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Flower Essences For Your Wedding Day

Posted by admin on Apr 23, 2011

By Sally J

Weddings often evoke deep emotions from guests and participants. While most of the emotions are pleasant, some may be combined with anxiety. To keep everyone in good spirits, flower essences are recommended for a calming effect. For a spiritual event complete with peace, serenity and joyful moments, flower essences may be incorporated. They may also be used in place of libations for non-drinking participants.

41814593.thbIf either party experiences problems with commitment, the Wedding Bush (Australian Bush) is recommended to alleviate these feelings. Experts assert that the popular flower essence will improve commitment in a relationship, employment or with a family. Wedding Bush can be used when the initial attraction diminishes. This is perfect for a person that enjoys multiple relationships, but is trying to commit to one individual.

Flannel Flower (Australian Bush) is recommended for the honeymoon. This particular essence may help brides or grooms overcome their fear of intimacy or overcome sensitivity issues. Those who do not like to be touched may also desire the Flannel Flower to experience feelings of gentleness, trust, openness and sensitivity. This flower helps partners feel more open when engaging in physical activity.

Wedding planners may share the experience with their wedding party and even guests by preparing a bar with spring water and essence drops. Flower essences may alleviate any fears and last minute jitters at the wedding. These essences may be combined with complementary flowers or aromatherapy to further ignite the senses and calm the participant.

41814803.thbEssences may also be combined with natural flowers. Wedding planners may incorporate wedding flowers that correspond with a flower essence bar for the wedding party. If the bride or groom becomes anxious or gets cold feet, a few drops may be administered to alleviate feelings of anxiety.

Wedding reception accessories may be combined with the flower essences and presented at the wedding. Flower petals may be scattered around the table to accessorize. Flower essences may also be used in conjunction with essential oils for scented satchels, soaps, bath salts or other wedding favors or wedding reception accessories. Flower essences can also be recommended as wedding favors for guests or the bridal party.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sally is an avid blogger and traveler.  She is currently awaiting the arrival of her first child while she continues to teach at a Chicago area elementary school. Find her blog at  www.eatbreatheblog.com.

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