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A valiant horse, Gabriel had been at the equine veterinary hospital for four months and was making no progress. He was broken down from overwork in competition, and previous injuries had flared up to cause near-paralysis in his neck that was accompanied by tremendous pain and an inability to raise or lower his head. He groaned and pawed constantly, had to be fed and watered in raised buckets, and lost hundreds of pounds. He was an emaciated version of his spectacular former self, with a look of haunting anxiety and fear in his eyes.

Although Gabriel's veterinarian was trained in many holistic modalities, nothing she tried seemed to register in Gabriel's system. He was totally emotionally shut down so that the healing energy from every form of treatment was being blocked. He was not eating, was in constant pain, and spent his time standing at the far end of his pen gazing off to the horizon. As a last resort, the vet called me to see if I could employ my skills of animal communication and flower essence therapy to help this horse.

Gabriel was not very open to communicating with anyone, but did finally show me images of great abuse and trauma, as well as several accidents in his early years, and that he carried tremendous grief about having been separated from a small child whom he had once loved. All of this information was confirmed later. He did not want to live, and he wasn't interested in getting better; he just wanted "out."

I explained to him that there was hope for love again, and that he could get beyond the physical pain, and then gave him his first dose of a custom-blended flower essence. He literally began changing before our eyes and within minutes was showing the vet where to press and how to work on his painful neck, leaning into the pressure and heaving great sighs of relief. Within a few days, he was able to reach the ground again to graze and was eating well, and within a month he had regained his weight and shine and was released from the hospital.

The job of an animal communicator is to gain insight, when asked, into an animal's problems or behavior, and then to interpret the information received in an acceptable way and determine effective solutions to the problem. The process is telepathic and is basically a talent everyone possesses and can reawaken through training and practice. Although there are other roles the animal communicator plays, the main one is that of mediator/facilitator.

Animals often suffer from mental/emotional distress which then manifests in secondary problems such as aggression, digestive upset, chronic illness, or neurotic habits. Or, as in Gabriel's case, emotional turmoil can undermine or block healing from unrelated trauma, illness, or injury that occur later. Early weaning, starvation, abuse, training problems, fear of abandonment, change in family structure and relocation are just a few of the things that can cause ongoing problems. Unfortunately, treating just the surface symptoms is usually unsuccessful since the root -- the emotional cause -- may still exist and need attention. This is where flower essences can help, especially when combined with good animal communication.

When I make essence blends for animals, I use a dowsing method to select the ingredients so that I cannot influence which essences are chosen. I use the same method to clarify dosage levels, frequency of dosage, and whether or not the blend is to be diluted. Once the selection process is complete, I then usually go through the list of essences to see what themes or issues are being addressed.

Because these "readings" are extremely personalized, and created for the need of that person or animal at that time, my mixtures would not be universally applicable even in similar situations. Regular treatment with essences, and using a variety of essences, is usually beneficial, as different levels of healing occur over time -- the well known "peeling-the-onion" effect. Sometimes, the animal and owner will need the same essence and will then go through a deep healing process together.

With animals, the seat of their problems is often not identified or understood because they can't talk to us out loud and tell us their problems. These core issues therefore may never be treated and resolved. In many situations, these animals end up being abandoned or "owner surrendered," and may become unadoptable. The combination of flower essences and good communication, either through an animal communicator or breed specialist/behaviorist, can do wonders to resolve many such cases.

If you feel essences might be beneficial for your animal, follow your intuition and dive in. If you feel the services of an animal communicator would be helpful, there are hundreds now practicing in the United States who are easily found online. Trust your judgment in choosing essences and know that the worst that can happen is nothing, as flower essences are probably the safest tools we have in our possession. If you give a "wrong" essence it simply won't be registered by the animal's system. Open up your intention, talk to your animal, and trust the essences!

Gabriel has been home for six years now -- with me. His first rehabilitation was so successful that his former owners, against the vet's strict caution, put him back into competition. Within 18 months, he was back in the hospital, and six months later still no better -- obviously of no further use for competition. His owners wanted him euthanized, but the vet and I prevailed upon them to let me take him. After six more months of intensive TLC, hand-walking, close talks, special meals, and flower essences, Gabriel took his first bite of spring grass then laid down and had a good roll -- the first time he had enjoyed these normal horse activities in over a year.

He is 15 now and still doesn't have normal range of motion with his neck, but he is able to run free -- and graze! -- on several hundred acres. He still gets tons of daily TLC and essences whenever he needs them, and even though he has some rough moments and some pain from time to time, whenever I ask him what he wants or if his handicaps are becoming too much for him, he won't hear of any option but staying right here beside me. Gabriel's heart is open once again and he is full of trust and love. Here's a photo of the two of us.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leta Worthington has spent the last 20 years training and practicing in the fields of herbology and animal communication, and has written an instructional e-book, Animal Communication: A Primer, which is available on her web site. She completed instructor training in animal communication with Penelope Smith, and is listed in her International List of Telepathic Interspecies Communicators. Although she now specializes in horses, Leta's practice includes all kinds of animals, plants, and nature spirits, and she collaborates with several holistic veterinarians. Other aspects of Leta's background, including certification in language and learning disabilities, human resources, and veterinary tech work, give her a unique combination of knowledge and skills with which to help both humans and their companion animals. For Leta's animal communication classes and e-book, or to schedule a consultation, visit her website.

DESIGN CREDITS: Art from Clipart.com and its subsidiary, Photos.com. The photo of Leta and Gabriel is her own.
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