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Our Readers Write: Dosage vs. Stock

Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2009

Editors’ Note: Vibration Magazine has always received interesting and thought provoking reader response.  This was true when we were an ezine, and it’s ten times more the case now that we’re in blog format!  In fact, of late so much of the real teaching and learning has been transpiring in our comments section, that we thought we’d introduce a new category of blog post: readers’ comments.

The way blogs work, early readers of a newly-posted article have no idea that a juicy discussion had unfolded after they finished the piece. And often readers don’t get around to looking at any comments even when they’re present — which means in Vibration’s case, you’re missing half the content! It’s like seeing just the first act of a two-act play. Yes, that act was fine, but what happened after intermission was even better!

19112436.thbTo try to remedy <ahem> this, every so often we’ll collect and re-publish some of the really through-provoking comments on a one or more recent articles. We’ll also provide a link to the original article and the rest of the comments it received, so you can more easily reach the entire range of added information our readers contributed.  Below is our first entry in this category.

Buying Essences at the Stock vs. Dosage–Which are You Getting?
By Pat Davis, Flower Essence Practitioner
(originally posted October 16, 2009)

I feel that either may be appropriate depending upon the individual, HOWEVER, anyone selling essences ought to make it abundantly clear whether the bottle is a stock essence or a dosing essence as I feel strongly that there IS a difference. Personally, I won’t buy single essences EXCEPT as STOCK essences.

I believe there is a synergy that takes place when folks mix their stock into a dosage bottle. Flower essences are wonderful in that they are general, but also very specific, and the intent is made much more clear when mixed in a dosage bottle. I try to remember that the essence is only a suggestion to the body to react in a particular way, but the body does the work. So, when I mix for myself or for others, I always do a dosage bottle. I personally always look for stock, and mostly use FES/Bach/Pegusus for that reason.

Andrea Mathieson, Raven Essences:
Wow! This is a lively discussion. As a producer, I automatically sell all my products at the stock level which then gives the practitioner opportunity to make dosage bottles for their clients, and for lay-people to extend their essences by making their own dosage bottles.

I give instructions about doing this and feel this is part of the appropriate spirit of generosity that should come with all flower essences. To hear that this protocol is not standard is distressing because I, like some of the other writers, do not want to move into arbitrary legislation. Again, I appreciate Vibration’s education in making people aware of these issues.

Again speaking as a producer (Raven Essences) I also agree that practitioners do put a ’spin’ in their creative use of my essences within the context of their practice. The versatility or adaptability of essences to many creative variations (some with sound, radionics, on-the-body, with affirmations, or in combination with a wide variety of modalities) is something I have learned to appreciate rather than attempt to control! I am always intrigued and delighted when I hear about a new approach to using the essences. This creativity within the healing paradigm is a healthy sign, in my view.
Good conversation!

19112612.thbKerie Redgate:
I have been working professionally with commercially available flower essences from around the world since 1986. During that time I have created 90 stock formula combinations and use them mostly as the basis for dosage-level bottles for my astrology clients.

My research has indicated to me that it matters little whether an application of essences is from stock or dosage, as what we are really talking about here is the quantity of brandy and water. as the “carrier substances” for the vibrational frequencies, being the literal “thought-forms/consciousness”, of the flowers, the spiritual emanation of the plant.

Whereas there is a limit to the effectiveness of flower essences in large bodies of water (7 drops applied to the ocean, for example would be overwhelmed by the multitudes of frequencies the ocean contains), as long as we are working within a reasonable ratio of essences to carry substance, the essences will be effective in altering brain circuitry. I also agree with Marti that our intention in the dispensary is important and does affect the essences (I use Buddhist mantras).

A major issue in buying flower essences is that stock level bottles contain a higher percentage of brandy etc as preservative and simply have a longer shelf life. And, yes, of course we have a right as consumers, to know whether are buying stock or dosage bottles.

7232136.thbSteve Johnson, Alaskan Essences:
This is a great conversation and we need more like it. As a producer perhaps I can shed some additional light on the subject. It is actually a legal requirement in the U.S. to state whether an essence is being sold at the stock or dosage level.

Most of the older essence companies are in compliance with this and other label requirements. While it is legal to sell dosage bottles, they must be clearly labeled as such. And there is a bit of responsibility on the customer to check the labels of the essences they want and if they are not labeled correctly, notify the producer, or quit buying them.

The Alaskan Essences have always been sold at the stock level of dilution, even though it does require the customer to go through a few steps to prepare a dosage bottle. As a practitioner, I very much enjoy and value this process. Again, thanks for the conversation!

Kathrin Woodlyn Bateman, Fox Mountain Essences:
This is a great forum for conversation! I would also like to mention a point I didn’t see in other comments. There is a wide difference between companies on how they create their stock and dosage essences. for instance I use 3 drops of mother essence per 2 dram (1/4 oz) of stock.

I used to sell 2 dram with 3 drops of mother essence and 1 oz stock with 12 drops of mother essence. I have switched my bottle size to 1/2 oz and they are made with 6 drops of mother. I keep the proportions the same. There are some companies that use the same number of drops of mother essence no matter what size the stock bottle.

Some practitioners feel the difference and others claim no difference. There is also at least one producer whose method adds 2 more layers of dilution and still call their essences “concentrate”. I wouldn’t want to do that and yet, there are plenty of satisfied customers of that line and that’s all good.

I do also want to point out from the viewpoint of a producer that even when I make the same variety of flower essence as someone else, the essences can be quite different between the different producers. The variety is like a bouquet! It seems that no matter how much we keep ourselves out of the process of essence-making, our energy, our healing beliefs, etc. are all a part of the essence. I’ve come to realize that that’s what draws us to particular lines….they just “feel right”.

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melody green:

Thank you for the floral display!
It is healthy to be discussing methodology. stcok ans dosage.

The producers and practitioners above suggest that the flower essences are clearly in good hands ensuring the end user is looked after properly. Thank you.

December 27th, 2009 | 2:36 am