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Men Wonder: What Does She Mean???

Posted by admin on Aug 27, 2011

Editors’ Note: This is an oldie-but-goodie we published over a decade ago.  We don’t have current biographical info on the author, but would love to if she or someone she knows would get in touch with us. Thanks!

©2000 by Marie Matthews

24724597.thbI questioned a few male friends about the focus of an article about men and essences, and the first subject suggested was always sexuality. However, when I pushed them to be more specific, I found that they all had a great need to be able to understand what their wives, lovers, and partners really wanted from them. They needed greater sensitivity to the nuances of the often unspoken requests, demands and reactions of their partners. They also needed to learn to respond in ways that would satisfy the woman’s great need for intimate communication.

By learning to really listen to his partner and respond appropriately, a man can have his own emotional and sexual needs met more harmoniously, as well as please his partner and strengthen the relationship. He will feel better about himself as he gradually moves out of that bewildering state of not being aware of — and so not understanding — the often-invisible messages directed at him. Here are Australian Bush Flower Essences to help in the process.

19281901.thbGREEN SPIDER ORCHID can increase sensitivity to telepathy and to non-verbal communication. It also helps a person know when the time is right to speak their truth. Usually, this is thought of in terms of Spiritual truth, but any deep emotional relationship must touch on this spiritual aspect of oneself.

BUSH FUCHSIA increases awareness of one’s own inner guidance. It can also help a man speak more easily, finding the words he needs to express his feelings, his confusion, and his wants.

FLANNEL FLOWER is often seen as THE essence for men. It increases sensitivity and gentleness and helps men express these aspects in their physical and emotional interactions. It can help men to enjoy sex and the associated intimacy with their partner much more fully, which will result in a great return of love. It can raise the sexual act from just a physical activity to a true act of love.

BLUEBELL is for the man who is cut off from his feelings. These emotions are present, but not expressed. This essence can open the heart to love and enhance the ability to share joyfully with others. A related essence, Rough Bluebell (pictured right) also opens the heart to unconditional love but is more for the man who deliberately manipulates or uses his partner to get his own way, being completely indifferent to her needs and wants.

23219907.thbGYMEA LILY is for the man who loves to hop in and take charge of a situation and organize other people without an awareness of what they have to contribute. This essence helps such a man to be more sensitive to the qualities of the people with whom he lives and works. By listening to and responding to their needs and desires, he earns their love, loyalty and willingness to support him.

RED HELMET ORCHID can help where there are unresolved problems in a man’s relationship with his father. When the father was cold, remote, unloving, then the son tends to follow the same pattern. He has no model for learning to listen and to express love and other emotions to those close to him.

Sources: “Bush Flower Healing” and “Australian Bush Flower Essences”, both by Ian White published by Bantam Books; “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray published by Harper Collins; “Why Men Don’t Iron” by Anne & Bill Moir published by Harper Collins

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marie Matthews works from her home on a small property 30kms west of Byron Bay in northern NSW Australia. She has been involved with Bush Essences for many years.

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What an excellent article, thanks for reposting! It is interesting that the Australian Bush essences are the ones featured here, and I was reading in one of my flower healing books that if our planet had chakras, Australia would be the red and orange chakra areas, wherein Alaska would be the crown chakra. So essences for sexuality seem really appropriate for this essence line. Wonderful information here!

September 6th, 2011 | 12:43 am