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When a person is returning to health after a serious illness or in the process of recovering from addiction to substances like alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, there is a detoxification that occurs on the physical level that is essential to wellness. This physical detoxification, which should be supervised by a health care professional, is often helped along by such healing modalities as fasting, juicing, herbs, acupuncture or bodywork.

However, a successful return to health -- one that is likely to be deeper and more lasting -- needs to be accompanied by detoxification on the emotional and etheric levels; that is, of our psyches and subtle energy systems as well. Like separating the chaff from grain, that phase is a good time to slough off and let go of those things which do not serve our highest good. There are some exceptional flower essence detoxifiers from the Sierra Nevada mountains that can aid us in our clearing process.

The first flower is bitterbrush, also known as antelope brush, quinine bush, and black sage. In early spring, you'll notice the mass of light yellow flowers adorning the slopes. It's a favorite food of deer, but gardeners tend to abhor this rough, scrubby bush. Vibrationally, Bitterbrush essence can help eliminate false psychic residue that is accumulated by being around people who are not grounded or synergized into their life's purpose. Just walking past this plant can give you a subtle message to remember to clear out your space.

The second flower, pinedrops, is one of the saprophytesnon-photosynthesizers that obtain their nutrients and carbohydrates from the decaying debris in the ground of pine forests. A relative of snow plant, pinedrops have bell-shaped flowers that grow on a one- to three-foot stalk that comes up very reddish, turning to brown later in the season. They are sometimes used in dried floral arrangements. This detoxifier helps the nervous system by aiding in the assimilation of elemental energies. The essence functions like a solvent to break down residue in our subtle bodies and chakras. It helps clear inorganic residue such as outmoded thoughts and beliefs, false internalized images or ideas, and other people's words that have carried a lot of energy, but are not healthy or appropriate. This can facilitate opening up to receive and assimilate energy within our natural environment more effectively.

The final plant is white-veined mallow, also known as smooth sidalcea. We see these common one-inch lavender- to-violet bowl-shaped flowers in abundance along the trail, and covering entire hillsides in mid-summer. This essence works with the lungs to help loosen up grief and lubricate emotions. It assists in releasing deep-seated body toxins from internalized emotions. It can soothe, reassure, and calm us by helping to restore a sense of simple innocence and safety from within our inner child, and where that part of us connects to other realms.

Another excellent revitalizing blend is the Fatigue/Exhaustion Formula. This one promotes rejuvenation and regeneration on both an etheric and cellular level. It activates energy to boost vitality, expansion, connection with Earth rhythms and cycles, and an overall balance and sense of wellness and wholeness. It's composed of vibrational essences made from aloe, blackberry, bluebell, bo, date palm, Indian paintbrush, morning glory, nasturtium, peach, and self-heal.

These essences are available from my High Octave Healing, High Sierra line of stock essences. I also have available a powerful Detox Formula that encourages cleansing and clearing within a broad range of etheric, emotional, and physical areas.

As I work with and use essences, I am constantly amazed at how subtly powerful they are in their ability to assist and support us through transitions, difficulties, and complex healing processes. I invite you to experience the gentle, nurturing love and support of the flowers for yourself.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Beatie's personal healing journey has led her to discover her inner gifts of ancient knowledge of the plant realm. Holly creates flower essences and flower essence formulas that utilize this ancient knowledge for profound transformational healing support. For the HIGH SIERRA BOTANICALS mentioned in this article and many more essences, as well as additional articles, visit High Octave Healing, telephone 530-550-0885, or email hb@highoctavehealing.com.

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