny JumpupThank goodness for vibrational and flower essences! They can speed the recovery process, letting us more quickly make tasty lemonade out of the sour lemons life has delivered to our doorstep. Regardless of the origin of the acute or chronic situation, if we are in an emotional and/or physical crisis, we can easily lose touch with our sense of “center” — which is right where our greatest strengths live and work best. The trauma of mass disaster, or significant illness or injury commonly disconnects us from our strengths, abilities, gifts, and talents. During or following an illness or recovery from an injury, we may find ourselves losing confidence in our previously solid abilities. We may suddenly feel unsafe or unsure. We might grow to distrust ourselves, particularly our physical or mental capabilities. We may lose touch with our inner voice, our sense of “knowing.”

Disaster, illness or trauma can cause us to lose the momentum we used to have in our day-to-day lives, as our diagnosis or poor functioning derails us. We can lose perspective, our lives feeling swallowed up in our symptoms. We might not be able to call upon our vitality and resilience. Being ill can cause us to question our very commitment to being alive. And we might become very, very angry, and perhaps without a constructive target for all that emotion.
CliviaDuring a mass disaster, significant illness or injury there may well be good reason we feel like we have lost a portion of our functioning. We may become mentally foggy or weak with pain, grief, fear or medication. We become estranged from our own strengths and abilities as they are directly impacted by our challenges. These may be honest assessments of our capabilities at the moment.

However, there is another kind of loss of strength we need to watch for — it’s one that comes about from the feelings and beliefs we develop as a result of the experience of illness, and not from the illness itself. Somehow, we may come to forget strengths that have not actually been impaired by our illness. The helplessness many of us feel when during such times can become exacerbated because we have become disconnected from our true powers. Instead, we may feel to a large degree vulnerable and broken — whether we are or are not. These helpless feelings may continue after the crisis has passed — they are habits and artifacts of the trauma of the experience, and a call for healing.  This kind of “learned helplessness” may be so widespread in a crisis that the functioning of the community may be negatively impacted.

Regardless of how traumatized you are, if you are this side of coma or death, it is unreasonable to believe that you have lost all of your strengths and abilities, though at times it may feel as if you have. If you feel helpless, then recovering the memory and then the use of your strengths, gifts, talents, and abilities are vital to both your healing and your quality of life. Once firmly back in place, our strengths help us move forward from the trauma. Without these, you will not be whole, you will not “feel like yourself”, and you will not have enough tools to become as well as possible.
MonardaFlower essences can help us reconnect with our strengths and abilities. The Recovery Essences from Whole Energy Essences were created specifically for recovering our lost strengths following disaster, trauma, illness, or injury. They help us return to the vibrance of living, helping us recall our inner strengths, allowing us to move forward and to heal our spirits — and our communities, as well. We may think of crisis as something that happened fairly recently. However, many of us are still suffering from wounds received a long time ago, and the essences are intended for this purpose, too. Many times we can also anticipate future disaster and trauma, and in these cases it would be prudent to use essences before they strikes.

Daily stress, including during the recovery phase following a mass disaster, can also be considered a form of trauma. Not one single one, but many, many small traumas, one after the other, day after day, taking their eventual toll. Seen in this light, it would be easy to imagine many ways in which the essences could be used to help handle continual, episodic, or common stress — both the kind that happens to us and the kind we do to ourselves.

These essences can be used as singles, in combinations, or with other supportive, strength-building wellness practices. When looking at the statements under the essence names below, precede them with the phrase: “Since this trauma….” For example, for Calendula, the first statement is: “I feel unsafe.” Read it as: “Since this trauma, I feel unsafe.”
Calendula — “Recover Safety”
I feel unsafe.
I feel raw, easily hurt, vulnerable.
So much reminds me of past traumas, and I get upset all over again.

white snake rootClivia — “Recover Inner Voice”
I want more inner guidance.
I can’t speak up; can’t get the words out.
I am not listening to my inner wisdom even when I hear it.

Coradylis — “Recover Trust”
I don’t trust others.
I have grown afraid to take risks.
I always think that something bad will happen.

Daisy – “Recover Love and Tenderness”
I am broken-hearted from grief or loss.
It is hard for me to feel loving and tender.
I act mean or hostile even when I don’t feel that way in my heart.

Fireweed — “Start Anew”
I have experienced a trauma and am still shaken by it.
I am starting over again.
I need to make changes immediately.

Foxglove — “Recover Authority”
I have been beaten down by life’s misfortune.
I am too timid or come on too strong.
I feel powerless.

Johnny Jumpup — “Recover Vitality”
I have not yet recovered my strength.
I have very few reserves.
I anticipate I will soon need all my strength and endurance.

Helleborine — “Recover Intellect”
It is difficult for me to use my mind.
I am too stressed to think, plan and reason well.
People don’t know how smart I am because I hide it.

Lobelia — “Recover Calm”
I am more jumpy and on edge than I used to be.
I always anticipate the worst.
I am upset all the time.

Monarda — “Recover Commitment”
I am afraid of/don’t want to be tied down.
I’ve been disappointed so many times, I no longer dare to dream.
I no longer feel passionate about what I used to care so much about.

Sauromatum — “Recover Perspective”
I am so overwhelmed I can’t set priorities.
I focus too much on taking care of others rather than myself.
It wouldn’t be socially acceptable to express what I need to.

self healSelf-Heal — Recover Confidence”
I no longer trust myself.
I have lost my confidence.
I could do better if I believed in myself.

Wand Flower — “Recover Momentum & Purpose”
I stopped so long to heal, that I now have trouble moving forward again.
I have a sense of purpose, but I can’t move toward fulfilling it.
I want to start doing what I am passionate about.

White Snake Root – “Recover Resilience”
I have not yet bounced back.
I can’t deal with one more thing.
It takes me a long time to recover from anything.

Yellow Loosestrife — “Recover Anger”
I feel angry or hostile too often.
My anger scares me and/or others.
I get angry too easily.

About the Author: Deborah Bier, PhD is a healer, educator and writer (http://www.greaterwellbeing.com/) living in Concord, Massachusetts (http://www.ConcordMA.com/blog). She is the director of the metrowest Boston office of Caring Companion Connections (http://www.caringcompanion.net/), an innovative home care agency for elders and the disabled.  She’s the publisher and co-editor of Vibration Flower Essence Blog .

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Just a note to say thank you and let you know we enjoy the work you do and appreciate the time you devote to helping us understand the value flower essences offer. Namaste, Lyric

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