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Hawthorn Essence: Shapeshift Your Life!

Posted by admin on May 28, 2011

©2011 by Diana Pepper, reprinted with permission from
Tree Frog Farm Essences E-newsletter, May, 2011

Making Hawthorn Tree Essence was one of my most challenging and exciting essence making experiences. The process took about two months with vigilance, surrender, patience, intensity, focused clear intention and curiosity.

hawthornpink-wikiSince we don’t have a mature hawthorn growing on our property, first I had to find the location. The year before, I found a thicket of Hawthorn on San Juan Island about two hours away from here. I considered this, but decided to look for some on Lummi Island.

I found two on a nature preserve but they were old, shaded out and not very healthy. I found some others growing along a dirt road, but wasn’t sure if the owners of the property would agree to let me work there.

Then I found out that a friend of mine has a hawthorn tree in the front yard of her house. Joanna Colbert, creator of the Gaian Tarot Deck, and her musician husband built the straw bale house where they lived when she started her deck. The hawthorn tree in their front yard is featured in her Lover’s Card.

She has since moved from the Island into a home on the mainland. Two other artist friends have moved into the house. This felt like the right location for an essence about creative process. After receiving permission from all people involved, I started tracking the progress of the blossoms and movement of the sun, and creating relationship with the fairies there.

hawthornpink2-wikiFor some reason, that tree blooms about a month later than most hawthorn trees. When the other hawthorns were in bloom, the weather was glorious. Then we had a spell of Pacific Northwest temperate rainforest spring — rain, rain, more rain and clouds. I was riding it out checking about once a week on the blossoms.

Then, one of my friends called. ”You need blossoms on the tree to make your essence, don’t you?” I just about panicked. “Yes!” I replied. “Well, they are over half withered. The tree will be fruiting soon.”

That is when I jumped into action. I called a conference with the Beings that affect weather here, the Deva of Black Hawthorn Tree, and the Deva of our property. “We HAVE to make this essence this year.  It needs to the in blends that will be introduced early next year. It is for the benefit of all Beings and is absolutely imperative!” I told them. They kindly acknowledged my request.

“Now,” I told them. “The blossoms are fading. We can’t wait even a week. And with my client schedule, I can only make it Thursday or this weekend.” They seemed to understand.

Thursday came and went. Again I talked with them. “This essence has to happen!” I said again, “It is for the benefit of All Beings.” Saturday went by. Sunday morning was cloudy. Then I got the “call.” Today is the day, they told me. I looked at the sky, put aside my skepticism and started preparing.

hawthornraven-wikiWhen I arrived at the half-blooming tree, I saw a patch of bright blue sky to the north.  I told the weather Beings. “See that blue sky? I want that here. Blue sky overhead here!”

Then Raven showed up.  He sat on the garage roof checking out what I was doing. I said “Hi” and kept setting up.

About 1/2 hour after the essence process began, the clouds moved away, there was bright blue sky overhead and sunlight streamed in. I danced a little jig and thanked everyone. Then settled in to journal any information coming through about the essence and draw the arrangement of the essence mother bottles and stones with the tree.

Part way through, Raven came by to check on the essence. I said “Hi” again, and began to wonder. As the essence making process was finishing, about 5 hours, Raven came by again. He stayed to watch me pack up everything for the drive back home.

According the stories of local indigenous people, Raven is a shapeshifter, magician and bringer of the sun. So I double-checked with the Team of Beings supporting this essence making process. Yes, Raven is a part of this essence.

Whew! What an amazing experience.  It was the first time making an essence was so involved and required so much of my personal determination and intensity. Now Hawthorn Essence is ready to share its qualities with you.

Hawthorn Tree Essence — Shapeshift your creative process!

Hawthorn Tree Essence invites you to harness clear, intense conviction to raise your frequency and transform anger, confusion and frustration into compassionate creative action. When you are stuck in your creative process or when you want to give up and quit, use the magic of focused, spiritually aligned intention to create exactly what you want to happen.

When you want to create something different with your life, but feel powerless to take action, Hawthorn Tree Essence calls you to own your emotional strength to create. It reminds you that each experience is a growth opportunity, a way to hone your spirit and your wisdom. Whether you are working on an art, writing, business or garden project, or if you want to recreate your life, Hawthorn Tree Essence will be your ally.

As Hawthorn Tree Essence says of itself: I AM spiritual aligned intention to create my life.

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I can SO relate to Diana’s story! While my own experiences have not been so urgent, I definitely had some similar conversations with the spirit of place (Genus locii) and the flowers themselves. The Wild Lettuce essence I made ended up also having Grasshopper energy, and the Siberian Elm had Ant energy – and it was right that they participated too. THANKS for such an awesome story, it was so inspiring! Now to go make MORE essences while I can, right? ;-)

May 28th, 2011 | 5:01 am

Diana, what a wonderful tale! Two things come to mind: the way the making unfolded, including the not-ripe attempts, seem to me to be totally a part of the signature of the essence. It’s as if it had been a straight-forward creation story it just wouldn’t have been Hawthorn!

Second, when I have been instructed to make essences, the sun has not always been directly shining. But everything else is in alignment so I am urged to carry on. There is still strong light even with clouds. And certainly, there are more ways of creating an essence than just sunlight-only. In that way, we should not feel that the essence making activity can best take place only when we humans judge the conditions to be correct. If we are urged, we are urged, and I find it best to let go of pre-conceived notions about essence making wherever I can detect them. — Deborah, http://www.essences.com

May 31st, 2011 | 4:59 am