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An Essence Formula for Pluto and the Dark Night

©2003 by Moses Sigerar III

When I created Grace Flower Essences, I organized the formulas according to basic astrological principles. I created a formula patterned loosely after each astrological sign, planet, element, and modality. Designing a mixture patterned loosely after Pluto was a great opportunity to create an emergency formula aimed at uplifting someone in the midst of a profoundly difficult time. This formula came to be called The Dark Night Bottle. The Dark Night Bottle is an emergency formula for anyone who is at a very deep, personal low point. It is appropriate for anyone who has hit 'rock bottom,' regardless of the astrological transits he or she is going through. However, it may be a perfect formula for someone in the midst of a particularly challenging astrological Pluto transit.

Pluto transits are not famous for being easy. Significant losses and dramatic changes are not uncommon during such a Pluto transit, and heavy emotions usually accompany these experiences. In time, the intense hardship that is sometimes experienced during a Pluto moment can usually be looked back on as being exactly what we needed to help us shed a very heavy layer of skin and reveal a more spiritually authentic self in the process. While this kind of Pluto transit may not seem great for our confidence or enthusiasm, it does tend to be great for our humility and for gaining the kind of depth that can only come through hardship.

Pluto, which astrologers consider one of the transpersonal planets, doesn't care about the concerns and wishes of the ego-personality "you" as much as he cares about seeing a person realize the innermost Self. Hard Pluto transits also grant us the ultimate opportunity to flush out any deeply-entrenched negative habits and qualities that we have developed. (For those who have studied some astrology, I'm primarily talking about the conjunctions, oppositions, squares, and quincunxes from transiting Pluto.) phoenix

I like to say that Pluto is the only planetary god who loves one's true spiritual self to such an extent that he is willing to put on full-length rubber gloves, stick his arm all the way up one's rear end, and pull out what most needs to be removed. I have come to believe that Pluto transits bring about some of the greatest and most positive alchemical transformations in our lives, although it is usually hard to appreciate this fully while he's still doing his rubber glove work.

The Dark Night Bottle's emergency assistance involves a two-part strategy. First of all, people who need this formula simply require some relief. They need to regain their natural hope, energy, optimism, and equanimity. Secondly, in my opinion, the person needs to be open to, and then to ask for, some spiritual grace to help them transform their situation.

So the intention of the Dark Night Bottle is to first immediately uplift one's mind, emotions, and spirit. Secondly, it is to specifically help them open to the Grace of the spiritual realm -- to bring someone to a place of spiritual surrender in order to go into and through the experience of the "dark night," coming out of it purified and positively transformed.

I came to create this combination formula after having seen and experienced the benefits of its individual essence components over time both within myself and with clients. The following essences are in the Dark Night Bottle and are for immediate relief mentally and emotionally:

Cherry Plum, Gorse, Mustard, Wild Rose, and Sweet Chestnut from Bach Flower Remedies (England). Be Nurtured and Ruby from Starflower Essences (California, Peru).

The following essences are also in The Dark Night Bottle, and are essences for the experience of openness to the grace of the spiritual world: Angel's Trumpet and Angelica from FES (North America).

To some, this may seem like too many essences for one formula. To this, I can only say that I have found it to be tremendously effective and helpful. It is one of my formulas that I am the most proud of. It is such amazing grace to be able to offer something like The Dark Night Bottle to assist others in times of great need.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Moses Siregar III, the creator of Grace Flower Essences, is a professional astrologer, flower essence practitioner, and author. His first book on "The Soul of Astrology" is scheduled to be released in 2003. His astrological website and newsletter sign-up is at www.AstrologyForTheSoul.com. His articles have appeared in international journals, including The Mountain Astrologer, and he is among the faculty of speakers for the International Society for Astrological Research's 2003 conference. He currently resides with his wife under a tall A-Frame surrounded by the beautiful pines of Prescott, AZ. For information or private sessions: Toll Free: 1-86-MORE-JOYFUL, or email: Moses@GraceFlowerEssences.com.

CREDITS: The animation used as a background comes from Eye Candy. And yes, we know, it IS a bit much, but we are a strange lot and can't just use pretty backgrounds all the time--especially not when we are dealing with Pluto or when Pluto is dealing with us. Other animations from the Animation Factory. Outermost tile from Absolute Background Textures Archive.

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