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This article originally appeared at Net-Weddings and is reprinted with permission of the author.

How can flower remedies and astrology combined help you? Both astrology and vibrational medicine, such as the Bach Flower Remedies, approach you from a holistic viewpoint. Your individual vibrations are mapped out by the planets at the moment of your birth, and areas of strength and stress can be seen by an astrologer. Vibrational medicine works by assisting you mentally, emotionally and physically to heal yourself. It does this by helping you to find balance in areas of stress, much like a radio that needs to be tuned into a station and then have the bass and treble fine-tuned to get the best sound.

The zodiac has twelve signs, and Bach's original twelve flower essences were attributed to twelve personality types. Candy Hillenbrand, a well known writer on the subject of combining essences with astrology, notes that Bach believed that the twelve personality types were attuned to an individual's moon sign, although he did not inform us how the personality types and zodiac signs matched up. The idea was taken up and expanded by Peter Damian, whose excellent book, The Astrological Study of the Bach Flower Remedies, was the starting point for my interest in how flower remedies and astrology can work together.

Astrology -- How the Planets Reveal Who You Are

In my own practice I concentrate on the three major points in the zodiac: the positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant (which is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth). The Sun's position gives an indication of your basic drives, motivations and body type. The Moon shows your instinctive emotional responses to situations and other people, whilst the Ascendant describes how you view the world and also gives an indication of your physical robustness. I also look at the position of Mercury since this shows how your thought processes work and, as we all know, the mind is a powerful influence on our ability to heal ourselves.

The horoscope is divided into the twelve houses, which are sections that govern different areas of our lives, i.e. work, relationships, parents and children. In particular I look at the first, sixth and twelfth houses. The first house, which is dictated by the Ascendant, will indicate body type and shows how you as a person see yourself and how you are viewed by others. The sixth house deals with health and will show your attitude to your body and well-being, as well as indicating possible problem areas. The twelfth house deals with the unconscious and shows whether your unconscious actually helps or hinders you.

I also examine the angles between all the planets in the horoscope (called aspects) to determine areas that support the individual or can cause stress. In addition, it is important to check how the ruling planets of each house exert their influence on the individual. Once this information has been gleaned, I write a report with recommendations for suitable remedies. These remedies help to bring out the best qualities shown in the horoscope and help to balance areas of stress.

Know Yourself to Heal Yourself

Each zodiac sign has good and bad points, and the corresponding flower essence will help to bring out the good and tone down the bad points. A horoscope gives you the ability to know yourself by giving you the opportunity to focus on what makes you as an individual 'tick'. Once you are armed with this knowledge, you are in a better position to look at those areas of your life that need fine-tuning. The corresponding flower essences, specific to your own Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Mercury positions, give you the ability to begin to heal yourself. Once your physical (Sun/Ascendant), emotional (Moon) and mental (Mercury) elements are working at their best, and in harmony, you will be better able to deal with your wants, needs and life. Here are some examples of remedies associated with various zodiac signs. (To read about all twelve signs, see my original article.)

Virgo - Centaury
These are the people who simply can't say no. They take on the jobs others don't want, believing it to be their lot in life. They are constantly out of sorts and tired. Centaury gives to ability to assert one's rights and strengthens one's willpower, setting boundaries on how far to go helping others.

Libra - Scleranthus
These people never know what to do since they cannot make up their own minds, yet they are loath to accept the opinions of others. They have trouble finding inner balance since their moods change like the wind. Scleranthus helps one to achieve inner balance, by helping one to make correct decisions.

Capricorn - Mimulus
These people fear life but tend to keep their fears to themselves. They are reserved, shy and introverted, but can appear aloof. They are incredibly nervous at times and can have trouble getting their words out. Mimulus brings bravery, strength of character and empathy for others.

Aquarius - Water Violet
Appearing detached and aloof from others, these types are difficult to reach emotionally and tend to prefer their own company, excluding others completely. Water Violet acts to bring self-confidence, acceptance and understanding of others.

Pisces - Rock Rose
Extremely sensitive with little confidence in themselves, these people experience hidden fears that they find difficult to access. Often psychic and overly emotional, they tend to be too self-sacrificing. Rock Rose, one of the ingredients used in Emergency Essence, releases fear, reduces the psychic element, and balances sensitivity.

Self-discovery and healing go hand in hand when astrology is combined with flower essences. This combination enables you to bring about your own personal transformation so that you can live life to the full.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ruth Orvis is an experienced hypnotherapist and life-coach practicing in Somerset, England. As well as running a successful hypnotherapy business (InnerHelp), in her spare time Ruth writes for various magazines and websites on many alternative health subjects, including hypnotherapy, humanistic psychology, as well as astrology, which she has studied for over twenty years. Having been brought up in Malaysia, Ruth retains a keen interest in feng shui and Eastern symbology. If you are interested in having a personal recommendation for suitable flower remedies, based on your own or a loved one's natal chart, please contact Ruth for more information by e-mail.

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