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The dream state is one of the most creative aspects of our existence. In it, we act out many of the conflicts that mark our waking lives, and we're often given clues as to what might be the most positive resolutions. Dreams can also provide us with clues about the underlying emotional conditions which give rise to conflict and confusion. In the dream state, when we are most receptive to subtle energies, flower essences can act as powerful catalysts for both clarifying emotional issues and for resolving them. Below, I describe some dreams I've had over the years which illustrate this, along with the flower essences I was taking that gave rise to the dreams.

I dream that I'm in an office building with my mother and father. My father begins to viciously insult my mother and starts to hit her. She begins to cry. I become furious and scream at him, "Don't you dare!" and slap him across the face. I feel very good about having spoken up and defended her. Then the whole building blows up.

The remedy I was taking when I had this dream was Agrimony, for the tendency to resist awareness of disturbing feelings, and to conceal any unhappiness from others. The dream reveals an aspect of the relationship between my parents of which I wasn't consciously aware, and has me act on my response to this awareness. The building blowing up represents the unleashing of deep feeling.

I dream that I'm at a Center for the Wounded Child Within. I'm a weekly volunteer there. I file cards, but I realize I want to do something more challenging. Then I feel guilty. I think, "Well, everyone wants to do something more challenging. Who's going to file the cards?"

Everyone is on some kind of team. I keep on letting other people know how I feel. Everyone else feels the same way about their wounded children. I say I need therapy. There's some therapy at the center, but you have to put in a lot of hours to get it. I don't know if it's worth it (or is it that I don't know if I'm worth it?).

When the dream occurred, I was taking the remedy Larch, for self-esteem and self-confidence. People in need of Larch, although their capabilities are equal to those of others, are convinced that they're incapable of success, and particularly resist doing anything new. In the dream, I defeat my desire to do something more challenging by saying that someone has to do the routine work. The metaphor of a wounded child tells me that my self-image is my problem, but that when it comes to exploring this via therapy, I wonder whether I'm worth it.

Another time I dreamed that my partner was very ill and had been for some time. Her doctor has just done surgery. He takes me inside and says that she has cancer -- all he did was open and close her. He knew her cancer was incurable from the first time she went to see him. This shocks me because she went right away. He tells me he hasn't told her. I'm sure she knows, and I feel I have to tell her.

Still dreaming, I take a serious look at how my life is going to be. I want to take care of her, and at the same time prepare myself for running the business alone. I also need to take time out for recreation. I call my store and ask someone to arrange to fill my time for a few weeks so I can be with my partner.

I was taking Oak, the remedy for people who take on difficult to impossible tasks out of a sense of duty, continuing long after most people would give up. Taking on the responsibility of caring for a terminally ill person is just what an Oak person would do -- and they would add it to their other commitments. In the dream I both release my commitment to my store and realize that I will need to take time for play. These decisions represent positive effects of Oak.

I dream that I'm in a jungle. I see places where the land has been completely destroyed. There are other places which are dark and swampy. The water is very deep, and beneath it is the land of limited reality. It is ruled by an evil king who controls everyone. I feel myself sinking into this land, which is very heavy water. I feel the weight of it, and I know this is what happens when you don't take responsibility for being the creator of your life.

I was taking Willow, the remedy for those who blame external circumstances and other people for their own misfortune. Resentment and bitterness are keywords for Willow. People in need of this remedy characteristically turn their emotions inward, for which the swamp, a stagnant area, is a metaphor. In the dream I feel the weight of the water (held-in emotions) and have a clear appreciation of the emotional heaviness which results when I don't take responsibility for my life.


Flower essences have increased my ability to remember my dreams, deepened their emotional quality, and made their symbolic content more accessible to me. I recommend them to all dream voyagers. Using flower essences will kick-start your dream life.

You can do several things to help remember your dreams:

1. Keep a notebook and pen on your bedside table. As soon as you wake up, write down as much of your dream as you remember. If ideas about what it means come to you immediately, write them down. You may also want to look at your dream notebook later on in the day or evening.

2. Be patient if you don't remember your dreams right away -- or remember fragments. Dream recall is a form of mental exercise that improves with practice.

3. Be receptive. This could mean saying before you go to bed, "I'm going to have a dream tonight, and I'm going to remember it."

4. If you find that you're resistant to or afraid of remembering your dreams, consider taking the Bach Flower Remedy Aspen. This essence addresses fears of the unknown.

Your dream life is an important part of your awareness. By consciously recalling your dreams, you will connect to one of the most creative aspects of your being.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Connie Barrett is a frequent contributor to Vibration Magazine. She does flower essence counseling for people and pets, including by email. She also teaches by email a course on the chakras, on prosperity, and on love, including the use of crystals and essences for realizing your dreams. She writes and publishes two free monthly email newsletters (subscribe here.

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