FAQ About Essences

1) What are vibrational essences?
Vibrational essences (often called flower essences or flower remedies) preserve the vital life force of a substance for use in healing. An ancient form of healthcare, essences are used to prompt greater levels of health and well-being in the user.

Though essences made from flowers are the best-known type, we like to call them “vibrational essences” because they can be made from many other energies besides those of flowers. This includes other parts of plants besides flowers (stems, leaves, roots, buds, the whole plant), minerals/gems, animals, energy of a place (called “environmental” essences), light (star, moon, colored), healing energies (like Reiki). Essences are usually in a liquid medium, generally water with a preservative like alcohol added. You may also find them in an oil base, or an ointment or creme, though this is more unusual.

2) Do essences differ from essential oils/aromatherapy?
Yes! Essences are NOT the same as essential oils used in aromatherapy. Unlike essential oils, they are unscented and unflavored. Through special preparation, essences contain only the energetic properties of their parent substances.

3) Who invented essences?
Vibrational essences are a part of ancient wisdom, and have been found in aboriginal cultures throughout the world. The 16th century master physician and herbalist Paracelsus also used essences.The best-known essence maker of the modern world is the English physician Dr. Edward Bach. He re-invented essences in the 1930’s, creating the popular Bach Flower Remedies. They are used widely throughout the world. In the past 30 years or so, many new essences companies were founded all over the world. They offer a wide range of essences made in new and creative ways. These newer essences advance Dr. Bach’s original work by meeting the needs of this specific time in wonderful, new ways, using more up-to-date energies.

4) What essence(s) should I take for my [insert your diagnosis or name of a disease here]?
This we cannot tell you. There is no remedy, for instance, specifically for arthritis, as the flower remedies tend to work more on emotional and mental patterns or attitudes, some of which no doubt contribute to bad spells of arthritis (e.g. rigidity of thinking, stress, or driving himself too hard.) So, while the remedies, unlike herbal or homeopathic remedies, are not specifically designed for physical problems, there is often relief from physical problems as some of the emotional or mental attitudes change.

In that they are energetic in nature, vibrational essences can more directly act upon the non-physical body than our physical bodies. Essences are therefore particularly adept at addressing the emotional/mental aspect, influencing our feelings, thoughts, consciousness level, beliefs, and unresolved emotional traumas. Users of vibrational essences may find that as their thoughts and emotions change, their physical symptoms might also shift.

5) How do essences work?
If we assume the Universe has been made by an intelligent, wise and loving Creator, then everything is imbued with a portion of Spirit in a way that makes each thing unique. Through use of essences, we can access these qualities, reminding us of our own innate intelligence, wisdom and love, moving us to a greater state of health and balance in the process.

Essences don’t give us something we don’t already have. We like to think of them of them as reminding of us of what we already know….connecting us to what we have always possessed, accentuating our innate abilities. Often, this means fostering awareness of what is out of balance. It may mean the empowerment of hidden strengths or gifts which create inventive solutions to our problems. Or our resident healing abilities may become freed so they can do their miraculous work.

6) How do you use essences?
Many use essences either straight from the bottle or diluted in the liquid of choice. They can be taken by mouth (the most popular method) or applied topically in a bath or compress, added to cosmetics, or just rubbed into the skin. They can be introduced into any environment by misting the air with a dilution of essences. When using several at a time, you can premix and dilute them together in a dropper bottle.

To make a dosage bottle, here are general instructions. Vary them as your intuition or manufacturers’ instructions lead you. Get a one-ounce bottle, say from a pharmacy or remedy supplier, fill it with spring water (e.g., Evian) and one teaspoonful of brandy. Then add four drops of each of the remedies you have chosen, shake them very well (perhaps 100 times) so that the remedies are completely dispersed into the water. Take a dropperful of the resulting mixture several times a day or as desired/instructed. Such mixtures do not keep forever, but their shelf life can be extended by keeping them in the refrigerator.

7) How can you select the right essence(s)?
No “wrong” choices can be made in selecting essences. However, there may be one or more essences which would be the MOST helpful in the moment. Most sources suggest using no more than 4-5 different essences at any particular time. If you feel drawn to more than five (and this happens often), use the most broad, general essence for two weeks and then reconsider your other choices.

To select specific essences there are several approaches: choose the one(s) most comfortable for you. Read the label or essence descriptions. Choose what makes intellectual sense.  Value your intuition. Follow your “gut feelings” about which essences call to you, even if they do not make intellectual sense.
Use the divining method you like most, including muscle testing, pendulum, tarot, etc. We suggest framing the questions toward knowing the essence(s) which are the highest good at this time.

8) How are essences made?
Here is a very mechanical description for what is really a very spiritual process. Different makers use slightly different versions of the following: the selected object(s) (flowers, gems, etc.) are placed in pure water and then left in sunlight for a period of time. This creates the “mother essence.” This is then diluted before it is combined with a preservative (alcohol, glycerin, or vinegar typically), then bottled and sold for use.

The clear, meditative intention of the maker is extremely important for the transfer of the energies to the water to take place. If an environmental or light-based essence is being made, then intention is the engine that drives the process. Each makers’ focus will differ from any other’s, and that is part of why an essence made from the same species of flower will not have the same action from one company to another. This is also why some company’s essences differ in effectiveness from one person to another, as the vibration of any certain maker will be more or less in harmony with a particular user’s needs.

9) Where can you get essences?
In the US, the Bach Remedies are sold in most health food stores, and a few other companies’ offerings might be there as well. Most others do business by mail order. This site contains listings of some of the newer essence companies.

10) Can you use essences with other forms of healthcare?
Essences work very well with other forms of healthcare. Psychotherapists, energy workers, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, astrologers, acupuncturists, homeopaths, chiropractors, and medical doctors are finding essences nicely compliment their work. 11) How can we find out more about essences?
There are not many schools which teach about all types of essences. Often, they focus on only one essence company’s work, offering a regrettably single-minded view of the field.

For those who would like the widest perspective, we recommend referring to Vibration Magazine (a publication of this society), books, magazines, and the Internet for additional information.

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