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Rescue Remedy: A Faithful Friend in Crisis

Posted by admin on Nov 21, 2009

(author’s name withheld by request)

I use Rescue Remedy all the time — either the traditional Bach Remedy or the Healing Herbs version called Five Flower Remedy. I sometimes think that if I were limited to just one remedy, then Rescue would be the only one I’d ever need. I carry it in my bag wherever I go, because I never know when I or someone I meet up with will need it. I often have to take it while shopping, since big stores with their crowds, endless choices, and overload of stimuli leave me spaced out and exhausted.

I also rely on it for occasional insomnia, when some upsetting event during the day keeps me tossing and turning until the early morning hours. Its applications are endless, but I generally only need a few doses mixed into a huge water container that I sip over the course of a few hours. I can’t recall a time before now that I ever needed it for more than just one day.

wmworried-a2dA time came recently, however, when I was in a huge financial crisis, so bad I was afraid I couldn’t pay my rent. In all my fifty years — though times have often been tough — rent has been a priority. My home is my source of security, so I had only once in all that time been two weeks late with the rent. This time, however, it looked like I might not be able to pay the rent at all.

Not only that, but due to overwhelming medical expenses sapping my cash flow, I was being threatened by the IRS. I was terrified, and the state of panic was making it hard to function. I would wake up in the early morning hours, frightened and depressed, and the next day would be too wiped out to work effectively.

Naturally, the water container came out, and it was a fixture at my bedside table and on my desk. I was sipping Rescue Remedy day and night for several days, and it would calm me down enough that I could function. On about the fourth day, however, something came up that amazed me. Rescue Remedy is combination of five of the Bach remedies. One of the ingredients, as you may know, is Star of Bethlehem, a Bach Remedy for healing old shocks and traumas. The reason it is included, I would guess, is that similar traumas from the past tend to get stirred up again in times of crisis.

Apparently that is what was happening to me, for not being able to pay the rent brought up a series of childhood events that I had blowmworriednot-a2dcked from memory. My family was very poor, and we moved often when my parents were laid off or broke. We never got evicted, exactly, we just left before it could get to that point. Sometimes we moved in with my beloved grandmother who just scraped by on an old-age pension herself. Once for a couple of years, we lived rent-free in a log cabin on another relative’s property until we were driven out by a flood. After a while, times would get better and my folks would get jobs, and so we could move to a place of our own until the next lay-off.

There were lots of other problems in my family, some pretty traumatic, and so the fact that we had moved so often never struck me as being one of the wounds of my childhood. The only way I recognized it as a problem now was that, besides my terror, I was walking around with a sick sense of shame twisting in my gut. I went to work on that discomforting feeling with Reiki, and by imagining various colors of light spinning through my solar plexus. I even rubbed Rescue Remedy straight from the bottle on that area.

After a few such sessions, the shame that I felt as a child at our poverty and at having to move time after time came up. I saw, for the first time, that the repeated uprootings were a pretty serious trauma in my young life, and that this was the reason my home was so crucial to me.

I continued to sip Rescue Remedy in water for several more days, and the panic subsided enough for me to be able to cope with the emergency. I do believe as well that this sustained use of Rescue Remedy did a deeper level healing at the same time, relieving these scars of unsuspected childhood wounds.

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I also discovered Rescue Remedy helps with insomnia, especially when it’s due to worry. But the connection to past traumas that are triggered by similar ones in the present had never occurred to me. This is a brilliant insight and feels completely right-on. It gives me a new spin on when and how to use this wonderful Old Reliable. Thank you!

November 21st, 2009 | 9:17 pm

Dear Anon, You have touched on a very important and alchemical potentiality relative to flower essences, one that literally takes us into the realm of quantum physics. Author of The Field and The Intention Experiment (using your thoughts to change your life and the world), researcher Lynn McTaggart talks about retro-intention. In this phenomenon, effects in the future actually influence the present. She outlines a fascinating experiment undertaken by an Israeli doctor who wanted to debunk new age medicine. He selected a number of patients with blood sepsis, a very debilitating condition, and had half of the group stay on their normal medication while the other half also had prayer offered to them. Lynn says he may have been dismayed when the results indicated that those who had received the prayer were better in every way – shorter time in hospital, fewer side-effects, etc. To those of us working with alternative medicine, this is an affirmation of what we already know, nothing radical. However, and this is where it gets really interesting, the prayer was sent to the patients in 2000, but the patients he was affecting had been in hospital between 1992 to 1994!

We can only make sense of this, Lynn says, by opening our minds to the quantum physics realm of time which sees things less from a linear perspective into a cluster of NOW.

Interestingly, Carl Jung also talks about time in this way, saying the Chinese historically (not at this point in their history) viewed time this way, as a cluster of events occurring at different points. The western approach is to look for cause for current effects in the past, tracking, as you have done in your observation of your experience with past trauma, how what happened in the past links with the present experience. We are so conditioned to think like this that we can scarcely imagine another possibility relative to time.

This brings me back to flower essences. What if they really do, in their typically alchemical fashion, work with a completely different reality of time, one that includes not just past elements but future possibilities? How does this affect the way we might work creatively with the essences? Clearly, we would need to open our minds and imaginations to a whole new level of possibility.

Occasionally I’ve made ‘preparatory’ essence combinations for people to assist them to open to the future. For instance, if someone is making a major change in their life, instead of contracting with fear or trepidation, as is our habitual tendency in the face of the unknown, the essence (personally created for the individual) would assist them to soften and expand into the possibilities coming toward them from the future. In many case studies, I’ve observed people being more fully present to the opportunities that did present themselves, and in a space of receptivity to be able to recognize and take advantage of the possibilities. When we are contracted and fearful, we tend to replicate the known frequencies, and then complain that nothing different is happening… but in reality, as Lynn McTaggart is suggesting, the future IS impacting our present reality.

This sheer expansiveness of this ‘hovering reality’ resonates with me in the multi-dimensional experiences I’ve had making and using flower essences. In that sense, I feel those of us who work in this vibrational world of receiving Nature’s blessings through the flowers are well positioned to comprehend healing in completely new ways, far beyond the ’cause and effect’ models that are still part of a more traditional construct.

Thank you for sharing your story so openly. I’m sure others can relate to the effectiveness of creatively working with essences during times of considerable stress. And I completely agree that essences are ALWAYS working on issues in a non-local, non-linear, out-of-time fashion. The missing link is our ability to focus our intention on these possibilities and to stay grounded and present as the shifts occur.

November 21st, 2009 | 10:39 pm

Again, the Bach Rescue Remedy comes through, and yet it never ceases to amaze me. While I typically use it for acute issues and newer traumas and injuries, it is nice to know that it can be useful for helping to acknowledge and release a past and buried emotional trauma. I am sure Star of Bethlehem was indeed the main player, and it so happens that (along with Walnut) I end up recommending Star of Bethlehem for so many clients! This is a great story indeed – THANK you!

November 22nd, 2009 | 2:49 am
melody green:

Thank you for this Anon. It is interesting to note the long term benefits of staying with an essence. Our society is so into ‘quick fix’ relief when maybe by going the full course better and deeper healing might occur. This is indeed something worth thinking about when prescribing to others. How long do they need to take the essence for for maximum healing results?

Another thought as part of this discussion – If time is like a patchwork quilt of experiences from all dimensions then work that is done with essence therapy in the NOW can have profound impact on the realities of the past, future and other dimensions – even without our intention it has this – so what would happen if wee used our intention as well?
Thinking in bigger terms maybe it is a chance for us to release all illness from the human condition?
So karmic lessons and experiences in life do not have to resort to illness before we recognise them.

Food for thought, don’t you think?

November 22nd, 2009 | 3:49 am
Susan Bush:

I have found the same to be true of the homeopathic remedy Arnica – several highly experienced homoeopaths now recommend it be taken with the same intention and for the same reason as you describe for taking Rescue Remedy. Excellent article!

November 23rd, 2009 | 7:22 pm