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Rose Flower Essences:
Loving Support through Life's Transitions
2003 Tenanche Semiata-Akuaba (all rights reserved)
How many times have we felt that we might become "unglued" in the face of overwhelming change, trauma, a personal loss or even an overwhelmingly joyous event? As we will see, rose vibrational essences help us to stay centered, endure and nurture ourselves when we most need it. They help to fortify us and lend us the courage we need to carry on.

glowing roseThe rose is the most universally recognized and beloved flower in the world. She represents love, affection, compassion, purity, innocence and passion. These varied interpretations, among others, depend, in part, on the color and fragrance of each individual rose.

Roses are no strangers to the realm of healing. They've been used for centuries all over the world as medicinal tonics to help cure ailments and as mood enhancers, in cosmetics, perfumes, as aphrodisiacs, and even as culinary additives. Of course, they also add beauty and grace to our gardens, living and work spaces.

It is customary in many parts of the world to give roses as a token of one's love, affection and devotion. When one is ill, roses are brought to the sick person to uplift and comfort them with their beautiful color, exquisite fragrances and healing vibrations. Roses are also laid on graves in remembrance of loved ones who have transitioned into the realm of Spirit.

Roses are often offered at transitional life-events and rites of passage such as birth, menarche, illness, romance, marriage, successful completions, anniversaries and death. We humans intuitively know that this is one of the rose's healing signatures: to beautifully support us through many transitions and evolutionary processes in life.

Roses as Therapeutic Aids
a rose on a silver platterThe rose's ability to assist us in "keeping it all together" during major emotional and spiritual life transitions is easily understood when we see how Vitamin C's protective role works at the cellular level. Vitamin C acts as a "glue", keeping our cells and tissues cohesive. It keeps us from literally falling apart!

Rose blossoms have been used traditionally as medicinal agents in rosewater, rose essential oil, ointments, salves, teas, perfumes and fragrances the world over. Among the Romans there was a tradition of using Rosa gallica to treat 32 conditions!

The ingestion of roses for therapeutic purposes has been documented in many cultures throughout history. In Ayurvedic medical practices for instance, the tea of Rosa damascena has been used as a laxative, blood purifier and tonic for the digestive and reproductive organs.

High in Vitamin C, rose hips -- the fruit of the rose flower -- have been used as "folk remedies" for conditions such as constipation, kidney and bladder problems, and exhaustion.The hip is the bright red ovary or seed-filled "fruit" of the rose, about the size of a cherry, that remains after the rose petals have fallen off. It rose hipscontains flavenoids, which increase the body's use of theVitamin C contained in the hip itself. Rose hips are considered to be the most potent natural source of Vitamin C known today.

Vitamin C and Lycopene, a carotene also found in roses, are both antioxidants which are known to combat stress, nervousness, heart disease and cancer, and help to maintain a healthy immune system. These nutrients are supportive to the immune system, which protects the body from invasion by unhealthy organisms.

The rose flower essence does the same at the vibrational level. It supports and protects the heart from emotional pain and trauma. It also fosters hardiness, resilience and endurance in the face of sudden change, characteristics that virtually all repeat-blooming hybridized roses display after being pruned.

Rose Essence Suggestions
(Note: All of these essences are made by Crystal Radiance)

pink roses

  • Red Roses, such as 'Altissimo', 'Madame Perier' (a personal favorite) and 'L.D. Braithwaite' for grounding into the body, releasing and vitalizing kundalini/chi.
  • Orange/Apricot Roses, such as 'Just Joey' (another favorite), 'Arizona' and 'Sea Pearl' for emotional clearing, easing anger, and enhancing creativity.
  • Yellow Roses, such as 'Camara' and 'Suffolk' for acceptance, interpersonal connections, calming the mind, engendering joy.
  • Pink Roses, such as 'Louise Odier', 'Tiffany' and 'Gertrude Jekyll' for self-love and acceptance, releasing heart pain and trauma.
  • "Purple" Roses, such as 'Melody Parfumee' and 'Fragrant Plum' for inspiration and creative self-expression. (There is no such thing as a blue rose, but these roses are "purple" , which carries the blue vibration.
  • "Violet/Lavender" Roses, such as 'Fragrant Plum' and 'Melody Parfumee' for deepening spiritual vision and intuition.
  • Pristine White Roses, such as 'Anastasia', 'Teneke' , 'Fair Bianca' and 'Chrystalline' for connecting with the divine and a sense of pure knowing.

    Rose flower essences are wonderful, supportive allies which help us make it through tough times. They may also be keys to our healing, growth and evolution into more healthy, compassionate and loving human beings. I am grateful that I have been guided to work with their wonderful healing flower essences.

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    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tenanche Semiata-Akuaba, M.A., R.M.T., is a vibrational essence practitioner and educator and creator of Crystal Radiance Essences. She has been making, using and researching gem and rose flower essences since 1990. This article is exerpted, in part, from her article, "Enhance Your Practice with Vibrational Essences, Part IV", originally published in the Quarterly Newsletter of LaStone Massage Therapy, 1999, and her forthcoming book, Essences of Radiance: A Guide to Healing with Gem and Rose Flower Remedies to be published in 2003. Go to www.crystalradiance.com to participate in her rose essence research program and learn more about rose flower essences. Her earlier article in Vibration is here.

    ART CREDITS: Hometown Websmith and Art Today.

    The World Wide Essence Society does not mean to imply any recommendation of nor give certification to any individuals or companies above. This article is provided purely for informational purposes. We ask consumers to make their own determination as to quality of the services and products offered above. This article is not meant to be advice, and the information is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment.
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