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Cherry Flower Essence: Be of Good Cheer

Posted by Skywriter on Mar 21, 2009

©2004 by Lila Devi

Editor’s Note:  Lila Devi is a long-time contributor to Vibration Magazine and is the founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences (formerly Master’s Essences). This is an excerpt from The Free Online Essential Flower Essence Handbook, and is reprinted with her permission.  Read more of it at www.Spirit-in-Nature.com.

Cherry Flower Essence’s Quality: Cheerfulness
Message of Self-Mastery: Light-hearted; hope; inspiration to others; seeing the good in everything; optimistic; positive; the ability to make light of difficulties; genuine, soul-stirring laughter; even-mindedness.

Pattern of Disharmony: Moodiness; grumpiness; fault-finding; “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”; contrariness; ornery; feeling mildly to moderately emotionally out of control; moods of known and unknown origin; for the need to “snap out of it.”

Positive Applications of Cherry Essence cherriessweet-sour-a2d

Symbolic of Cherry’s ability to help dispel surface-layer moods, the cherry tree itself is shallow-rooted — less than two feet underground. Much like the human temperament, it produces either sweet or sour fruit. The sour variety, prunus cerasus, is among the hardiest of all fruit trees — resistant to harsh weather, insects and disease.  In the positive Cherry state, we are able to see the good in people and things. We smile more. We skip in step a bit. We resonate with the bumper sticker message that reminds us, “Don’t worry, be happy.” Without moods clouding the mind, emotional steadiness is our natural state.

Another important characteristic of Cherry is the refreshing quality of even-mindedness, and with it, a certain detachment. Emotional investment in the outcome of life’s tests is equivalent to asking for a mood. And don’t we all, even consciously at times, choose to court them? One in the positive Cherry state is a good loser; healthy indifference is his victory.

Indications That You Might Need Cherry

The negative Cherry state reflects our decision to be negative, pessimistic or just plain unhappy. Molehills become mountains and small chores turn into large burdens. It seems there is no right side of the bed on which to wake up! Thus, we see the tongue-in-cheek definition of a pessimist as “someone who complains about the noise when opportunity knocks.” Those in the negative Cherry state view life as a disappointment waiting to happen-which it invariably does, just as they predicted.

To put the matter directly — if you make up your mind to be happy, nothing in the world can make you unhappy. Conversely, if you decide to be unhappy, nothing can cheer you. It seems self-evident here that the main issue is choice. At any given moment, we are making choices in our lives. Granted, we cannot control the events that befall us, such as the birds of sorrow flying overhead. But we can control how we react to them by choosing not to invite them to nest in our  hair!

When we invite the negative Cherry state into our minds, before long we find ourselves in a mood that begins to snowball. In time, tracing this emotional blemish back to its source becomes virtually impossible. All we know is that we’re not happy. At this point the mood takes control of us and everything look bleak. We tend to view the world, innocuous though it may be, from our own state of consciousness. “Wind on a hill sounds lonely if you’re sad,” writes J. Donald Walters, “free if you’re free, cheerful if you’re glad.”

Characteristics of the Positive Cherry Personality

A vibrant cheeriness is the hallmark of the Cherry theme — the people who embody its positive qualities. Here we find someone who often, though not always, has suffered through a difficult childhood and emerged without emotional scarring. His good nature cannot be marred by a family history of substance abuse, debilitating bouts of physical illness, divorce or even several unhappy marriages.

Cherry themes seem untouched by the dream nature of this world. Their earlier years, like moods or bad dreams, evaporate as though they had never happened. These people have a distinctive lightness of step and a buoyancy to their gait. Often, though not always, they are rosy-cheeked, similar to Raspberry themes. The optimism of the Cherry state is contagious “in a most delightful way,” to quote Mary Poppins. Cherry themes cheer us. They make us laugh.

The moral of this story is that circumstances are always neutral. This truth was known to Benjamin Franklin who wisely said of material possessions, “Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness.”cherryblossoms-a2d

The message of Cherry flower essence is about having a more lighthearted, less heavy attitude toward life. Life is what we make of it. And herein lies the greatest hope. We have heard the saying that one man’s tea is another man’s poison. The drink in question either delights or destroys us according to our own perception of it, not the actual contents. Cherry, in its unique, light-hearted way, helps us with that decision. “What, me mope? Nope!” is this essence’s motto.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lila Devi is a flower essence founder, published author, seminar leader, and flower essences expert with over 30 years’ experience. She is a long-time valued contributor to Vibration Magazine.  Lila lectures nationally and abroad. She brings an expansive view of plants, animals and people to her seminars, radio shows and television appearances. Drawing on her skills as a writer of songs, poetry and plays and on her talent as a musician—vocalist, guitarist and composer—her classes present a refreshing approach to the Nature and an awareness of human nature. Lila lives at Ananda Village outside Nevada City, California. Learn more about Spirit-in-Nature Essences at www.Spirit-in-Nature.com or write to her at info@Spirit-in-Nature.com

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