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Becoming Essence Warriors

Posted by admin on Jul 11, 2009

By Deborah Bier, PhD, co-editor of Vibration Magazine

Editors’ Note: As part of our 11th anniversary retrospective of Vibration Magazine, we reprise here an adapted form of this article first published in the Vibration Magazine February 2003 issue. It still addresses some of the pivotal issues of our time, both in the world at large, and within the essence community. O, would the need for such applications become out-of-date.

We certainly do live in turbulent times. Often, Vibration Magazine has focused on the vast, rapid and deep changes unfolding around and within us. The anxiety and stress they create — and the opportunity and challenge they present — are considerable. Vibrational and flower essences are fantastic partners on this crazy ride we call the beginning of the 21st century.

One response has been to call forth the Warrior: in nations, communities, families, and individuals. Certainly, we all  need strength, courage, integrity, leadership, endurance and action to get through these changing times. We see that political and economic unrest has brought both military and terrorist action. But war-making is not the only face of the Warrior; automatically applying aggression to all situations is not the way of balance for a Warrior. The Warrior’s approach also includes strategy, self-less service and even surrender.

A Warrior instinctively know he/she needs to respond to change, and knows that not every one demands a response. The right response begins with a decision: to act or to wait. A true Warrior does not blindly fight all the battles, but knows how to strategically select which ones to enter. The right external circumstances and a state of internal readiness must align in order to produce victory. Integrity, loyalty, honor, and belief in a cause are vital to the Warrior. Destruction and mayhem for their own sake show the Warrior out of harmony with his/her own nature.

But Warriors do not simply respond to change of others’ making; they may decide to apply their skills to creating change themselves. The Warrior may choose to break or divert the status quo. In a way, they are responding to a LACK of change of others’ making.

It takes courage, focus, strategy, intuition and vision to be a Warrior carving out his or her own path. The phrases “fighting the good fight” and “walking our talk” apply here; these are the struggles which make us grow and strengthen us. We become more than we have been.

Essences for the Warrior

B = Bach * H = Horus * F = FES * M = Masters * W = Whole Energy Essences
  • Balanced Warrior, Balanced Aggression: Astilbe, Yellow Loosestrife (W), Quince (H — female warrior), Rosemary (H — male warrior), Vine (B), Broccoli, Nicotiana, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Tiger Lily, Trillium (Various), Oregon Grape, Poison Oak (F)
  • Courage, Conviction & Strength: Pale Yellow Lily, Monarda (W), Borage, California Wild Rose, Mountain Pride, Fawn Lily, Penstemon, Saguaro (F), Hornbeam, Elm, Gentian, Rock Rose (B), Coconut (M), Tomato, Self-Heal (Various)
  • Overcoming Fear, Inertia & Apathy: Wand Flower, Young Adult, Cancer and Leo Full Moons (W), Blackberry, Thistle (F), Wild Rose, Aspen, Larch, Mimulus, Rock Rose (B)
  • Service & Integrity: Trillium (Various), Rock Rose (B), Echinacea (Various), Virgo Full Moon (W)
  • Leadership: Larkspur, Mountain Pride, Red Clover (F), Oak, Vervain, Vine (B), Sage, Sunflower, Foxglove (Various)

Challenge for Essence Companies

Commercial flower essences have been around for nearly a century now. Why is it that they have not become as known in the mainstream as, say, chiropractic or yoga? There are probably many reasons — several of which are difficult to address directly. But there IS one that we in the field can commit to changing: an ongoing lack of collaboration between essence companies. My Co-Editor, Donna Cunningham, and I are calling upon others in the flower essence community to adopt this Warrior’s stance. The world needs essences now, perhaps as never before. It’s time to help our field grow and become stronger so we may be of greater aid. We can become more than we have been: for our good as individuals, as a healing art, as an industry, and as a planet.

Collaboration Will Help Everyone

As we’ve written before in more depth, this short-sighted perspective has led to consumers and health professionals not knowing even the basics about essences. In fact, most people generally believe them to be the same as essential oils — talk about basic misconceptions to fight! Changing this is within our grasp, but we have to do it together. The World Wide Essence Society and Vibration Magazine (and now the Vibration Blog) were created to help promote the ENTIRE field of vibrational and flower essences. We see this as a great and continuing need because the major essence producers have not spent nearly as much energy educating the public about essences in general as they have to promoting their individual product lines. We notice that many of the smaller producers have similarly followed suit.

This has served to continually fracture and segment our field. We believe our efforts become increasingly diluted the more companies focus on merely competing with each other. We believe that the energy and intention of the makers get passed along to the essence itself. Thus if the maker buys into the myths of separateness and competition born of the survival instinct, that energy can get passed along in each bottle sold (more on this phenomenon here).

Practitioners and Consumers Can Take the Lead

Essence practitioners and consumers can make a big difference here. You can encourage your favorite essence manufacturers to look beyond their own, insular worlds to reach out to their colleagues and uplift our entire field. Encourage them to offer books or courses which teach beyond their own product lines. Ask them to make links to other websites which teach about essences in general, even if they (gasp!) refer to other companies’ work. Ask them to refer customers and students to publications like Vibration Magazine so that everyone can advance their knowledge of the amazing world of essences.

We challenge essence manufacturers world-wide to help themselves by helping one another. We believe that every company, practitioner, student and consumer can only benefit the more we all work together.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deborah Bier, PhD, is co-editor of Vibration Magazine, and  a holistic healthcare practitioner in private practice in Concord, MA. This is an excerpt from her newly published book/ebook Flower Essence Practice: For Students, Essence Practitioners & Other Healing Professionals (Windfall, 2008). She is also the author of Healthy Connections: Flower Essences for Better Family, Friend and Work Relationships; The Encyclopedia of Vibrational Essences, and Learning About Vibrational Essences (find all these titles here). She is the maker of Whole Energy Essences, and is available for private consultations.


I really appreciate this work and especially this article. I posted a link to it on my Facebook -Margaret Motheral- You should get a Facebook presence. For years I have thought that instead of dropping bombs we should spray with essences. Transmission of essences by people around the world can be done. Thank you,

Margaret Motheral

July 11th, 2009 | 8:48 pm

Margaret, SO funny you mention facebook. Yesterday, I *THINK* I figured out how to make a page for Vibration on Facebook — I’m pretty slow about Facebook! But we’re on the same wavelength here! –Deborah

July 11th, 2009 | 10:10 pm

Essences are fundamentally vibration-
so is everyone and everything. Essences
assist us in coming into vibrational
alignment, which is what I understand this article to be calling forth. Yet,
alignment is an ongoing and continually
changing process and we always, always
have a choice in how we respond and on
what we focus our attention. If we want
essences to be more present and accepted
in the wider world, we can begin up close with how conosciously we utlize them and present their use, always with respect for the choices of others. It is not only producers who can increase collaboration and wider visibly, users and practitioners can too.
There are several producers who have exisiting programs to contribute essences to military, relief workers
and communinities with dominant situations to benefit from the use of essences.
Giving presentations, introductory
talks and demonstrations, contributing
services or products to raffles and other fund rasing events, having a booth
at the local farmer’s market, publishing
articles about essences on blogs, in print magazines and newspapers are starting places.
Thanks for the inspiration Deborah, my “vote” goes to your continuing the
blog articles. And for all of us to
focus on what we want, on the positive and the world we desire, to imagine beyond what we can observe. Ever notice how flexible the plants are, how they move around and how they participate as a community, with some
giving their energy to create the ideal soil and environmental conditions for others- plant and other species- to flourish?

July 12th, 2009 | 3:54 am

Let’s drop essences instead of bombs – love that idea!

July 13th, 2009 | 12:52 pm
Linda Morse:

Thank you for the call to collaborate and support one another to bring healing with flower essences to a greater awareness on the planet. This is the time of choice if there’s ever been one and coming together in this way is, I believe, what will sustain us all and allow the plant spirits to fulfill their destiny as well as us fulfilling our collective wholesome/one destiny.


July 14th, 2009 | 1:06 am

Hmmm, Essence Bombs :-) Or how about adding to the Water Supply? ;-)

This is such a timely article Deborah! I, too, am amazed that most people do not know the true wonders of this amazing therapy, even when they know much about other alternative healing methods. I think you are right about what would correct this problem, and I, too, use not only my own, but essences from multiple companies. Warriors for the Healers of the Green World Unite!!

July 18th, 2009 | 9:28 pm
tania Marsden:

I wholeheartedly agree! I’m a producer of essences in New Zealand, and I’m just getting the hang of this blog thing – what an opportunity for connections and education! Nice to find you. Check me out at http://www.wellspringessences.blogspot.com

July 21st, 2009 | 9:41 am