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FullMoon Essences

Posted by admin on Jul 23, 2011

By Deborah Bier, PhD, Maker of the Whole Energy Essences, and Publisher & Co-Editor of this Publication

In late 1995, I was guided to prepare myself to make a new essence during each full moon in 1996. That is, to capture through the essence-making process the energies of the moon, planets, asteroids and stars for a moment during the moon’s fullness. There would be a total of 13 essences made, one for each full moon of the year. (Only 12 are available commercially….I would later find out that the first one was 34631842.thbintended to be a “practice” session and it would be replaced by the last one of the year, which was in the same astrological sign, thereby completing the set.)

This proved to be some of the most lovely, sweet, gentle, and magical essence-making I’ve ever experienced. I even felt thrilled going outside to make an essence near midnight on a winter’s evening that was -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, both thrilled AND chilled. I have always felt very at home with the moon…happy to see her…smiled upon by her. I felt totally fulfilled and content being asked to perform this service.

Understanding the Full Moon’s Energies

After the essence-making came the task of understanding what these essences were about… how their energies could be understood. To start that task, I considered what I knew from some study of astrology, along with information from consultations with astrologers. I depended a lot upon my observations of the moon, as well as my own feelings about her.

As a long-time moon watcher, I am struck with how the moon demonstrates the fact that everything undergoes change at all times. Like most people, I am aware that the moon’s phase changes quickly; for example, going from full to a half-moon in only a week’s time. It is also fairly common knowledge that ‘the time the moon rises and sets differs daily: about one hour later with each passing day.

But lots of folks go about their lives never realizing there are other types of change the moon shows us. For example, the place on the horizon where the moon rises moves northerly as we approach the summer solstice, and again south as we go from summer to winter. So, too, does the arc it describes in the sky change: the zenith is higher on the long, bright days of summer, lower during short, dark ones.

Break the Rules: Get Loony

34731816.thbI conclude from all these sources that as it continually moves through its monthly phases, the moon is (among other things) a potent symbol of change. The essences made from such energies produced powerful tools for transformation. Each time I use one, I feel I am put on notice: “Hold onto your hat! Change is happening NOW.”

Full moon energy represents breaking with the accepted. We are challenged to break the bounds of our old perspectives, patterns and habits. We are “loony” during the full moon because what we do, feel, and think are at odds with what is considered “normal.”

Astrologically, the understanding of any one essence’s action is embodied by not just the sign of that particular full moon, but by the positions and energies of all of the planets, asteroids, and stars…there were even two comets captured in the essence-making. An astrological chart for the moment of the creation of each essence was analyzed to understand something of the energies present. Remarkably, these readings were very much in concert with experiences of using the essence during blind testing procedures, on myself, and with clients and customers.

Each essence has been given a simple name, one that exemplifies something basic about its focus. Each is labeled with the astrological sign of that particular moon. See the descriptive information to find out more about each of these essences’ action. To give an idea of the dynamism of these transformers, the first three are presented below.

Aries Full Moon – “Fresh Perspective”: One of the benefits of travel is that when we come home again, we sometimes can see what we have returned to with a new perspective. Suddenly, things we’ve lived with for so long we could no longer see them now stand out sharply for close examination. Sometimes we like what we see; other times, not. Regardless of the view, we know our day-to-day existence in a new way. Armed with this new and clear knowledge, we can move toward a daily life that is more harmonious with our wishes. 

Gemini Full Moon – “Under the Surface”: Having risen up from the most concealed subterranean haunts, our thoughts, feelings, ideas, inspiration, memories or talents may lie just beneath the surface. Not buried deeply, but not yet readily available, they tease us with flashes of their presence, then go back into hiding. This essence understands how to gently birth what lies just under the surface. As it bubbles up into the light, we become more clear and purposeful. We also get the chance to use and integrate what was hidden into our conscious lives.

Taurus Full Moon – “Recovering Trust”: Like a hummingbird sipping one lovely flower after another, this essence finds no end of delight. For there is no end to the opportunity, creativity, grace, and support we get from the material world. Since the challenges in every life bring loss and sorrow, staying in touch with the great possibilities is imperative. Learning to risk again after grief has stopped us short is important to the recovery process. Regaining a sense of plenty may only need the courage to trust again.

Using and Choosing the FullMoon Essences

34830130.thbOften people will simply choose the FullMoon essence which corresponds to their sun or moon sign. The reasoning used here is that the essence’s lunar energies of that sign can help bring into harmony a person born with strong energies in that same sign.

This is a type of selection process, but I think one which can be improved upon in some cases. The energy captured by any one of the FullMoon Essences isn’t JUST the full moon, it’s the full moon of 1996, and it’s in aspect to all the other stars and planets; this is not quite the same as any other full moon in this sign. So, sometimes, choosing the essence by the quality it represents (sene in the descriptive name given to it) can be a closer match to what is needed in the moment.

The FullMoon essences may be used singly or in combination with other essences. Some essence practitioners and astrologers like to start a new essence on the new moon and use it until the next one. I think this is a particularly good idea with the moon essences since observing the lunar cycle is in harmony with the moon as it resides both inside and outside the bottle.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deborah Bier, PhD is publisher and co-editor of Vibration Magazine, and the maker of Whole Energy Essences. For more about Deborah’s work and links to her generous selection of previous articles in this journal, visit her Frequent Contributor Page.

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I have a Taurus sun, and the Taurus Full Moon essence looks like a good fit with the issues I’m currently dealing with. I would be interested in trying it.

I am also interested in Moon essences in general, and have used some from Delta Gardens with great success.

August 3rd, 2011 | 8:20 pm