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The following article is reprinted from About Holistic Healing with permission of the author.

As a Reiki Master who works with flower essences, I find that Reiki and flower essences complement each other well, with Reiki providing a deep and gently relaxing experience during which the client's own healing mechanisms are activated. If taken for a period of time after a Reiki session, the essences can continue to facilitate the ongoing release of blockages and imbalances, and allow for either a subtle and smooth resolution of issues, or transition to a new perspective on life and higher stage of development.

As time went on, I discovered that it is possible to channel the names of essences for my clients during Reiki sessions. I went through an initial process of self-doubt and some fear, or rather a sense of awe at the possibilities of this process. However when I researched the essences and their healing properties after the Reiki session, my clients frequently advised me that they were relevant to their healing issues which they had not discussed with me beforehand. Likewise, when I need to find the right essences for myself or my animals, I no longer use a pendulum to diagnose but just enter into a light meditation and ask. The results are amazing! Names of essences, some of which I have never come across before, emerge, and when I research them on the net, I am frequently amazed at their healing properties and uses.

As I shared in a past issue of Vibration, I lost my home in a fire last year and then embarked on an intense period of healing for both myself and my animals, who had also just managed to escape the fire. Using essences every day and giving myself regular Reiki treatments helped us to recover from the trauma very quickly. I have always been drawn to the essences and during this process of healing at the deepest level I came to love them even more passionately, as they not only restored us to the old life but helped me, my dogs Roxy and Aggie and my cat Hamish, to align with our true paths in life in the smoothest possible way.

I now know that when you love an animal, person, place or plant deeply they want to open to you, revealing their true nature to you. This is what happened for me in working with the essences, and through their love they are continuing to teach me about their healing capacities and how they can be of service in the world.

meeting at the heartSometimes I am mystified as to why I should need a particular essence, but I have learned that the right essence always emerges. The following experience showed me that even though we may have worked on ourselves for many years, we can still have so little insight into ourselves and the mystery of our humanity.

I have the fair skin of an anglo-celtic background and live in a sunburnt country (Australia), so am very prone to skin cancer. Through a series of synchronous events, I decided to go to a skin cancer clinic to get a possible cancer checked out. The diagnosis confirmed that it was a squamous cell cancer, and I had it removed. In meditation, I asked for the correct essence for the site of the removal, my logical mind expecting an essence such as Mulla Mulla, an Australian Bush Flower Essence often used during the treatment of skin cancer, but instead Cramp Bark Bush came up. I was extremely surprised when I read that this Choming Flower Essence was for those who feel unappreciated.

This was a such a shock! I thought something must have gone wrong this time! Yet after only one dose I was shown in meditation why this essence was for me. I saw myself in my previous relationship, feeling very bitter at giving too much and not even being seen as doing so. The exact description given in the outline of this essence was how I felt, how I was, how I lived. I realised that during those years the cancer originated, the life I lived then was the emotional basis of the cancer.

I have had many other similar experiences both for myself and clients, as the essences continue to develop me as a channel for their healing powers.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kate McManus is a Reiki Master who uses flower essences from around the world for self-healing and for her clients. She has recently started to combine astrology and essences with great results. Kate lives in Hazelbrook in the Blue Mountains of Australia with her two dogs Roxy and Aggie and Persian cat Hamish. Her passions are the Australian bush, singing and the essences. You can email her at Email her at katephoenixmcmanus@bigpond.com.

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