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2006 by Djuna Wojton

Note: The following is an excerpt reprinted with permission from Karmic Healing: Clearing Past-Life Blocks to Present-Day Love, Health, and Happiness, published in 2006 by Crossing Press, Berkeley, CA.

Unresolved past-life memories can block our aura or individual energy field, impeding the free flow of energy and limiting our experience of the world. Even the satisfaction we receive from our relationships becomes impaired. These blockages may weaken the state of our health. What makes regression and healing possible is this: the world of our subconscious is far greater than the world our conscious mind inhabits. Our subconscious is holistically connected to our soul. When we access our soul, we heal at the deepest level of our being.

Past-life regression may seem confusing or bewildering at first. Many people fear they may just "make up something." They are afraid they won't have an authentic experience. It takes time and patience to learn the symbolic language of your soul and to trust your psychic impressions. Whether you believe past lives exist or not doesn't affect your ability to access your subconscious mind. I like to compare past life regression with dream interpretation because both processes use the subconscious to access soul wisdom.

Four Steps to Karmic Healing

Karmic healing, as detailed in the book, consists of four steps: RETRIEVE your issues by answering specific questions. REMEMBER Soul Wisdom by recalling a past life through regressive meditation. REPROGRAM blocks through a variety of exercises and karmic tools like visualizations, affirmations, meditation, collages, rituals, writing or drawing. REINFORCE your new life by particular flower essences selected to support new attitudes and behaviors.

The karmic healing process can help you understand the spiritual lesson behind the challenges you are facing. You'll be able to see the bigger picture. You will receive insights about why you are going through a difficult set of circumstances, and then you will be empowered to meet them with strength.

After retrieving a past-life memory and working with it with tools like those listed above, the final step in the karmic healing process is to take a flower essence for a month to reinforce your healing session. I've found that this enhances your ability to transform. Flower essences can enhance one's inner experiences, help release emotional trauma and self-defeating thought patterns, and clear up other problems such as indecision, fear, mental exhaustion or hopelessness. Some flower essences that enhance your ability to work with past lives include MUGWORT: to improve your ability to remember your dreams; WHITE CHESTNUT: helps quiet your mind; and IMPATIENS: overcomes resistance to committing time to cultivate your inner life.

A Case Example of the Karmic Process

Sarah had it all -- beauty, talent, and wealth. However, she lacked the motivation to pursue her career as a vocal artist. I suggested that she try a past-life regression to release her block. As Sarah drifted into a trance, an image of a powdered wig came to her. Immediately she knew that she was a slave and that her current boyfriend was her master. She laughed and said, "That's precisely how I feel now -- like a slave to him." Moments later, Sarah began to cry. "I feel so powerless."

When I asked where she felt the sensation of powerlessness in her body, she replied, "I feel a heaviness and pain in my lower back." Asked to give the feeling an image, she said, "It feels like a giant block of ice."

She visualized melting the ice with an imaginary blowtorch. Upon doing so, she released the trapped memory of feeling powerless, still present in her body's memory. She affirmed that she was free to be powerful and express herself. While working with the tools, meditations, and affirmations we agreed on, Sarah took Buttercup flower essence to reinforce the healing and to restore her faith in herself as a vocal artist. A few weeks later, she called to say she was making a promotional video and was busy scheduling performances.

If you practice the principles of karmic healing, your personal power will increase, and you are apt to make better choices. When you clear the static of your racing mind, you are more in touch with what your soul really yearns to experience -- that we are all one. When you are no longer bound by past karmic scripts, you are free to create a future of your dreams.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Medicine woman, seer, author, yogini, and visionary teacher, Djuna Wojton, (pronounced Juna Woton) has established herself nationally as an eloquent, transformative force in contemporary metaphysics and the holistic healing arts. Djuna holds a bachelors degree in fine art. She is a certified hypno-therapist and yoga teacher, an accomplished astrologer, psychic, and Reiki Master. In addition to her knowledge of the ancient traditions of the tarot and astrology, Djuna integrates Reiki, shamanic curatives, flower essences, and hypnosis into her work, creating a unique synthesis of ancient and modern healing techniques. She has guided thousands, individually and in groups, in spiritual healing and counseling sessions, and past life regressions. Visit her website for a more complete listing of her publications and activities, or write to her by email.

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