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No Orchids were Harmed in Making These Essences!

Posted by admin on Apr 30, 2011

©2010 by Don Dennis of Living Tree Orchid Essences

If you grow orchids, you will know that it can be a long wait sometimes to see a particular plant come into bloom. In some cases, this can be a matter of years. And when the blooms appear, their majesty is astonishing. It is perhaps at this point that the wish to find the means to make a flower essence without having to cut the bloom becomes most poignant.

purityofheart-livingtreeThough I know several essence makers who have cut orchid blooms to make essences, I cannot countenance the idea myself. There simply is no need to cut an orchid if you wish to make an essence; and in my view, it will be a more vibrant essence if the plant has not been harmed.

Living Tree Orchid Essences are made on the Isle of Gigha, Scotland, about three hours from Glasgow. We do not cut the blooms or harm the plants in any way in order to make our essences. In this, we follow the method of Vasudeva and Kadambi Barnao of Living Essences of Australia.

They do not cut the blooms, but rather pour water over the living blooms out in the wild into a catchment bowl. There are a variety of other makers who use this method or some variation of it.

If you wish to make an orchid essence, let the orchid call you. Feel in your heart a certain pull, like it is knocking on the door of your mind, and asking you to involve it in the essence making. You will find better results if that call from the orchid is there. There is an inward process of spirit between you and the orchid that must be in play in this.

A Sampler of Living Tree Orchid Essences

We have a large collection of orchid essences, each one the joint creation of a beautiful orchid plant and usually a male & female team. Each one has a story, some of which are reproduced here along with photos of the plants, from my book, Orchid Essence Healing.   Here, briefly, are just three of the dozens in our collection.

Unveiling Affection: (Phragmipedium Hanne Propow)  is one of the loveliest essences in the collection, despite being the very first. Most people will experience the essence as a warm glow in their heart, and find that it helps them not only to open their heart with affection to the world around them but also to love themselves. With the essence, we learn both to open our hearts to others, and also to have some of that affection reflected back within, to nurture ourselves.  Self-love is not an easy lesson for most of us to learn, but this essence is an enormous help.

Purity of Heart: (Paphiopdelium Armeni) would be helpful for anyone who rushes around in their life, busy with too many tasks.  This essence invites us to experience a different rhythm and pace in our day—an invitation that sounds in our heart. It’s especially good for parents, to help them be with their children, to give them the time and patience they need for their nurture. If we can create unhurried time for our children, they will feel valued and loved and our hearts will open.

justme-livingtreeJust Me: (Cochlioda noezliana) This orchid grabbed Natalie’s attention the moment she saw it—always a good sign. It spoke to her at levels beyond conscious awareness, of how it could help her and others of unusual character.

If we don’t fit the ‘normal’ parameters and expectations of society, we are likely to feel a degree of alone-ness. Emotionally, there are times when this status within the community is hard to take. Just Me helps one helps one to be accepting of who one is, and to be comfortable with not being with the ‘in crowd.’ At any rate, who wants to be run-of-the- mill?

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One of my hopes is to encourage others to consider making orchid essences, if only something to try for oneself. I believe that the flower essence community has the ability to describe an aspect of orchids that the orchid growing community miss. You don’t spend countless hours looking after orchids without having some sense of their beautiful mystery.

But when orchids are approached from a strictly botanical standpoint, it is almost like admiring the work of Mozart by studying his work on paper and never knowing it can be heard.

There are utterly extraordinary qualities of orchids that I am convinced are readily experienced by taking a few drops of orchid flower essences.  And unless a person has a highly developed gift of sensing things unseen, then without the taking of the drops, that music, that tremendous unseen aspect of orchids will pass one by.

unveilingaffection-livingtree See a video about our orchids here: Living Tree Orchid Essences – The Orchids.

About Living Tree Orchid Essences: These essences have been carefully co-created starting in 1998 at our earlier base The Living Tree in the Milland valley in West Sussex. Their home is now the Isle of Gigha in Scotland. Made primarily by Don Dennis and Heather Decam, with Natalie Shaw and Dominic Jones also participating. Peter Tadd and Heather DeCam provided the major share of the information on each essence, along with feedback over the years from our friends and customers around the world. Since 2008, our friend and colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle has been very involved in the process as well. For more information or to order, visit our website,  http://www.healingorchids.com or email info@HealingOrchids.com. The distributor is for the US is Southern Herb.  www.southernherb.com.


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I bet these feel wonderful. They are beautiful! I know you don’t cut your flowers but for the sake of study it might be possible that it could help us determine “the dark-side of the essence” or the traits when they become out of balance.

May 13th, 2011 | 1:17 am