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Part Two: The World Wide Web as a Healing Tool — Evoking the Essence of Essences

Posted by admin on Jun 19, 2009

©2009 by Donna Cunningham, MSW  (Part 2 of 2)

This month Vibration Magazine celebrates its 11th year and has begun to explore the potentials of the blogosphere as both a medium for disseminating information about flower essences and for healing in and of itself.  Last week we traced the evolution of  Vibration’s work to evoke the power of essences through powerful art, color healing, and attunement to plants.   Here are two more methods we’ve relied on. 

METAPHORICAL HEALING: Continuing over time to explore the web’s healing potential, we began using images differently to illustrate articlbridgesfgg-mgxes. The pictures chosen for an article needed to vividly evoke the issues and emotions a group of essences were designed to heal.  (For examples, see Long-term Use of Rescue Remedy, and Bleeding Heart.) Finally, we grasped that the images themselves could exert a healing influence by showing the possibilities for change that could occur in the course of healing work.

Our term for this subtle and indirect use of images is Metaphorical Healing.  Watch for it as you read articles in various back issues and on our blog. Our issue for February, 2003: for instance, had a theme of “Our Changing Times,” In the article, Bridge Essences — Making Transitions Less Traumatic, for instance, the repeated images of bridges have a calming effect. The bridge is a symbol, yet a powerful one, reminding the reader on a deep level that we DO eventually get through times of change.

In Trial by Fire, the images evoked the devastating fire a reader went through and yet the joy of rebirth afterward. A roundup of past articles there humorcvr1made use of cartoon dinosaurs as a metaphor for what happens when you refuse to change.

HEALING THROUGH HUMOR: Humor itself is a tool we dearly love to use-one that medicine has begun to recognize as a legitimate form of healing. We have always relied heavily on humorous writing and humorous images, for when readers can identify with the topic of an article and find something to chuckle about, laughter uplifts their spirits and helps put their difficulties in perspective. We’re not just talking about pieces with high comic relief like those by Pansy Rosebud Pepperplant and Dear Tabby. (For Pansy’s fans who wonder why we haven’t heard from her lately, please know she’s now in the Witness Protection Program but misses all three of you.)

We are gifted with any number of funny yet wise writers, like Connie Barrett, Ivory Phoenix, our own Deborah Bier’s many offerings, and inveterate punster and blog maven, Joyce Mason. Being a visual medium, sight gags are part of the humor. When presented with an article that is humorous in tone, we simply have to cut loose and illustrate it accordingly, as in Ivory Phoenix’s Violet Curls — the Emotional Hangover Remedy and Deborah Bier’s Essences for Difficult Relationships.

I have to admit that not all our readers understand or appreciate our wit, especially the humorless sort who happen across our site and aren’t used to us yet.  More than once, we’ve received scathing letters from visiting viragoes–no, we don’t mean visiting Virgos.  Instead, these are the folks who take our satires  literally and fire off a blistering email to tell us how abysmally ignorant we are or how terribly and reprehensibly politically incorrect we are. Deborah is the one who gets the mail, so thankfully it falls to her to reply to such diatribes.  Wonderfully patient, is our Deb.  My own two-word responses wouldn’t earn us any friends.

If you’d like a side trip through the Fun House, we did a reprise of some of our favorites in a special issue in February, 2005.    Humor has continued to be a strong element in many of our articles, such as “Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Flower Remedies!” . It’s the tongue in cheek rant of Rodger the Codger, seen right,  in our February, 2008 issue on what essences can contribute to senior’s lives.   seniormancrusty2-a2d


Mastering the healing properties of the web and the home computer is the journey of many years, and this article is my way of spurring other web designers, artists, and healers to use these potentialities more consciously. Those who are capable of using Flash will no doubt take the quest even further. An exquisite collections of mandalas using Flash can be seen at Hologram Communications. Healing like this, I firmly believe, is the wave of the future. What new potentials blogging will open, we are about to discover.  Join us on the journey!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vibration co-editor, Donna Cunningham is an internationally-respected author of books, articles, and columns about astrology, flower essences and other metaphysical topics. Her insights reflect her dual background in astrology and psychotherapy. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University and over 40 years of experience. Her ebooks can be found at Moon Maven Publications (http://www.moonmavenpublications.com) Visit her blog at http://skywriter.wordpress.com. For the past 11 years, she has co-created Vibration Magazine and Blog with Dr. Deborah Bier.


Great article, Donna. It would be great even if you hadn’t mentioned the “inveterate punster and blog maven,” who appreciates the honorable titles. :) I think I need to interview you on my blog about metaphorical healing. What a concept! Even though I do it all the time, I had not thought of it quite in that way. Nor had I thought of how images themselves would be healing. Wonderful insights and so holistic in scope. Thank you.

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