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Healing With Flowers Conference

Posted by admin on Jul 15, 2009

738905thb1Courtesy of the Healing with Flowers Conference

Editors’ Note: While we cannot keep up with posting all essence education events such as individual classes and so forth, Vibration will  publish information about large-scale events such conferences that have a heavy focus on essence education. Of particular interest will be conferences that do not focus on any single essence company’s products, but on broad-based use of essences and more than two companies’ products.

September 25-27, 2009 — Rowe, Massachusetts, USA

The mere presence of flowers in a bouquet or adorning a garden walk can change the energy of people and places. The arena of plant consciousness is gaining widespread attention as science begins to recognize what shamans have known for milennia: plants are intelligent beings who have led the way of conscious evolution for both people and the planet while having the ability to effect profound healing.

The fragrance, color, beauty, and essence of flowers open ancient doorways by awakening memories of when we lived in harmony with our own true nature. Join us as we focus on the flowers whose vibratory imprints carry patterns that enable deep healing to occur on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

736369thbThis informative and inspiring retreat will be chock full of classes on flower essences, plant spirits, aromatherapy, geomancy, and plant ceremony. We will explore their multiple uses both personally and in a healing practice. As we delve into healing at a source level, our co-creative relationship with nature will emerge as an essential ingredient.

During these dramatically changing times we are being called to raise our consciousness to another level. Our evolution began with plants and, as before, they are leading us in our next level of development. This time our evolution is of a spiritual nature and the flowering plants and their indomitable spirits are guiding us, yet again.

7683123thb1Steve Johnson, founder of the Alaskan Flower Essence Project will be our special guest. Steve is an internationally acclaimed proponent of the use of flower, gem and environmental essences to engage higher consciousness in daily life. His keynote address emphasizes the current imperative that “Our Time Is Now” and will explore the global potential of flower essence therapy in our rapidly changing world. He will also teach a class on “Petals and Pebbles,” exploring the role of gem elixirs in flower essence therapy and an intensive with an interactive approach to deepening our work with essences entitled, “Dances with Flowers”.

The format of this conference has three workshops offered concurrently with six different sessions to attend as well as longer more in-depth intensives available at an additional cost. The container for this conference is held through participatory ceremony, including a sweat lodge and equinox fire circle.

Please visit http://www.partnereartheducationcenter.com/2009hwf.htm complete workshop descriptions, teacher biographies, intensives, and the full schedule.

Jane Bell of Jane Bell Essences will teach classes on the use of flower essences (1) in creating a healing environment through space clearing (2) for children and families. She will teach an intensive on pleasure, potency, and relaxation as an evolutionary path.

David Dalton of Delta Gardens will teach classes on (1) flower essences as new medicine and (2) three strategies for healing fear and anxiety and an intensive on treating physical illness with flower essences.

Carole Guyett of Derrynagittah Herb Centre in County Clare, Ireland will teach classes on (1) personal flower readings using the ancient art of psychometry and (2) plant dieting with non-psychoactives but receiving similar effects by working with plants in a sacred ceremony to raise consciousness and experience our divine nature.

Kathrin Woodlyn Bateman of Flower Essences of Fox Mountain will teach classes on (1) making your own flower essences and (2) healing trauma with flower essences.

Tony(a) Lemos of Blazing Star Herbal School will teach classes on (1) combining flower essence therapy, aromatherapy and herbal remedies in a clinical practice and (2) creating sacred baths through aromatic bath-time rituals.
Fearn Lickfield, geomancer and flower essence practitioner, will teach classes on (1) the power of yin and the divine feminine experienced in the Earth and (2) Earth acupuncture with flower essences.

Jasmine Hurtak, plant spirit healer and flower essence practitioner will teach classes on (1) how to incorporate plant spirit medicine into a healing practice and (2) a scentual extravaganza through exploring essential oils and their practical uses.

7682784thb1Pam Montgomery of Partner Earth Education Center and Sweetwater Sanctuary Essences will teach classes on (1) Plant Spirit Healing and (2) plant attunement.

Lupo Passero, herbalist and flower essence practitioner will teach a class on (1) flower essences for women – mother, maiden, and crone.

Mark Carlin of Partner Earth Education Center will lead a sweat lodge ceremony.

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I wish I could be there! I just love Alaskan Essences, and it would be exciting to see and experience multiple essence companies – awesome!

Not sure why the link didn’t work, but I found this link that does, in case others also have trouble:


I absolutely LOVE Flower Essence Magazine, and love the new Blog format!

July 18th, 2009 | 9:16 pm